Pussyman 13


84 Mins.
Snatch- 1995
DIR: David Christopher
STARS: Missy, Jeanna Fine, Heather Lee, Caressa Savage, Bunny Bleu, Marilyn Martin, Alex Sanders, Bobby Viatle, Steve Knight, Nick East, Peter North, Mike Albo and Pussyman.
THEMES: Pussylips, Big Tits, Outdoor Sex, Huge Dildos.
The Pussyman series, a series of X vids devoted to the search for the pretties pussy on the planet. Not that different from the quest of all men, except for the fact that most men don’t really give a shit about a pussy being perfect, only that it is accessible to them. Thankfully, Snatch video brings their top of the line pussies for us to enjoy. If you ask me, most every girl in their videos is a winner, but even with all this talent, only one girl gets to be the ultimate pussy.
Pussyman is in need of a break. It seems the relentless quest for the perfect vag has left him burnt out. He goes to the home of fellow reviewer Mike Albo. (Now, since I have never met Mike personally, I should avoid anything that might be considered insulting, but how can I resist.) If anyone would know how to repel pussy, it would be a video reviewer. One problem, Albo’s place comes with a horny Mexican maid played by Heather Lee. She is quite enticing and try as he might, Pussyman just can’t make her stop taking her clothes off. Still, he shows great resistance, choosing to leave even after having her huge tits and fantastic ass shoved in his face. Never fear, horny pool boy Bobby Vitale is close by to make sure all that good pussy does not got to waste. Since she is already naked, Bobby makes quick work of the foreplay, sucking on her big tits for a while before moving down to those thick, inviting lower lips. He makes her feel so good, that Heather decides to treat him to a fantastic, wet blowjob that is sure to have half of you reconsidering career choices. That just gets his cock rock hard so he can slam the loud latina from behind. Heather is a high energy fuck whether she takes if from behind, rides cock or just lies back and slammed silly. She even smiles while cum rains down on her face and tits, licking all she can from her fingers. Viva Heather!
While discussing the “Hooker mentality” with Albo, Pussyman is visited by Nikki Brantz, her scummy agent (Peter North) and no talent grunge rocker boyfriend (Steve Hatcher.). They decide to give Pussyman an impromptu demonstration of Nikki’s many skills. Primary on her list of talents appears to be the ability to superbly suck on a fat cock. She seems to adore Peter’s meat, devouring it like a starving, cock crazed animal. After licking her asshole, Steve gets to feed Nikki his cock while Peter keeps her happy by going right for the ass with his thick pole. Anyone else get the impression she couldn’t care less if Steve were to drop dead as long as Peter keeps ramming her ass like that? Great anal scene here, especially if you like small girls taking big cocks up their butts. Of course with one of two exploding cocks belonging to Peter North you know that Nikki is about to be drown in cum, something she seems to love dearly.
To try and help Pussyman out of his funk, Caressa Savage brings over three horny girlfriends, Bunny Bleu, Melissa Monet and Missy. In typical Pussyman fashion, all the girls line up along the stairs and strut their stuff for a while before he takes them all into the living room. There, they pair off for a little bit of lesbian love designed to lift Pussyman’s spirits. If you ask me, girl/girl sex is a huge waste of Missy, Melissa and Bunny, but still it’s better than not getting to see them at all. Melissa and Bunny really go off on each other while the blondes across the room take a quieter road to sexual bliss. Caressa takes a hard fucking from a big dildo, but Bunny does her one better, taking this huge thing up her once impenetrable ass.
Another dirty talking little whore, Jeanna Fine, pops over next, with friend Julie Rage. These two look ready to burn a hole through the carpet from the word go. I’d say Jeanna loves pussy as much as Pussyman and she sure takes her time with Julie’s tight hole. After being given and trying on their official pussy clips, the girls hook up with Nick East and Michael Knight. Jeanna provides a constant verbal sound track that should awaken the most dormant boner. Another area where Ms. Fine excels is in giving head. No one has quite perfected it like Jeanna and she is in all her glory here, deepthroating her man from a standing position. Here is a tip for all porn directors, Jeanna Fine should never share the screen with another woman. She steals all the attention away from Julie, in spite a decent performance from the blonde hose beast. Jeanna sucks Nick’s cock straight out of Julie’s pussy then goes back to Michael’s inflated fuckstick to suck a big load out into her mouth and all over her face. Julie also takes a face full, but even that gets licked up by cum hungry slut Jeanna.
Pussyman has finally discovered what it is he loves, big pussylips. He calls up Alex to bring over the ultimate pussylip queen. (Come on, we all know that HAS to be Kaitlyn.) Instead, we get Marilyn Martin, who is not too shabby in the shameless whore department. That pussyclip really shows off her full, meaty lower lips and MM knows how to tease. After Pussyman examines those lips for a bit, Alex Sanders shows up to close out the deal. Alex is more than happy to spend a lot of time rooting around her full pussylips and lickable asshole. The treat of this scene begins when Marilyn takes over the oral duties and starts giving one of her off the chart hot blowjobs. Anyone wanting to know how much saliva, eye contact, hand, lip and tongue action makes the perfect blowjob can watch this scene and get a pretty good blueprint of how it’s done. Not satisfied with just great head, Alex moves in behind to feel how Marilyn’s pussy feels around his cock. I can’t testify to how it feels, but I can tell you that is looks great with his shaft sliding in and out. Alex pulls out and shoots a gooey wad right onto her face, and as always, Marilyn knows what do to with that jizz once it hits her face. Lovely facial closing things out.
Once again, Pussyman has brought a well shot, nicely performed sex vid to living rooms. There is not a lot of anal here, which will suit some people just fine. What there is, is a lot of pussy worship, beautiful women and some memorable fuck scenes. Marilyn Martin, Jeanna Fine, Heather Lee and Nikki Brantz all rock in their scenes, and Bunny Bleu deserves mention for her great work with the huge dildo. Melissa Monet deserves mention just because she is not in enough videos to suit me.

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