Butt Row Euro Style



140 Mins.
All Blew Shirts 1997
DIR: Joey Silvera
STARS: Kelli Cage, Dru, Michael J., Peter North, Amanda Steele, Mike, Leslie, Leila, Holly Black, Jean-Yves, Reka Renihardt, Nicolette, Anna, Sean Michaels, Simona, Joey.
THEMES: Euros, Anal Sex, Wrestling, Facials.
Butt Row, what a great place to visit. The wild and wonderful imagination of Joey Silvera has brought us many young, nubile things, all dying to strut their stuff in strange, often depraved ways. Seemingly following the lead of every other American smut film maker these days, Joey is off to Europe to bring some super hotties our way.
Michael J. is up first, licking the toes of cutie Dru and covergirl Kelly Cage. While Michael plays toe slave in the pool with Dru, Peter North comes in to shove his face between the twin moons of Kelly’s asscheeks. Damn, this woman is superstar caliber, huge tits, complete with nipple rings, long legs and a face to die for. Dru is nothing to sneeze at either, with her medium short do, and aggressive, almost desperate cocksucking style. Dru also likes to suck pussy, something she does with great joy as Kelly sits on her face. The sexy blonde keeps the guys busy with her accommodating mouth. Since both guys are packing some serious meat, the women get filled quite nicely with hard meat. After nearly breaking the lawn furniture they were fucking on, the couples move to the grass so that Dru can loudly talk a cock up her ass. She takes a big dick so well, Kelly has to come over and lick her pussy while she gets reamed. Does that mean no assfucking for Kell? Yes, actually it does, but don’t worry, Peter paints her face, eyes to chin with one super sperm bomb. This facial stands out even in Peter’s great body of work. Dru also takes a less copious load in her mouth, but both women are hotter than hot.
Amanda Steele starts her scene off in a phone booth, trying in vain to talk over the loud jack hammer going off outside the booth. Mike and Leslie then take turns trying to ply her with their charms. (Don’t try to make sense of this, it’s a Joey video after all.) Something works and they get her into the car where she gives Leslie a backseat blowjob. Nice way to pass the time before they can get to the hotel room. Once there, the busty brunette makes quite a showpiece as she strips down and shows what treasures lie under that mini dress. After oiling up her fantastic tits, Mike can’t stand it any longer and sticks his big prick between those twin globes of perfection. Both guys have some fun tit fucking her before moving over to the bed to fuck this prime piece of ass. Looks like the only trouble these guys had was deciding which hole to stick their cocks in first, since the sucks and fucks with equal zeal. In between being tossed around and fucked every way to Sunday, she takes more time to oil up those tits and let the guys fuck them some more. That pushes both guys over the edge so they can simultaneously shoot onto her terrific boobs. Amanda Steele is a wonder to behold.
Sexy Holly has a dick in her mouth, keeping it warm until Leila can come in and help out. Jean-Yves brings Leila up in the elevator and has her sucking his cock as well. (Again, don’t pop a vessel trying to figure out what Joey is going for here, just enjoy the view.) Holly and Leila come together and sparks fly instantly. They get to know Jean-Yves quite well during a shared blowjob, after which Holly helps guide that fat dick into the little pussy of her new friend. Leslie proves that Leila is quite the pint sized porn slut, holding her off the ground while fucking her hard. The side by side action is quite well shot, but as I usually do, I found it somewhat distracting. Still, both women have true heat that comes through loud and clear. Both guys make sure to give their girls some serious pussy poking before moving in to bust some Euro-bum. Holly take both cocks in her at once for a boisterous DP while Leila watches in wide eyed wonder. The skinny brunette never takes it up her ass, but makes up for it by gulping down a mouthful of sperm from her lover and even licking the big facial off Holly’s mug. One ass fucking Euro-whore and one cum eating Euro-slut. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.
Reka is another girl ready to show her stuff for the camera. Joey finds her meaty pussy lips a pleasantly pleasing snack. While she is busy returning the favor, a workman crawls in from the balcony outside and joins in. Interesting and quite good since she attacks his cock with total hunger. Reka is a hot, horny slut who loves to fuck and is not at all afraid to vocalize as she is being skewered. Great footage of RCA with her stocking clad legs resting on his knees. (Someone come up with a name for this position or I will have to.) Fans of gaping assholes will love the way she stays open after a furious doggy anal. I am more partial to the way she strokes a big thick load out of his cock, then repeats the action with Joey for a pair of sticky facials.
Nicolette and Anna make a lovely blonde and brunette combination. They play with each for a bit before Sean Michaels strolls into the picture. Before they even get in through the front door, Anna and Nicolette are on their knees working hard with their mouths to make Sean stiff. Once they get inside, Sean bends Nicolette over and gives the sexy blonde a foot long fuck that leaves her breathless. Sean sits back and feels both Euro-mouths go to town on his growing prick. These two are super cock hungry sluts who just can’t wait to be stuffed full of man meat. Lucky for them, Sean knows how to dish out a hard fucking. Nicolette takes a great pussy pounding, but that is nothing compared to the ass reaming that Anna takes as Sean stuffs two fingers in her pussy while fucking her ass. Not to be outdone, the blonde sticks her ass high in the air so he can do a side by side assfuck test. No doubt, Anna can take it deeper. After all that anal probing, Sean’s cock is ready to explode it’s seed all over the two waiting sluts. Most of it ends up on Nicolette’s tits and shoulder, but the girls lick up every drop they can get their tongues on.
Yet another blonde, Simona, is happy to dress up and let Joey have a crack at her many inviting orifices. However, before he gets to play with her, he has to get in the ring and wrestle this tight, toned tigress. There can be no losers in a match up like this, especially when Simona strips down, oils up and goes for a more slick form of grappling. As her mouth closes in over the head of his cock, it becomes more fucking than wrestling, but I for one, don’t care. Damn, this girl sucks dick hard! She also proves she has some strong thighs, holding Joey in place, not letting him breathe while forcing him to suck her sweet pussy. No doubt Simona wins, but it doesn’t matter, he gets to fuck her anyway. Really nice handjob action before she squats in his lap and bounces up and down on rock hard thighs. Fucking A, Simona is in tip top shape and fucks like a beast in heat. Joey fucks the athletic nymph every way imaginable, even sliding his dick up her ass and fucking her hard while she fingers her clit to a loud climax. Her ass milks a very big load of cum from Joey, who paints her well fucked bottom with goo before letting her suck the final few drops from his still throbbing dick.
Once again, Joey mixes in plenty of odd tidbits in between some very hot sex. The Euro-bims he brings to the table range from average looking, to fucking gorgeous, and from semi-hose beasts, to full fledged cock, craving whores. Amanda Steele, Kelli Cage, Dru, Nicolette and Simona are the ones to watch here, but don’t be surprised to see any of these ladies in other videos, tearing up the screen with hot, cum hungry performances. Well shot, hot sex, a definite must see!


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