Degrees Of Decadence


95 Mins.
Zane- 1997
DIR: Matt Zane
STARS: Solveig, Charlie, Ruby, Holli Woods, Shay Sweet, Katie Gold, Papillon.
THEMES: Gang Bangs, DP, Lesbian Sex.
The names and faces at Zane have changed over the years, but some things have remained the same. They are still best known for low plot, high smut with a focus on the bizarre and often harsh side of sex. The one time home of John Bone and Max Hardcore is still the place to go for gaping assholes and occasionally objectified women. However, the first thing I notice is a rather drastic increase in the quality of this video tape. No more of the bleeding color that pissed me off before. Just well lit video footage here, and that alone is cause for increased interest.
Also noticeable is a still decidedly twisted setting for the sex. First up, Papillon is the center of some sort of bizarre baptism in Jacuzzi water before the group of men, all painted up like good Pagans, take her inside for a quick gang bang. The leader of this little tribe is Steve Hatcher, and no one looks more like a demonic force than this charismatically deficient example of de-evolution. Besides Steve, Papillon is not exactly a candidate for Miss America. In fact, I find her pretty much unwatchable. That tattoo on her pussy is just the final straw in a whole hayride full of reasons my finger was on the fast forward button. It’s a well shot mini gang bang, but I just can’t sit around and watch this woman. Those of you who do like her will find the action well shot and with above average heat. More power to ya.
The next mini story has some guy out collecting cardboard boxes. Later, in the back of his van, people pop out of the boxes and start having sex. Fuck, one of the guys is Steve Hatcher again. Does this fucking guy have to be on my TV every time I want to watch a porn? At least this time the woman is one I like to watch, cocoa cutie Solveig. The guys are all over this sexy woman in no time at all, filling her full of cock. After some pussy and oral, the guys decide to share her pussy. (I know, I get lots of mail from guys wanting to see more double pussy, but I just can not get into this, even when it’s a total hottie being DPP’d.) I much prefer to watch her ride one cock while showing off her wonderful oral skills on the other. Her tight lower holes both get plugged in the back of the van and Solveig cries out for more cock. Lots of great DP and anal action here from a woman as hot as she is beautiful. After one of the guys blows a messy wad on her face, Solveig does some of the best two dicks at once sucking I have ever seen. Two more rather huge loads of cum end up all over her pretty face, making this one of my favorite scenes in some time.
A trio of TV worshipping girls do a little semi-Satanic chanting to open the next scene. You know, this just turns me off, I mean, what’s the point? Anyway, Shay Sweet, Holli Woods and Katie Gold turn from the set and set on each other like a pack of hungry wolves. Lots of finger and tongue action from this trio of young things on each other’s tasty twats. Also, plenty of action with some rather large plastic cocks. To be honest, until the strap ons come out, this is a pretty average scene, but once the girl fucking starts, my interest perked up. (So to speak.) It’s tough to tell who is doing what to whom, but the best action is when Katie gets a very thick dildo shoved deep into ass while Shay fingers her hot pussy. The girls are all really cute and get into some great anal dildo action. Great scene for lovers of cute girls or lesbian dildo action.
The final scene takes place between Dave Hardman, Charlie and one of my faves, Ruby. Charlie has a really hot cropped do, and some nice cocksucking skills, but sexy Ruby soon takes things over and steals the spotlight. Dave moves and fucks Ruby doggy, keeping Charlie close by to suck him clean time after time. Not wanting to miss out on her own sweet pussy juices, Ruby moves in to give Dave one of the wettest, nastiest blowjobs of his life. Her love of cock in her pussy is so vocal it reduces poor Charlie almost entirely to spectator mode for much of this scene. A standout shot here has Dave standing next to a table about to enter Ruby. Instead of her feet on the floor for a standing doggy, she has her legs spread out, in the splits. This not only looks hot, it gives us great access to see her lips cling to his cock on every stroke as she gets slammed. Charlie now moves in to tongue Ruby’s ass, completing the torrid three way. Charlie seems to have been paying attention, because as Dave gets around to fucking her, she screams out just like her friend had. In fact, she even lets Dave fuck her tight asshole. Oh yeah, Charlie is another girl I will be watching for big time. Big cum shot all over Ruby’s ass to close out a great scene.
Even if I am not down with the whole Pagan love ritual or the Satanic rock chants, this is still a better than average sex vid. Solveig’s DP and triple facial frosting is worth the price of the tape alone. Ruby and Charlie are off the chart hot as well, and the trio of young hotties will keep the lesbian fans happy. Very good effort from Matt Zane.

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