Double Crossed


84 Mins.
Midnight- 1995
DIR: Geoffrey Coldwater.
STARS: Deirdre Holland, Vixxxen, Krista, Stephanie DuValle, Destini Lance, Selena St. Clair, Joey Silvera, Geoffrey Coldwater, Dick Nasty, Arnie Scwarzenpecker, Wally Warton and Chris Marlowe.
THEMES: Story.
Wow, a shot on film porn with a decent cast. Is it possible I will actually watch something that resembles a plot? I know, it’s a lot to ask when directors are so busy seeing how many dicks will fit into a starlet’s ass or how much cum Mila can expel from her foul bowels only to drink it like it’s spring water. I’m sorry, I got off track a bit there, where was I? Oh yes, will we see a plot? Let’s find out.
Joey Silvera is a private eye with his zoom lens trained on Dick Nasty’s window. At the time, Dick is enjoying the company of lingerie clad blonde, Stephanie De Valle. I don’t know yet, why this is scandalous behavior, but from here, it looks like Dick just doing what comes naturally when confronted with such a lovely creature. I mean, OK, maybe he is married, or a dirty politician or something, but who can blame him for sitting back and enjoying this sexy thing’s oral skills. It just makes him a sane guy in my book. Given the fine shape her body is in, I can’t blame him for burying his tongue in her ass either. You know, she looks a little like Lovette might have without the huge implants. Nice side shot of her great legs while Dick pumps away on her from behind. After a bit of RC, which had to give Joey some great photos, they slide down for a little spooning anal, complete with nice close up shots of her tight, bald slit. She jerks his load out onto her nice, real titties to close things out.
As it turns out Dick was cheating on his wife, with the babysitter no less. (Who does he think he is, a Kennedy or something?) Like all detective stories, this one has a mysterious woman who strolls into Joey office with a case he just can’t help but take. Lovely Deirdre Holland needs his help to bring back her runaway sister. It seems the spoiled little rich girl has run away and started a career in porn. They watch as little sister, Destini Lane, takes on a pair of studs. You know, she doesn’t look like she needed much prodding to get into the world of on screen screwing. As always, she attacks cock with total joy. Deirdre needs Joey’s help in bringing her sister back, but first we get to watch the blonde sex fiend take a quick DP and a pair of cum shots on her upturned ass.
Joey sends his partner to accompany Deirdre to get her sister because he is busy entertaining the lovely Krista. She is quite fetching in her lingerie, teasing him before moving closer and letting him enjoy those round melons. The private dick is quite happy to have his dick sucked by what certainly appears to be a wet, wonderful mouth. Average head is still good head, but Krista looks like she can hardly wait to be through sucking so she can have her tight hole stuffed. She has a great ass that is shown off quite nicely while she rides on his cock. Doggy works for that asset as well, and it is easy to see why Joey passed the job off to a partner. A smiling facial caps off a decent fuck scene.
The mission turns out to be more dangerous than expected and Joey’s partner ends up dead. To complicate things just a bit, Krista is the dead partner’s wife. Nice to have friends like Joey, eh? To make things even more strange, Joey comes across a prostitute, Vixxxen, in his investigation. She shows up to fuck the partner, but rather than inform the working girl of her client’s demise, Joey pretends to be the dead guy. No actual fucking takes place, which is a disappointment, but the plot thickens. Vixxxen is somehow involved in this whole web of intrigue, looking for a mysterious package. Who sent her? Why her lesbian lover Deirdre of course. Get it? If not, don’t worry, the two babes get naked in the shower and start going at it. Vixxxen looks quite hot, but she can’t hold a candle to the visual perfection that is Ms. Holland. The platinum blonde serves her mistress well, shoving her tongue way up Dierdre’s tight asshole. They move from the shower to the couch, where the Dutch dame does her best to repay her thin friend by covering her shaved snatch with soft kisses. She always did seem to like girls best. My goodness this is an incredible pile of all real female flesh.
The plot gets a little sticky here and I am not about to reveal it all to you. Suffice it to say the story leads us to a flashback fuck between Deirdre and Arnie in a bookstore. It’s very slow and sensuous at first, with lots of kissing. (Yes, kissing in a porn!) Eventually the classically beautiful Ms. Holland works her mouth down to his cock to give some of the best looking head you will ever see. She looks absolutely on fire in this scene, the look in her eyes could absolutely melt steel. He shoves her up against the video rack and slides his long cock up her pussy. After seeing Deirdre do so many mediocre scenes, it is really nice to see her so into her work here. After watching him shoot a load all over her ass, we find out that Deirdre had been blackmailed with a secret video tape.
I won’t tell you how it all turns out, you are going to have to watch to find out. The plot to this well shot film is quite good. Since the sex, is average to good in most cases, the story is nice to carry us through between the fucking. Deirdre is the highlight of this tape no doubt. Her bookstore scene ranks among the best of her career. Nice video to watch with a lady, or if you want more than just wall to wall fucking.

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