Waves Of Passion



100 Mins.

Erotic Angel- 1996

DIR: Jim Powers

STARS: Jill Kelly, Tyler, Paisley Hunter, Kiss, Teddy Barritt, Eric Price, Dave Hardman, Tony Martino, Jonathan Morgan, Mike Horner.

THEMES: Hookers, Outdoor sex.



Jim Powers? Hey wait, who is going to dress up as Little Red Riding Hood in this video? OK, just kidding. Jim has done lots of tapes, some of them even have scripts, like this one. With a cast like this, there is a chance for both hot sex, and decent dialog, so I can only hope there is actually a script to let them work through.

We start with Tyler and Jill Kelly lying around a pool discussing their sexual problems. Jill has found a cure for her itch in masseuse Eric Price. Seems she keeps herself happy with his fat cock in her mouth on days when she bon bons and daytime TV are just not enough. While I still don’t get why so many of my friends are nuts over Jill, she does display some very impressive oral skills here, delivering a deep, messy blowjob to a very happy Eric. It looks to me like he really enjoys his work, especially the fringe benefits of fucking his clients after giving them their rubdowns. Jill seems a little more alive here than in a lot of her scenes and the outdoor setting makes for some very nice close up shots as Eric slams her from behind. Interesting pop shot as most of Eric’s load goes into Jill’s mouth and she dribbles it back onto his dick to lick clean.

Somewhere across town, Dave Hardman sits in a hotel room drinking and waiting for this piece on the side to come and visit. He may be a drunken slob out cheating on his wife, but Tyler looks kind of like a hooker from a bad episode of Miami Vice caught in a time warp. As unappealing as that may sound, the two do have a good chemistry going and Tyler just loves having a big dick in her mouth. Once she sucks him hard, it’s on her back, legs in the air so that stud boy Hardman can fuck that shaved slit raw. Guess this is her idea of spicing up her life. Hey, if posing like a cheap whore and being fucked by drunk guys with panty hose on their heads gets you hot, who am I to criticize? Hey, looks like Dave threw down that extra fiver cuz he gets to slide up the backdoor. For good measure, she even pulls his dick out of her ass and jerks him off right on her tongue. A weak cumshot, but give her credit for playing with it, drawing out the appeal.

Later, as she relaxes in the tub, hubby Mike Horner comes home tired and ready for bed. That leaves Tyler free to day dream about her busty friend Kiss and plaything Paisley Hunter. These two get comfortable with each other in the mid day sun. Kiss dives into every sexual situation with absolute abandon, and Paisley does have quite a tasty little box lunch between her legs. (Anyone thinking Paisley looks a little like that Genesis chick from MTV’s Real World?) Hey, even if you don’t like lesbian scenes, it’s always fun to hear Kiss say “Cum on my face” over and over. In turn, Kiss’ body is nothing short of a playground for little Paisley to learn the ways of lesbian love on. While half in the water, Kiss bends over to take a long, clear dildo up her tight love canal. Outstanding lesbian toy footage here with Kiss getting fucked hard by her new friend. In return, Kiss uses an even fatter fake cock on Paisley’s little binkie. (Binkie?) (Still, binkie. Damn.)

Back to her old tricks, Tyler hits the streets, only to be picked up by a teary eyed Teddy Barritt who has been sent out by her husband to find him some new meat. She pays two hundred bucks to let Tyler fuck her old man. Man, this kind of shit ONLY happens in porn. The husband, Jonathan Morgan just has no interest. That is, until she sheds the wig and fucks him as herself. She may look like less of a whore, but Tyler still pleases with all the combined skills she has picked up on the streets. That of course, means a long, wet blowjob that has Jonathan horny enough to let his wife join the fun. Wifey is a bit older, but she lacks nothing in the cocksucking whore department herself. After all, how many wives would lick the clit of the hooker they picked up while hubby’s’ dick was sliding in and out? After licking it clean, Teddy rides her husband’s prick as well, finally getting the hard fuck she has been dying for. Wifey saves the extra few bucks and takes the assfucking herself. The girls share a facial, opening a new chapter in the happy marriage between Jonathan and Teddy.

That just leaves Tyler’s happy husband Mike. He doesn’t seem to mind finding her pink micro dress and blonde wig, and she doesn’t even notice when as he watches (In leather mask of course) as wifey starts working on his buddy Tony Martino. By now, I am starting to like Tyler’s dress up like a whore and act like one game. She sure has the voice and sucking ability to be a super slut. Masked Mike just sits quietly (Why is it I can’t stop laughing thinking about the Gimp from ‘Pulp Fiction’) as his wife gets fucked hard from behind by Tony’s throbbing cock. The look in her eye must spark something in him because Tyler’s eyes are rolling back as she begs him to fuck her as well. He finally gives in and pokes her puss while Tony gets more of that bought and paid for head. Not satisfied with that, Mike give her ass a try. While fucking one’s wife in the ass knowing she thinks you are someone else would send most men into years of therapy, it just makes Mike hotter than ever while Tony shoots sperm all over her face.

All’s well that ends well for the newly revamped couple. Mike is more than happy to have an assfucking whore for a wife. (Hey, the extra cash has to help right.) Overall a pretty average video. Tyler is the featured starlet, and while I know I have seen her in other things, I can’t think of the name. (PR will now post telling us who she is, and I thank him in advance for doing so…again.) Kiss and Paisley are rather wasted in the lesbian scene. That leaves Jill Kelly, who I am starting not to dislike so much and Teddy Barritt, who I doubt I will ever see again. Nice outdoor sex, and a fun, if simple plot make this one pretty ok for the wives to sit in on. Watch it for Tyler and her trippy whore costume.

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