Wicked Weapon



100 Mins.


www.WickedPictures.com– 1997

DIR: Brad Armstrong

STARS: Jenna Jameson, Laure Sainclair, Jill Kelly, Nici Sterling, Jeanna Fine, Sindee Coxx, Midori, Brad Armstrong, Eric Price, Mark Davis, Peter North, Jake Steed, Mike Horner, Steve Drake, T.T. Boy, Vince Voyeur, EZ Ryder.

THEMES: Heroines, Cops, Hookers, Facials.




With big budget, costume driven, super hero movies flooding the theatres, you just know that porn has plenty of dark, moody scripts waiting to thrill leather and rubber fetishists everywhere. Still, in the aftermath of the “Splatman” fiasco, there really haven’t been a lot of tapes geared to this particular bend. (I still love the old Holmes venture ‘Dickman and Throbbin’) Even as the opening credits roll, it is clear that this is a porn scale version of a Batman flick, complete with costumed heroes, heroines, villains and of course all those “wonderful toys.”

The skinny is that one time newswoman Jenna lost her fiance in a freak lightning accident. This same accident seems to have turned the stunning blonde into a costumed vigilante, out ridding the streets of common scum. This doesn’t make her too popular with the boys in blue, but when a strange meteor fragment is stolen, you know who they call in to help get it back.

While Jenna is out searching for clues, police sergeant Mike Horner is busy pumping street walker Jeanna Fine for whatever she might be concealing. With the help of officer Jake Steed, Jeanna keeps busy at both ends, doing her best with her mouth around Jake’s monster pole. (Jeanna as a cock hungry whore? Now there is a stretch.) Speaking of stretch, that is exactly what he does to her pussy with his dick. All the while, Jeanna throats Mike Horner like he was Ed Powers or something. Damn, this woman is Hoover personified. (Not J Edgar, the vacuum, although…..) When Mike stuffs her ass with dick, that sets off Jeanna’s other oral talent and she filthy talks her way to a mouthful of Steed semen and Horner honey.

The mystery of the missing crystal is solved pretty quickly as The Ice Princess (Laure Sainclair) holds the city ransom. With the ultimate evil threatening her city, the Jenanator swings into action. First stop is a trip to see the most connected underworld figure in town, Spatz. While he is no immediate help, Jenna sees opportunity in a big party he is throwing that evening. Crashing the shindig in her street clothes, Jenna gets close to the gangster’s brother Vincent (Brad Armstrong.) What their pairing has to do with finding Ice, I have no idea, but it gives them a chance to slip away and fuck like rabbits. She doesn’t look much like Batgirl getting both holes finger fucked. I have been critical of the Jenna publicity machine, but once she gets on her knees and starts working her mouth on Brad’s cock, the hype nearly makes sense. This woman can suck a mean dick! Hey, anyone else think that the big tattoo on her ass might give away the whole secret identity thing? (Oh yeah Sherlock? That one might stay hidden, but what about that big fucking thing on the back of her neck, just what WAS she thinking there?) Logical questions aside, Brad and Jenna work well together as always, acrobatically fucking in the library with her long legs, mouth watering breasts and wonderful ass on display. As she seemingly always does, Jenna takes her load of protein right on her pretty face.

The rest of the party is heating up as well thanks to a very horny handful of guests. Jenna must not have gotten enough from Brad, because she joins right in. She moves in on Sindee Coxx and Peter North while a few feet away T.T. Boy entertains Nici Sterling and Laure Sainclar. (With Nici in the picture, no one else has a chance of gaining any spotlight.) Laure leaves and joins Jenna and Sindee so that T.T. can enjoy a little one on one with Nici. Way too much going on here for my taste, it ends up taking away most of the heat. Still, Jenna looks great, Sindee fucks Peter’s big cock like she craves it and Nici shines like mega star she is. Jenna shares a sperm shot with Nici from T.T. then moves over to help Sindee down Peter’s semen shake. Love those facials.

All of her snooping has the downtown brass a bit riled up. Officer Mark Davis follows her through the dark streets to keep an eye on her. His problem lies in Jenna’s street connections. Before you know it, Mark’s observation runs into a major snag. Instead of watching Jenna’s place, he gets distracted by Midori who comes in out of the cold to wrap those incredible lips around his cock in the front seat of his cruiser. He must figure no one is looking because Mark leans her up against his car and eatis her sweet lips right there at curbside. Damn, she is incredible looking. If there were ever anything this perfect walking the streets for cash, men would never come home….EVER! After a two position fuck, Mark drops his seen on her pubes, finishing out a very sexy pairing.

Free from her police escort, Jenna is off to find the evil Ice. Actually, the frigid villain is busy keeping two of her henchmen warm with her numerous openings. Maybe this is the sort of benefit package she offered when she connived the guys to take a job as criminal underlings. Either that, or she hired Steve Drake and Vince Voyeur for their ability to fill her mouth and pussy with hard cock. When they have given her mouth and pussy a good going over, Vince makes sure she doesn’t have any crystals hidden in her ass. The frosty villianess gets a double dose of topping at both ends, keeping her thugs more than happy.

With fire in her heart, and leather on her tits, Jenna storms the ice fortress. After a brief struggle, she manages to grab the crystal and get away. Oh no, what will Ice do now? Why turn to her accomplices on the police force and city hall of course. (Wow, just like one of the real hero movies, the politicians are all sleazes.)

Fresh off her victory, Jenna is saddened by the memory of her lost love. Thank goodness one good police officer is on the force to ease her pain. Jill Kelly is more than happy to swap spit with the costumed crime fighter. While this is a very stylized lesbian hook up, with all the feel of a big budget movie, I just can’t get too jazzed about Jill Kelly in a girl/girl scene. Any interest here, is only because Jenna is on fire and the scene has such a very cool look. There is some nice toy play here as the heroine takes a metal dildo up her ass before turning and giving Jill the hardest cum she has had in weeks.

Having tracked Jenna down, Brad shows up to crash the little party. Showing that her sex drive is also more than human, Jenna is all over him like Ellen on the women’s golf tour. However, as lust brews, danger attacks. On her way back to the station, Officer Kelly is nabbed. While she is danger, Jenna is back on her knees working Brad’s cock in her mouth like this is where her super powers come from. Why not call her the Suck-an-ator? Like Popeye with his spinach, Jenna gets recharged by the thick wad of goo Brad plants on her beautiful mug.

Ice uses Kelly as leverage to get her crystal back, setting up the final showdown. While Jenna goes through her mandatory dress and grab the weapons scene, Ice and her pal Eric Price decide to give their prisoner a thorough sexual torture while she writes in bondage. Somehow she doesn’t seem to be too upset at having Eric’s cock in her mouth, in fact, Jill seems to be getting off on it. She repeatedly pulls his dick out of Laure’s pussy and sucks it clean, in smooth, to the root deep throat strokes. Damn, Jill, you keep doing scenes like this one and I am going to have to start liking watching you fuck on screen. As Ice puts on her big strap on, Jill is in for a hard DP slamming with Laure is in her puss and Eric pounding her ass. For a captive, she sure gets into being double plugged. After sharing his dick in a great double suckjob, Laure jerks his load out onto Jill’s face, closing out a very hot scene.

Riding in to save the day Jenna has to get some unexpected help from Brad and the boys for the final shootout. (Is it me or does Armstrong love these kind of loud blast fests?) In the melee, Ice bolts with Jill, sending Jenna to the bowels of some factory to find her. This is porn after all, so things end on a high note for our heroine.

The look and feel of this picture is as close to a Batman flick as porn has ever seen. Dark sets, flashy costumes, cool weapons, super villains, and a plot to take over the world. Jenna is perfectly cast as a robo babe with an attitude. Although I didn’t see the point of casting a villain who can’t really speak English, Laure Sainclair showed some promise. The side players in this are every bit as hot as you will ever see. Jeanna Fine, Midori, Nici Sterling and Sindee Coxx are all expected treats and even Jill Kelly shows more heat than I have ever seen. The sex sometimes succumbs to the style, which is too bad, but it’s a nice change. Overall, a very good Jenna video. Definitely on the top ten list for 97.


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