Deep Inside Asia Carrera


117 Mins.
VCA- 1997
DIR: Veronica Hart
STARS: Asia Carrera, Juli Ashton, Misty Rain, Nick East, Alex Sanders, Tony Tedeschi, Randy West, T.T. Boy.
THEMES: Asia Carrera, Teasing, Outdoor Sex, Interracial Sex.
After virtually ignoring Asia Carrera’s work for a long time, then slamming her for what I called her “boring” on screen personality, Rog has come full circle. I certainly always considered Asia to be one of the most stunningly beautiful women to ever grace the business end of a camera, but something seemed to be missing in the first few tapes I saw. After seeing some good ones and issuing a public apology for my mistaken generalization of her work, I have started to really like Asia a lot. This series of in depth compilations is also one of my faves, so I am hoping to see some of the scenes that changed my mind about this gorgeous legend of the adult screen.
I know that the opening interview where Asia goes through her impressive list of non sexual credits will scare a lot of strokers away. (I know, any woman with an IQ bigger than her bra size just cain’t be any fun to watch nekkid.) However, her friendly, open nature comes through loud and clear as she talks about early experience watching porn and her favorite ways to get off. The first sex scene is between Nick East and Asia from a Nic Cream video. Nick is looking for Tara Monroe and instead finds a bikini and heel clad Asia. She leads them into the house and proves herself a very eager beaver. Speaking of beaver (Oh God, someone shoot this prick.) Nick goes right down on this lovely woman and starts searching for hidden treasures between her perfect thighs. As much as I love pussy eating, I am not at all upset to see them move past it quickly to get to one of the sexiest things on the planet, Asia sucking dick. Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, but Asia sucks like she means it, craves it even. Great oral is always fun to watch and this is truly great oral. By the time she sits on his cock, Nick looks ready to explode. What was I thinking when I panned her early, with a body this perfect, something must have been wrong in my dome. She is nothing short of stunning to look at and quite happy to be fucked nice and hard by lucky Nick. Really nice spooning here, showing Asia’s tight pussy and great ass off quite nicely. She is not big on facials, but does a nice hand job, onto her tits cumshot here that rounds out a very nice scene.
Juli Ashton plays Asia’s girlfriend in an interesting girl/girl scene. Asia plays the guy here, complete with moustache and big strap on cock. While Alex Sanders watches, the two women dance and slowly undress each other. If Juli has a problem with the oddly mixed anatomy, she sure doesn’t let it slow her down any. She takes Asia’s plastic cock from behind as if it were every inch real man meat. Watching the two girls fuck is too much for Alex, so he slides in and lets Asia go back to being a girl so she can join Juli for a little two girl oral action. They seem to be involved in a little contest to see who sucks cock better. I vote for Asia, but Juli gets the sperm shake in mouth at the end.
Asia tells an interesting story about her relationship with Tony Tedeschi. During one of their breakups, they were hired to do a scene together, and the heat shows through big time. I’m not sure how the GI/Prostitute theme fit in with the story of the video, but it doesn’t really matter, they are both out of costume soon enough. OK, she keeps on her heels, but that is about it, and DAMN she looks fine. (See my above comments on Asia and oral sex so I don’t ramble on again.) On her back in this scene, I am reminded of the rather constant argument over her breast implants. I have to say, while I have nothing against implants, Asia had incredible breasts before the surgery. Everything in this scene looks fantastic, but the doggy really stands out as some beautiful footage. A cum shot on her perfect butt caps it off.
After discussing her love for bondage, Asia hooks up in a fantastic tease scene. Randy West is bound and Asia gets in his face to chide him for impure thoughts, all the while teasing him with her perfect body. Rather than let him have what he wants, she conjures up Alex Sanders to do the deed in place of the struggling Randy. Since she is already on her knees, Asia treats her new friend to a hard and fast suckjob, that would be the death of any mortal man. Once she frees her mouth from his cock, Asia lets loose a stream of dirty, tease dialog that is absolute perfection. (See, now had I seen this scene first, I never would have accused her of being boring.) Alex gives her all he has, and still Asia can’t seem to get enough cock. Another shot on her silky smooth skin finishes off a scene from a video I have to see.
T.T. Boy and Asia get together in a cramped stockroom. Seems he has a big bar tab and to square his account, he offers his services. (Yeah, on what fucking planet?) Anyway, it works for him and before you can say William Kennedy Smith, T.T. is paying her by letting Asia suck his dick. Yet again, the oral is a visual treat not to be missed. At least he gets around to going down on her, and believe me, this is an honor I’d stand in the rain for a week for. As he bends her over and fucks her over a bench, I am struck by a single though. Asia looks stunning from any angle. After boning her raw, T.T. drops his load right on her super tight pussy.
Asia’s much talked about dislike of big dicks is addressed. (Gee, maybe it’s not as far fetched as some people like to imply.) The guy with what she calls the prefect sized dick, Randy West finally gets his shot at her in the next scene. Perfect size or not, he sure knows how to flip all of her switches. Asia is clawing like a cat in heat even before he gets all the way down to her pussy. (I know, you don’t want to go through the oral accolades again, but fuck, Asia is just SO sexy with a dick in her mouth.) OK, instead I will use this time to talk about the implants. Again, Asia looked perfect before, but what is everyone bitching about. As far as implants go, these are incredible. Asia, for what it’s worth, you look great either way. Another hot scene.
For the final scene, Asia gets to act out one of her fantasies. Sorry guys, no gang bang action. Instead we get a well shot, candlelight dinner with T.T. Boy. Is it me, or does he look completely out of place during the slow build up of passion. He certainly does better once he gets her out of her clothes and onto the bed. Of course, how much skill does it take to sit back and let Asia give one of her incredible blowjobs? The only skill is in not popping within two minutes. I can say this, over the years, she seems to have gotten better at this, really getting busy with T.T. here. From the second she mounts him, it’s clear the slow and romantic angle is done. Asia fucks him hard, and when he gets on top, T.T. returns the favor. After he drops a wad on her tummy, Asia gives us a killer grin to close things out.
This is another fine collection from VCA. The choice of scenes is outstanding and the interview is brief, informative and entertaining. Asia is at her best in all of these scenes, completely beautiful, sexually alive and simply smoldering. No anal and no facials, so I know a lot of you are going to shy away, but as much as I love those things, this tape is hot without them for one reason, Asia is a star. A great big shining star. (Yes, I saw “Boogie Nights.”)

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