Buttwoman ’97



137 Mins.
Elegant Angel- 1997
DIR: Patrick Collins
STARS: Tiffany Mynx, Tonisha Mills, Coral Sands, Rayleen, Taren Steele, Monique, Chloe.
THEMES: Spanking, Facials, A2M, Cum Swapping, Lesbian Sex.
Poor Patrick Collins. Just when he thinks he has a can’t miss idea to bring back Buttwoman, Tianna shoots him down. Desperate for a new Buttwoman, Patrick fails to see the forest for the trees, sending superbly posteriored Tiffany Mynx out to find the next Buttwoman. Quite upset at being overlooked, Tiff steals a camera and goes out to shoot on her own. You know, already I like the spirit here. Not quite a plot, but at least something to follow in between wet facials and gaping ass shots. Besides, few stars have the total on screen charisma the Tiffany brings with her. She is fun to watch with or without her clothes on.
The first person she see for help is old buddy Tom Byron. Tom is a bit tied up with sexy Taren Steele, but they don’t seem to mind when Tiffany starts shooting and decides to join in the fun. Taren has Tom quite worked up already, so she turns her attention to Ms. Mynx , slowly stripping her down to the bare minimums before letting Tiffany taste her sweet slit. Tom can only sit and watch as Tiffany lets her fingers do the walking right up inside of tight Taren. Great lesbian action here and Tiff knows how to tease as well. Lots of ass licking and toe fucking as well, as T and T give a little something for everyone, even those of us who aren’t into lesbian action. At last, Tom begs his way into the mix and things really heat up. Tiff gets right into the saddle, dropping her shapely ass down on his cock and grinding it as only she can. Tom seems more than happy to welcome Tiffany back to the world of porn by fucking the shit out of her from behind. Taren, incredible in her own right, seems completely awed at sexual perfection as Tiffany just devours his supersized sex spear.
Taren also enjoys a big stiff prick in her pussy and rides him long and hard. Those of you familiar with Taren will know she is quite the squirter, and Tiff uses that to her advantage, opening her mouth beneath the spurting slut for a trio of girl cum facials. Tom slips his cock up Taren’s tight ass and lets her fuck him RCA for a long while as Tiffany keeps her mouth close by for some long A2M sucking in between assfucks. Very high on the nasty scale here as Tiffany outdoes herself at every turn. After licking up another shot of girl cum, Tiffany opens up for a straight A2M facial. Tom blows a lot of jizz but Tiff licks up all she can before sharing some with Taren. This scene blows away just about anything you will see all year. Tiffany, Tom and Taren should be up for best 3 way scene.
Next, Tiffany comes across a trio of hotties out for a stroll. Tonisha Mils, Coral Sands and Rayleen think they are alone and fool around a bit, but when one of them tries to relieve herself in the stream, good Samaritan Tiffany steps in and threatens to report the bad girls. Instead they offer her some services, and of course Ms, Mynx takes up the lusty lesbians. Back home, she quickly becomes the center of attention as the trio of twat tasters lick her literally head to toe. I have to say that Tiffany’s legs are fucking amazing and she has them flailing all over under the sexual assault she receives. All three women love their work, but Tonisha seems especially fond of controlling the lovely Tiffany. Nice to see her back and better than ever. They turn Tiffany into a squirming, cumming pile of female flesh in no time and have me watching start to finish. (Quite the accomplishment for a lesbian scene.) Believing in fair play, Tiffany pairs off as the girls decide they all deserve to cum just as hard. Tonisha does some great ass licking, as does Tiff, while Rayleen and Coral 69 each other to mutual orgasms. Excellent big dildo fucking as Tiffany slams the Hell out of Coral with a huge plastic pussy poker. Before it’s over, the brunette returns the favor, giving Tiff all she can handle and then some. For me to praise a lesbian scene this much, you know it must be special.
Tiffany heads to the beach in hopes of hooking up and she spies Chloe, watching a couple of surfer guys and fingering her slit. Horny Chloe is not embarrassed when she is caught, but accepts that she must be punished. This is one very kinky girl and Tiffany has all sorts of fun punishments in mind. They bring the guys in for a little outdoor beach fun. One of them is a Senator’s son and wants to stay away from scandal. (Obviously NOT a Kennedy.) No problem, Tiffany hands him the camera and lets him shoot her on her knees, worshipping his cock. The only problem I have here is that most of the best stuff from Tiff is shot in black and white (Great for the Buttwoman stuff, but we miss a lot here.) Oral sex from Tiffany Mynx must be one of life’s greatest pleasures. I know it is Heaven to watch, especially when it is captured this well. She is all eye contact, hand action and dirty talk in between total deepthroat action. Poor Chloe is almost forgotten as she gets fucked against a cement wall. Damn fine stuff, some of the best I have seen her in, but it can’t hold a candle to either oral Tiff or her fine ass. Damn, his big cock just slides right down her throat in some of the best deepthroat I have EVER seen. Tiffany Mynx is an oral sex expert. Her snarling, two fisted handjob will have every cock watching hard as a rock, guaranteed. She coaxes a huge load of liquid love onto her pretty face, filling her mouth and giving her plenty of sticky stuff to play with and rub into her lips. Again, I feel sorry for Chloe, she takes a killer anal and great facial, but after Tiff, who can give it justice.
Next Tiffany stumbles across Mila with two guys in a warehouse. Now, I have been told that I am way too hard on this freaky chick, so I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt, and see if I can watch her fuck without wanting to puke. I will say she looks just a little like Cameron Diaz and can suck cock like mad. Even so, she has to spit all over everyone, not just on the guy’s cock, but on his stomach and scream at him like some escaped mental patient. When this act fails to bring about wood, Tiff steps in and ten seconds later, the guy is rock hard in her mouth. (Why am I not surprised.) With Mila’s tongue probing Buttwoman’s butt, we are treated to yet another fanatics oral exhibition. For some reason, the guy leaves Tiff’s hot mouth to fuck Mila. Since her pussy is less than snug, he goes almost immediately for her ass and slams away while she screams into Tiff’s twat. Always one to do things a step beyond, Mila asks for a vibrator up her ass in addition to the cock already there. Damn, this woman could take three cocks and a truck up her butt if you could get them all close enough. Thankfully, the guy shoots in to her mouth and on her face so that we don’t have to endure her freaky internal anal shit, just a nice, dirty cum swapping kiss.
Haley and Donna are a couple of moderately attractive English girls in for a nasty tryout with Patrick. In no time at all, Haley is bent over his lap to receive a hard spanking and a bit of finger action. She is quite the submissive little Brit. Patrick soon has her sucking his throbbing prick. Both girls get their mouths into the act, showing Patrick how British girls are not all prudish when it comes to oral affection. The audition is going well, but the girls are a bit reluctant to let their naughty side loose on video. Patrick leaves in a big hurry, no doubt to go wank a bit. Enter Tiffany. She has come by to show Patrick her Buttwoman footage and finds the two would be starlets instead. Buttwoman seems to put the girls at ease, and decides to taste a bit of that English muffin. Things are really heating up when Julian St. Jox shows up with sexy Monique in tow. Now, with five horny people in the same room with a video camera, you just know all Hell is about to break loose. Monique shows the new British girls how a hot, black porn slut sucks cock. Into this fun scene strolls another ready stud to add to the mix. Things move pretty quickly, with the British girls sucking their new friend while Monique alternates between Tiff’s ass and Julian’s cock. No doubt which pair of women are superstars here, as the two American’s clearly outdo their UK counterparts. Julian moves in to fill Tiffany’s pussy with black cock and the new Buttwoman takes it gladly. If there was any doubt before this movie that Tiffany was one of the ten best on screen fucks of all time, this has to remove all such thoughts. Both Brits also get a taste of Julian, with Haley even taking a pretty severe ass pounding. Tiffany eventually ends up back with Monique where she preps her black ass for a bit of anal invasion herself. While the lovely new starlet smokes in sizzling RCA, the white guy takes turns busting UK bums. Only Tiff’s ass stays cockless in this smoking 6 way. Julian unloads all over Monique’s ass, and this is MAJOR load, too bad it wasn’t on her face. Donna takes a mouthful from the second stud, and somehow, Julian is still hard and drops a second load into Haley’s mouth so she and Donna can swap jizz.
Collins finally sees that he already has the perfect Buttwoman and need search no more. If, in fact, Tiffany is around for a series of videos, then we are all in for a treat. She smokes in this video, getting fucked in most every scene, and adding her oral talents enough time to make an addict out of the most casual viewer. Taren Steele is amazing, Tonisha Mills is hotter than ever, Chloe, Monique and Rayleen are all cock stiffening as well. The lesbian action is good enough to keep me watching, and even Mila is worth looking at in this MUST OWN video. A masterpiece. Long live Buttwoman!


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