Marquis De Sade



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In X-Cess-1997

DIR: Luca Damiano

STARS: Rocco Siffredi, Rosa Caracciolo

Vicky, Mike Foster, Aliona, Valentina, Shalimar, Mark.

THEMES: Costume, Period Piece, Anal Sex, Facial, Euro-sluts. Rocco.



After sitting through thirty minutes of previews of other features from In X-Cess productions, I pretty much have the feel for this high budget, Euro production. Although the dub job is less than perfect, the film quality, camera work and technical aspects are fantastic. Some of the cast members are going to be tough for me to identify, but bear with me, this one is worth the ride.

Rocco plays the famous Frenchman and opens as the Marquis is in prison. He is visited by his own spirit and tells his life story. As a young man, he is visited by two servant girls in the bath. This, of course, quickly becomes something more as the women just can’t help but love their master’s body, and especially his cock. Both ladies are cute, with shaved pussies and real tits. The more busty of the two blondes is quite ready to server her master with every hole she has. Great anal insertions shots here, and a gaping asshole for those you like that. A nice pussy to mouth cumshot rounds out a hot three way.

The cruel De Sade loves to control his women, and does so with a beautiful brunette. With the promise of coins as reward, he has her squat over them, trying to piss. When she fails (Thank GOD), he has her suck his cock instead. Not every subtle I suppose, but it gets him cooking with this first class piece of ass. Another quick suck, fuck anal bone scene is made different when Rocco spits into her gaping asshole. This goes on for a while before he drops his load into her mouth. Quite nasty, but just not what I am into.

The lovely Renee De Montreuil (Rosa Caracciolo) spies the action and catches his fancy. Although she does not warm to him right away, you can sense the heat between them. To fill his time until he can nab her, Rocco has plenty of playthings to keep him busy. With two women strung up on bondage racks, he goes to work with another pair of wenches, only too eager to share themselves with their master. Both women act as if sucking Rocco’s cock is all they need to survive and the enthusiasm level is as high as you will ever see. This scene looks a lot like all the rest, big vaginal and anal penetration shots, tons of A2M cocksucking, more spitting, orifice stretching and with the help of another guy, some DP. Both girls get a face full of cum from the two spurting studs and then share it in cum swapping kiss.

At a family gathering, De Sade’s prudish relatives chide him for his lack of morality. In response, he toasts them all with some laced wine. The aphrodisiac he slipped into their drinks takes effect almost immediately, and the family gathering quickly becomes an all out orgy. Big group scenes like this don’t hold my attention too well, but if you like your sex in the group vein, there is plenty to look at with these super Euro sluts taking cum all over their faces.

The virginal wife they have chosen for De Sade is the woman he has sought. Renee says she is ready to share De Sade’s darkest lusts with him. Instead of a wedding night feast of lust, we see a rather odd coupling. As a pair of lesbians start going at it, Rocco comes in dressed in drag and joins them. Instead of being upset by their intrusion, the two women decide that even with a cock, he makes a suitable bed partner. One of these women has outstanding deep throat talents, taking every inch of his cock to the root in her hot mouth. Another guy comes it turn this into another two on two scene with pretty nondescript sex ending in some decent facials.

When Renee comes to visit De Sade, he is overcome with lust and takes her in a side alley. Rosa is quite a pretty woman and her cocksucking skills are superb. The sex is fast and furious, with Rocco pinning her against the wall and fucking her just long enough to work himself into a frenzy. Then she shoves her to her knees where Rosa greedily laps up his seed. Nice welcoming committee if you ask me.

She must return home, leaving De Sade to his playthings. He has promised them a new experience and delivers with the help of blindfolds for a pair of fucktoys. Instead of fucking their master, Rocco brings in a huge fat guy who is treated to a great time. When he rips their blindfolds off the women object, but they are not allowed to stop until the man has sprayed his seed all over their faces.

This final perversion is too much and De Sade is sentenced to die. Back in his cell, there is time for a final goodbye with dear Renee. This time Rocco takes more time to enjoy her wonderful body, Rosa gets in his lap for RC and just slams her hips into his like his huge cock is nearly nothing. Rocco pulls out of her tight pussy and sprays a great load of cum onto her face. If you have to go, this might be the way to do it.

This video is very well shot, and all the women are better than average looking. My problems here are that the dubbing is quite a distraction and that all the sex looks pretty much the same. Except for Rosa, none of the women really stand out, and even the anal/DP/facial action gets a bit tedious after a while. Still a nice piece of work if you like Euro-babes or if you have a thing for watching Rocco tear open young women.

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