Ben Dover’s Royal Ass Force


119 Mins.
VCA- 1996
DIR: Ben Dover
STARS: Mary, Mandy, Nici Sterling, Sue, Danni, Super Mario, Ian.
THEMES: Shaving, Young Looking Girls, Anal Sex, Facials, Solo, Oral.
By now, anyone who has read anything I have written about this brilliant UK series should already know the drill. It’s Steve Perry playing Ben Dover, doing gonzo style adventures across Great Britain, showing us that British women are just as slutty as their European neighbors. Ben has just the right blend of self deprecating humor and hard, raw sex to make things interesting and entertaining. (There, is that enough of a fucking intro, can I watch the damn video now please?)
Ben starts out with some serious talent. He picks up super sexy eighteen year old Mary, who looks dangerously young. Even tinier and nearly as cute is her friend Mandy. Ben rushes them back to the flat to meet Mario and Ian. These dudes are already naked and hard, so the girls don’t have to play coy. In fact, Mary has a special request on this day. In her words. “I want to be fucked in the ass.” From her mouth to Ben’s ears, and we are all in for a treat. Before they can fuck, the two young girls have their pussies shaved. (Like they needed to look younger.) Long shaving scene, leaving the girls with bare slits that look oh so sweet. Shaved slick, the girls are ready for action and go for side by side blow jobs that are out of this world. Mary’s huge eyes and eager mouth defy description. Both couples switch and the girls spread those thin legs high in the air, giving their men easy access to their bald, tight pussies. Mary is cuter, but Mandy gets points for reaching out to suck Ben while riding Ian’s cock. Of course, as Mary takes Mario’s big cock back into her mouth she steals the attention. Can you believe both of these girls ask if they can get fucked in the ass. Gee, let me think?? My friends, if you enjoy watching very petite women taking big dicks in their asses, this is the scene for you. Of course, with Mary sucking her thumb like that this could be an old Cherry Popper scene. (Yeah, except that those vids never did reach this level of heat.) A game of one upsmanship ensues, with Mandy taking both Ian and Mario in a slamming DP while Mary keeps Ben happy. The cuties lie side by side to drink down the big loads fired into their faces and share it a deep, vocalic kiss. Hey, since their faces are together, Ben drops his load right in the middle, leaving Mary and Mandy, two young, fresh, gorgeous, cum covered sluts?errrr slags.
Ben takes a trip to SoCal for a very special reunion. Who could he have come all this way to see? How about England’s number one porn superstar, Nici Sterling. While her hubby Wilde Oscar attends to some business, Ben and Nici go back to her apartment for some show and tell. Perfect head to toe, Nici shows off and gets Ben all frantic to see her in action. With no guy around, Nici spends some time playing with her fantastic breasts and smooth, inviting pussy until Ben is sporting wood. Her chubby radar must be going off because Nici fishes his prick from his trousers and treats us all to a stellar blowjob. Brilliant close-up action, capturing her eyes, full mouth and hyper active tongue as she provides more oral pleasure than any mortal man deserves. Oscar shows up so it’s Nici’s turn to be on the receiving end of well shot oral sex. With Oscar and Nici working hard, she soon sprays a stream of steaming girl cum into a martini glass. Rather than gulp it down, Ben pours it all over his still throbbing cock and let’s her suck him clean. Now it’s Oscar’s turn to have his cock sucked by the hottest thing to ever come from the motherland. In addition to being a great cocksucker, Nici is a wild, active fuck, using her perfect physique to both give and receive unimaginable pleasures. With Oscar slamming her from behind, all Nici can do is talk about how much she wants to be fucked in the ass. Seeing how much she loves having her butt stuffed with cock, it’s no wonder Oscar has such a big smile on his face all the time. The only fair way to cap off this hot anal scene is with sexy Nici sucking a big load of cum from her husband’s dick. She plays with it, smears it, and licks up every last drop. Ben decides that her derriere needs a little protein as well and drops a load on her spread asshole. Nici Sterling is ON FIRE!
Back in the UK, Ben meets Daily Sport modeling contest winner Sue. This cute blonde is certainly worthy of a drive in the country, and a roll in the hay. She is all decked out in lust inspiring lingerie as Ben goes through his interview routine. Under the guise of shooting an audition video, Ben is able to get Sue to be quite friendly for the camera. Eventually he talks Sue’s fingers down into her hot slit for a little masturbation show. This demonstration of fine finger fucking and sexy talk leaves Ben with a throbbing reason to keep Sue on her knees. She quite happily takes his prick in her hand and jerks it right into her smiling face. For a first timer, Sue knows how to give head for the camera. Tons of tease and perfect eye contact as she works on that big slab of meat. Nice of her to keep up the dirty talk all the way to the very messy facial she takes with absolute glee. Oral and solo only, this hot, fucking A.
Danni is a twenty year old blonde with a body you can spot a mile away. Holy shit, this girl has the whole package. With US stud Michael J. Cox in tow, Ben has a serious tryout in mind for this blue eyes, busty babe. Michael spies her changing and decides he can’t wait. In seconds he has his finger and mouth working on her pussy and Danni is quite convinced she is ready for the big time. Sure as hell beats standing behind a retail counter for ten hours a day. Any girl can get her pussy licked on camera, but does Danni have what it takes to gobble knob for the masses? In a word, YES! She goes right to work and soon has Michael and Ben working in her mouth at once. Now, there is a talented girl. Once she gets that fat fuckstick of Michael’s up and working, it is in her pussy faster than you can “The Spice Girls are annoying, talentless twits, but I want to shag then all anyway, especially that cutsie blonde.” If her love of getting fucked is any indication, I would say Danni really enjoys her work. Apparently not completely satisfied with conventional fucking, she asks to have it “in the bum” and, imagine that, he agrees. As Michael is pumping away on her rump, two more guys come by to see Ben. Faced with two more cocks, Danni just incorporates them into the fun. What the hell, why not go full out? She happily takes one of the new cocks in her pussy while she keeps getting her tight ass stretched in a hard pounding DP. That leaves her mouth free to suck the third cock, making Danni a full fledged porn slut in her first time out. The cum starts flowing with a hot shot as Danni does a quick dismount to suck the cock from her pussy dry. Following his lead, the others go off at the same time, leaving Danni one very cum covered cutie.
What more can I say? Ben is the master. Four scenes, five hot women. Nici, of course is a superstar and shows why in a perfect scene. Mandy and Mary are two very young looking, very anal sluts who are fantastic to look at and even finer to lust after. Danni is a busty blonde star waiting to happen, and sexy Sue, in an tease and oral performance, manages to hold her own, literally. Great work from someone I expect greatness from.

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