Nightlife 3



84 Mins.

Caballero- 1997

DIR: Mr. Marcus

STARS: Holli Woods, Monique, Meeka, Camille, Harley, Gina Man, Sean Michaels, Mr. Marcus.

THEMES: Interracial Sex, Outdoor Sex, Night time Sex, Big Tits.



Mr. Marcus comes right out and hits the nail on the head. “If you’re like me.” He says. “You just like watching people fuck. You don’t care what color they are, you don’t care where they come from.” That simple philosophy is exactly the way I see porn. In spite some people’s best efforts to make people conform to their wishes, this is the way I will always see porn. People fucking anyone they feel like fucking. Now, what I hope is that the women in this volume of Nightlife live up to the other volumes of this series.

Blonde Camille (Who I just reviewed in CP 3) is first up, teaming with Mr. Marcus outside for a nighttime poolside romp. The immediate problem here is the rather poor lighting. This girl is pretty cute, but as I noted in her other performance, she is a bit docile during the action, even as Marcus works her pussy over big time with his tongue and fingers. Sweetie, a little moan now and then, won’t kill you, I swear. Luckily, she is a pretty good little cocksucker. Of course, the dim lighting takes away a lot of what would be great footage of this little Hoover sucking away on his thick, black hose. Neither performer seems overly interested in fucking each other, which I found a little odd. Eventually, as Camille slides her shave pussy up and down on his shaft, they start to come to life a bit, however by then, it’s time to move onto the anal. He slides rather slowly up her tight ass and Camille is clearly not thrilled by this or the barely visible cumshot dripped down onto her lips. Thoroughly average pairing, with below average lighting.

While out cruising, Marcus picks up huge titted blonde Harley and has her sucking his cock in exactly four seconds. Not bad. The problem is, she has his dick in her mouth for all of about ten seconds before the drive on to a an open field where Marcus and play with those super size fun bags. There is more rather poorly lit oral as Harley tries in vain to swallow that fat fuckstick, but most of it is lost in the shadows. Even as he goes down on her, most of what could be quite good, is lost thanks to poor lighting. Very disappointing. The combination of the cramped car and the dim lighting really ruins what should have been a great pairing of a busty blonde with a tight pussy and a huge black cock. When the footage is good, it’s very good, the problem is there is just too little really good footage here. Rather tragic waste of talent.

Meeka, a cute black girl tells a tale of how she fucked Gino Man in a bar in spite his girlfriend’s loud objections. The first few minutes of this scene are shot in black and white and look really nice, but as the action heats up, we go to color. Meeka is very eager to use her active tongue to the utmost in bringing her man to full attention. The lighting is a little better here, but still much of the good oral action is obscured in shadows. Gino is a little bald guy with an average cock, but he seems to know how to work it inside Meeka and make her squirm around the barstool, aching for more. Easily the best footage here is of her riding his cock and then bent over the barstool to receive a good pounding. Meeka spins around to take a shot of sperm right on her sweat covered face. Love the way this cutie plays with after the shot.

The poorly lit scenes up to this point are a disappointment, but having the incredible beautiful Monique masturbating outside in a chair, only to have most of the action obscured in shadows is a downright tragedy. This girl needs to be in the spotlight at all times so we can see just how perfect she really is. Inside, Marcus is talking with T.T. Boy about the fun of interracial fucking. Hell, anyone would have to be crazy not to want a piece of something as fine as Monique. She is more than ready to show T.T. what she can do with a big cock between her full, sweet lips. For the first time in this video, the lighting is good, and the quality of the sex skyrockets up to the level I expected from the start. He moves a little too quickly away from the great blowjob action, but Monique is screaming for cock in her tight pussy, so who could resist? Great footage here as he fucks her from behind, in mish and then lets Monique show off her strong thighs by squat fucking him hard. Of course, he wants to travel the back road as well, and Monique is more than ready to take a big cock up her ass. Good footage of some hard ass pounding, leading up to a pop shot on her shaved pussylips. No doubt, Monique is a first class star.

Holli Woods tells a tale of how she lost her interracial virginity. She is a dealer in a private card game for Marcus and Sean Michaels. Throwing aside the things her parents had taught her about interracial sex, Holli decides to “let these black guys pound” her. The guys move in slowly, undressing the pale skinned brunette, preparing her for the boning of her young life. Holli nearly chokes on Marcus’ thick cock, but keep right on trying to inhale the whole thing while Sean works on her pussy with his fingers and then his tongue. Once she gets that first black cock in her pussy, Holli turns up her efforts on Marcus and nearly swallows him whole. The guys switch off, taking turns at her two inviting, wet openings and keeping Holli out of breath and on the verge of sexual meltdown. At last, Marcus takes her tight ass and nearly rips it open, shoving the full length of his fat cock up that butt. Both guys shoot all over Holli, covering her face and pussy with cum, closing out another night in the life of Mr. Marcus.

In spite the often mentioned lighting problems in this volume, Mr. Marcus has managed to put together a good bit of work. The women are not as hot and horny as in some of the other volumes, but Monique’s super assfuck, Holli’s fun three way and Meeka’s sweaty facial make it well worth a look. Blondes Harley and Camille get wasted a bit, but no one can be perfect all the time. Fans of interracial sex of all kinds will want to grab this one.

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