Amsterdamn Nights 2



92 Mins.

www.VCAXXX.comVCA- 1997

DIR: Roy Alexandre

STARS: Helen Duvall, Philippe Soine, Kelly Trump, Angelique, Black Jack, Sabrina Johnson, Elone Disene, Lee Valentine, Riny Ray, Maketa, Rickky Dix, Tafalda, Jean-Yves Le Castel

THEMES: Euro-babes, Anal sex, facials, semi-public sex, models.



I have been hearing so much about these European videos of late, I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on this one. Especially since I actually recognized a few of the names in the credits. This, along with the handy shots of the cast as the credits roll, should make identifying who is doing what to whom a lot easier.

Things start out rather quickly, with blond model Helen Duvall getting hot for photographer Sabrina Johnson. Lovely little Sabrina decides she really needs to lap up all the juices flowing from her friend’s delicious slit. It’s a pretty low impact lesbian pairing and doesn’t last too long. After the model leaves, Sabrina is primed for her studly friend to come in and finish the job. Don’t blink, or you will likely miss the pussy licking. Never fear, that just means we get to Sabrina sucking cock all the faster. My biggest problem right off, is the too quick pace of the sex. Much like some Private stuff, everything just moves forward like a hypercenetic kid on a six pack of Jolt Cola and a two pound bag of M&Ms. When we get a scene with a woman this hot, I prefer to visually enjoy it longer than was allowed here. On the positive side, Sabrina is every bit as enthusiastic as I remember her, and cute the cute petite honey. Three positions of vaginal sex and a really nice facial with the camera lingering while she wipe her cum streaked face with his rod and repeatedly licks it clean.

Helen shows up at a magazine editor’s office and in less than a minute is offered her own recurring column. (Fucking tits get you everything man. I work my ASS off and all I get to write are these lame ass on line reviews for a bunch of…..Oppps, sorry.) Once Helen leaves, the editor is quick to work out some of the lust the blonde Goddess inspired in him on a very cute brunette. She doesn’t seem to mind how his cock got hard, just so long as it fills her mouth. The pacing of this scene is a bit slower, allowing more time for us to enjoy this lovely Euro-babe while she shows off some wonderful oral skills. Her shaved slit makes an even warmer place for him to park his penis, and as she bends over the desk, he feeds her every inch of his throbbing love muscle. After fucking her for a few minutes, he pulls out and lets her jerk a nice load of cum onto flat belly. Nice scene.

Out on the town, things are even wilder. In a strip club, the action is furious. If I lived in this town, I don’t think I would ever spend any time anywhere but in a club like this. The women are not only gorgeous and naked, but this club is a very ‘hands on’ place as well. All three dancers are giving private shows that include shoving good sized banana up their pussies. Now that is what I call a fruit salad. Not happy with fruit, the girls all move on the nearest meat. Angelique, who I first saw in a World Sex Tour video, has probably the biggest tits I have ever seen, and better yet, she is a monster when it comes to sucking cock. Watching her take on a pair of studs is quite the sexual highlight, and the way her tits sway back and forth while she gets fucked doggy style will have monster mam fans loving every second. The rest of the room is rather sexually charged as well, but Angelique just steals the show. She eventually ends up with just one well hung black stud as the others all gang up on a pair of cuties. This leaves the busty babe to take a big load on her even bigger tits. What a sexy creature. The other two do quite an impressive little cum swapping kiss at the close of their scene.

Elsewhere in this swinging town, the disco scene is raging. So much so that right in the middle of the dance floor, a sexy brunette drops to her knees and orally worships a pair of hard dicks. With hard thumping bass in the background, the two studs toss her on the floor and fuck the living daylights out of this petite party girl. This just serves as the warm-up however, for an even hotter dancer, Kelly Trump. The blonde super slut heats up the dancefloor, then gets her partner overheated by feeding him her perfect tits and luscious lower lips. After gracing him with such a sweet treat, he must feel really lucky to be doubly blessed by blowjob that can only be described as sheer Heaven. Kelly is a superb cocksucker, but she looks even finer with a stiff prick buried deep inside her super snatch. After working up in a couple of positions, Kelly lies on her back, throws her legs high in the air and just gets mega slammed by the stud fucking her. She loves the rough stuff and with the crowd watching, sucks him off. Moving into a private back room, Kelly opens up her asshole for some hard pounding buttfucking. Ever nasty, Kelly takes his cock from ass and starts sucking it madly while fingering her still dripping slit. In no time, he fills this sexy slut’s mouth full of jizz. Perhaps the best scene on this tape.

Still another couple slip away for a quick fuck in the back halls. This sharp featured Euro-babe has a hunger for dick and is naked on her knees almost before the door to the club is closed behind her. Fans of standing fucks will love this scene as they bone in just about every vertical position imaginable. While bent over, she spins around to taste his seed and give us another nice facial to enjoy.

Helen finally gets into the action in a lovely leather getup that really makes her look like a red hot submissive slut. Red thigh high boots will make fans of leather footwear very happy, but the sex is pretty standard stuff here, especially compared to what Kelly did just two scenes back. It’s pretty average stuff once you get beyond the attire. Helen takes a rather fat cock up her ass, but not even a facial to spice up this pairing.

She is right back in the action in the very next scene, a backstage orgy after an awards show. This kind of orgy scene really doesn’t do it for me. Some decent looking women and some good sexual action, but just way too much going on for me to be given time to really enjoy any of it. Anal, DP, facials, everything is good here, but I would have preferred it to be spread out over individual scenes instead of lumped together in a big group grope.

This Euro-adventure is filled with hot women and even hotter sex. Helen Duvall is the covergirl, but she is surrounded by some even hotter women. Kelly Trump is one of the nastiest women I have ever seen. Sabrina Johnson has the girl next door quality mixed with the energy of a sexual acrobat. Angelique and her huge hooters are fucking incredible. This one is sure to be a welcome addition to the collection of any of you who love pretty Euro-sluts who love to fuck and suck.

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