Afro American Dream Girls


63 Mins.
Dreamland- 1996
STARS: Chastity, Kim, Toni, Solveig, Santino Lee, and Guy.
THEMES: Black Women. New Women, Lesbian Sex.
You know, most pro-am stuff has little interviews with the women where they tell all about their early sexual experiences and how much they just love anal sex. (All true of course.) This tape, just skips right over that. While the credits are still rolling, Santino is already breaking in the first lovely young woman. Covergirl Chastity has got one Hell of a killer smile and a decent body to boot. That smile grows even bigger as he explores that body. He spends a long time down between her rather generous thighs, getting her hot hole nice and slick for later fun and games. Oral is thankfully, not something foreign to Chastity either, and she does some admirable work getting him up and ready to rock. Near the end of this long blowjob she finally starts looking into the camera a bit. More of this would have helped, but she gives good enough head without it to still make it fun to watch. Once she has done her duty with her mouth, Chastity knows where she wants his slick stick. She slides right down to ride him RC, giving us a great view of her small tits and tight stomach. He seems to have some wood problems, but she takes it in stride, dismounting and once again using her talented lips to get him hard enough to fuck. No blowjob needed for the switch from cowgirl to doggy. He just takes one look at that big round ass high in the air and slams right home. After holding her cheeks open for a long time, he finally gives her backdoor a try. Although he has only an average sized cock, it is clear that Chastity is a bit overwhelmed to have her butt backed with meat. Her ass does bring his load out in full force, all over that tight rosebud. Chastity is pretty, with a decent body, and a good on screen fuck.
Kim and Toni are not nearly as good looking, and they hook up for a lesbian scene, so you know I am halfway to the remote already. Kim, the much darker of the two women, is a bit too chunky for my tastes, and Toni just looks too bored to bother. Since lesbian scenes are near the bottom of my like list anyone, you can imagine where one with less than attractive, bored lifeless women ranks. Chubby Kim is a bit happier about having her friend work on her pussy, and she actually has some appeal to those who like their women with a bit more meat on them. These two go through all the usual lesbian games, 69, some dildo play and even a little muff grinding, but on my screen they do it at triple speed, since I am scanning through this non erotic coupling.
After that waste of tape, it is an incredibly pleasant improvement to see lovely Solveig on camera with Guy DeSilva. She is a good looking woman, with a great body and a very tasty looking pussy, so it’s no wonder Guy wastes little time sampling some for himself. After just a few moments of pussy pleasing, she moves on to show what those incredibly thick lips are really good for. They look fantastic around a cock, and props here for lots of nice close ups of said lips around one very lucky prick. Once she gets him hard, Solveig really goes to town, looking like she wants to suck his eyes out through the head of his cock. She takes it all down her throat while fucking her tight hole with a long vibe. Outstanding stuff here. While he catches his breath, Solveig gives us a very brief, but hot solo bit, keeping her slit nice and juicy until Guy can mount and fuck her like a bitch in heat. Her bod looks just as good in mish and cowgirl as it does in doggy. Outstanding ass, nice, real tits and plenty of hard fucking hip action. No anal in this one, but a really nice facial, capping off the best action in this tape.
If you like black females who are not likely to be as overexposed as some women can get, this is a good tape for you. Solveig is the most recognizable starlet, and for good reason, she is top notch. Chastity is quite hot and have a future. The g/g is a throw away to me, but still the first and last scenes make it worth a look.

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