Celler Dweller 2



132 Mins.
Elegant Angel- 1997
DIR: Robert Black
STARS: Jeanna Fine, P.J. Sparxx, Tricia Deveraux, Sunny, Liza Harper, Bunny Blue, Harley-Jane, Kimberly Cummings.
THEMES: Rough Sex, Bondage, Gaping Assholes, Revenge, Dead Guys Having Sex. (Come on, it’s a Rob Black film.)
All right, I promise, no lectures on why I don’t like Rob Black, or discussion of his waste of talent. Bottom line is, he is an important director in this biz, otherwise I would not be reviewing almost everything he does. This is the sequel, or actually a repeat of the first video of his I ever saw. The cast has some of my faves, so I am going in with an open mind, and hopes I will see something I really like this time.
Things do not start out too well. Once again, Black rips off one of my favorite films, “Clerks”. If you are going to pay tribute to one of the great films of the nineties, at least make a fair effort. As before, Black and his sidekick work behind the counter of a pawnshop where your most depraved desires can come true. This time, they have added an annoying little side character, a midget in a cage dressed as a smart ass bird. While this is not remotely funny, Tom Byron, the first customer is. He plays the super geek looking to score with “two hot babes.” For two hundred bucks he gets his wish.
Never to just let well enough alone, Black sets Byron’s fantasy on the set of a game show, with himself as the over the top host. His prize is a three way with blonde Sunny and brunette anal superslut Liza Harper. Since I don’t find either of these women appealing, I really wasn’t all that thrilled by the idea of them sharing Tom’s tubesteak. I will give Black credit for shooting some hot sex here. Sunny does have a very beautiful shaved pussy and her fucking makes her worth watching. Liza, on the other hand, is not attractive and her on screen sex appeal is nearly zero. Of course, what Liza is known for is gaping asshole shots, and we do have to sit through a really long segment of this sort of activity. The big, sloppy cum swapping kiss is pretty nice at the end, but still, it’s barely watchable at best.
Jay Ashely wheels in as a crippled vet looking to get his legs back. Once in the cellar, he is bound along with another soldier by Hayley, rather ugly woman with a flair for the extreme. Her prisoners get plenty rough with her, forcing two cocks into her mouth before tossing her down to fill at both ends. Some rough vaginal and even harder DP. Through her heavy growling, you can hear her call out for two dicks in her ass, and so we get a double anal. (I remember when this was a big rarity.) After tons of foul talking anal, the guys shoot, one at a time, right into her mouth and there is plenty of post shot cum play, making things very messy.
After enduring another long, stupid, waste of time scene with the fucking little bird man getting wasted, things finally start to look up. Good girl Tricia Deveraux strolls in looking for some romance. Instead of the sweet guy to treat her right she was hoping for, Tricia runs into a couple of hardcore dykes, P.J. Sparxx and Jeanna Fine. While I have seen Jeanna play these roles before, it is interesting to see a harder side of P.J. The two lesbians are quick to hold down their prey and verbally abuse her. After being doused in beer, Tricia seems to quiver with anticipation. There is a bit too much fake pissing going on for me, but eventually the ladies get down to making their new friend see the joys of abusive lesbian sex. (Why do I think Tricia is just fine with this sort of activity at home?) Black has certainly coached his women on how to talk just like he does. I swear, I heard the word ‘cunt’ so many times, I thought I was watching a..well, a Rob Black video. The girls take great delight in bending Tricia over and violate both her lower holes with extreme prejudice. First with fingers, and then with long strap ons that they just happens to have lying around. While P.J. forces Tricia to suck girl cock, Jeanna fucks her from behind, like she was born with all the right equipment. No more little girl act from Tricia, just the full fledged fuck slut she is. With Jeanna standing over her, Tricia rides P.J.’s cock with her tight asshole. When even that is not enough, the lesbians work her into the center of a torrid DP. After that, a huge flood of fake cum rains down on Tricia. Not exactly what she had in mind, but she ends up well fucked just the same. Very rough lesbian sex, but this is by far the best looking scene I have seen from Black in a long time.
Bunny Bleu is a would be movie starlet who pays her money to get an audition. Instead of the usual route into pictures, Bunny is ushered into a private screening of an old fuck flick. The masked men are less than thrilled to have her in the way, but are more than happy to have her sit between them for her try out. I can’t tell which is stronger, Bunny’s desire to be in movies, or her desire to be pumped full of as many hard cocks as she can get her little hands on. I know a lot of people prefer Bunny as a blonde with her natural little titties, but she has a much curvier, harder bod now and fucks like a completely different person. Surrounded by hard cocks here, Bunny looks like she has died and gone to hardon Heaven. Bunny’s tight pussy and hungry mouth are pretty much always stuffed with hard dick, except when she is giving her trademark hissing sounds.
Her ass was once untouchable, but since her comeback, Bunny is about as big an anal slut as there is in porn. Once they start digging at her tight backdoor, you just know that this would be starlet is going to be put through the paces before her dreams of stardom can be fulfilled. Her joy at having her ass filled with cock is impossible to hide. She squeals like a pig in slops as each guy takes his turn at her tight butt. How many porn fans of the 80’s were dying to see her petite little ass get slammed? Well, that is what you get big time here, Bunny as nasty as she can be, fucking, sucking and getting tossed around by a small group of horny men. The first stream of sperm flies across her face and Bunny gobbles goo like she never tasted anything so sweet. A second facial covers her mug, capping off the best scene in the video by far.
Kimberly Kummings stars in the next scene, which is actually something the guys are watching on TV. I like the way Black makes fun of himself here. Now, since you have seen that you are so over the top Rob, why not cut out the rape and mutilation and just stick to the hot sex? Dr. Cummings is working on a couple of dead bodies that come to life. (Rog is stuck here wondering if he should go with obvious ‘stiff’ comment or have a laugh at the fact that Dick Nasty is playing a dead guy.) Regardless, watching her double jerk off the two dead bodies should take care of some of those sicker fantasies many of you may have been having. If you can get over the big gaping chest wounds, this is just your basic two on one fuck and suck session with a moderately attractive brunette. She gets a couple of facials shots from the dead guys.
After being knocked out by the bird, Black is in his own little fantasy. As usual, Black appears as the Devil, offering Tricia the romance she wanted. The lighting here is fitting of a Hellish sexual encounter, but for video sex it really sucks. Rob and Tricia have a great chemistry, but the fucked up video and audio really destroy what might have been a really nice pairing. Hard anal and what would have been a nice facial were we able to see it, are lost. Too bad, since that would have given the video a third very good scene.
While the objectionable shit it kept to a minimum in this video, it falls prey to another deadly flaw, an unattractive cast. Jeanna, PJ and Tricia are the best thing about this video. Even though it’s a girl only scene, it steals the show. Bunny’s anal banging is the next best thing. Tricia’s Satanic fuck might have been good had it not been so badly shot. The other three scenes are utterly forgettable. What is good here is really good and for that reason, I do recommend it.


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