Sin-a-matic 2



115 Mins.
Vivid- 1997
DIR: Jon Dough
STARS: Tereza, Stephanie Swift, Mila, Alexandra Silk, Holly Body, Deva Station, Suzy Cat, Jon Dough, Vince Voyeur, Peter North, T.T. Boy.
THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Lesbian Sex, Solo,Big Tits.
After the first video, I was ready to say that giving Jon Dough his own line was a brilliant move by Vivid. It was wonderfully photographed and had a nice edge so often missing in Vivid features. (Hell, it even had interracial sex if you can imagine that.) This cast is not quite as impressive, but hopefully taking the act over to Hawaii will help bring out the heat.
Deva Station and Holly Body pose together on a beach to get things started. Holly has a set of enormous tits that dwarf poor Deva’s. The girls kiss a bit, but Jon has T.T. Boy move in very quickly, hoping to sample some of this fine flesh. Holly looks right at home, on her knees sucking his cock, getting it ready to slide into Deva’s snatch. Not to be left out, busty Holly insists that he fuck her even harder than her cute galpal. To be honest, what I like best here is watching Holly finger her pussy while watching T.T. and Deva go at it. Both girls take a turn letting him fuck them up the ass, which is nice, but neither of them really seem to get into assfucking, so it’s pretty average. Above average however, it the shared facial creambath which gets lapped up by the eager ladies.
Alexandra Silk and Vince Voyeur hook up in the middle of what looks to be a huge lava bed. The scene gets an A for original locale. Overcast skies don’t make for the best lighting, which is too bad. A face this cute should be well lit, especially when stuffed with hard cock. Watching them fuck in the middle of nowhere is incredibly erotic. No one around, just a plane flying by overhead, very original scene. The sex is pretty decent as well, since Alexandra is a lively fuck and very easy on the eyes. Especially nice is the long RC pussy poke and a wonderful standing blowjob with Alex fingering her shaved slit and asshole, prepping herself for the assfuck to follow. Unlike the girls before her, she seems quite pleased to have a bone in her butt and vocalizes this pleasure quite freely. A fine facial is obscured a bit by some unnecessary slo-mo, but otherwise a very hot scene.
Strolling along the shore, too sexy for words Tereza is a vision of sexual perfection. Dough bills this as her only performance, but some of you may recall a dirty solo tape I reviewed with this incredible woman in it. Even if it is not her only performance, Tereza heats up the sand with some self loving that will put starch in your shorts guaranteed! Her fingers go digging very deep into her soft folds , getting herself good and wet even before she breaks out her favorite sex toy. This long, thin fake dick gets all the fun here as Tereza fucks herself silly with it as the waves crash in around her. Since I love solo scenes, you know I really dug this one, with beautiful Tereza fucking herself to climax on the sand with her long dildo. Damn, this is hot shit.
Suzy Cat hooks up with Vince and Peter North. This sexy little thing has a shaved box that just screams to be eaten and stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey. Jon has her play with her pussy and then suck his cock for a bit. Before he can finish, the guys show up, but Suzy doesn’t miss a beat. She just replaces Jon’s dick with Vince’s and lets Peter do some taste testing. While Vince gets first crack at her pussy, Peter gets to sit back and enjoy a first rate blowjob. Too bad things are so dark here. This problem really plagues this video and it messes up some really good footage. When you can see Suzy sucking Peter’s dick, it is a vision to behold. This girl looks like she just love to suck cock. Little Suzy gets tossed around between the two guys, fucked in both ends for their enjoyment and ours. Again the lighting gets in the way of the DP footage, too bad because Suzy is really on fire with those two fat cocks sawing in and out of her tight holes. At least we get to see her take Vince and then Peter in facial cumshots. Of course, the North blast is noteworthy. Suzy Cat is just the kind of girl you want to have hanging around, you know?
Stephanie Swift and Deva Station take a stroll together on the beach. Once they find a private spot, it’s off with the clothes for these horny honies. Sexy Steph peppers her friend’s ass with gentle slaps, getting her good and ready. Deva is more than ready to eat that pretty pookie between Stephanie’s inviting thighs. She must to do one hell of a job, because she has Steph gasping for air and clawing at her hair, begging for more. In return, Stephanie wears a big strap on cock and shows Deva that she knows how to fuck as well as the big boys. Damn, strap on lesbian sex with the waves crashing against the rocks next to them. Fucking brilliant! Deva rocks back against her, fucking back just the way I like it, and even fingers her asshole a bit. Steph replaces those fingers with a dildo and DP’s Deva like a seasoned lesbian. (What, am I starting to like girl/girl scenes, max volume will just die.) Without wearing a dick, Deva does her best to fuck Steph’s tight honey hole with a sizable vibe. Damn fucking incredible footage of Steph fucking her own ass with the vibe and having to stop so as not to cum too fast. Mark it down, this scene is award caliber. This is fucking off the chart hot!
Oh man, this is too easy. As we zoom in on Mila standing on a cliff, Jon asks “You aren’t going to jump are you?” Actually, rather than bash super scag�.errrr Mila, I will say that she does look quite lovely here. The Hawaiian sun seems to agree with her. Having a hard cock waved in her face certainly agrees with porn’s reining slut queen. She drools and sucks T.T. Boy’s dick faster than you can say ‘venereal disease waiting to happen’. (Come on Rog, you promised that guy you wouldn’t pick on poor Mila so much.) It’s a lot more fun to watch Mila suck than to fuck since with her mouth full of cock, she can’t do so much ‘demon from the pits of hell on crack’ growling. After a nice standing doggy, Mila lies on her back and T.T. slips into her ass like a�ahh fuck it, who needs a witty metaphor. He slips into her asshole like his sticking his dick into a very loose asshole. He pulls out of her ass and cums in her mouth. (Ho hum, another A2M from Mila. She must be getting mild in her old age.)
While I loved the outdoor settings for this second Vivid video from Jon Dough, the lighting was below average. This sometimes gets in the way of some otherwise great footage. Normally, if I were to tell you that a girl/girl scene was the highlight of a video, it would be your cue to skip it. However, this time, the Stephanie Swift/Deva Station scene is hot enough to make me recommend it to everyone. (Let’s face it, it’s hot because of Stephanie, credit where credit is due.) Alexandra Silk and Suzy Cat also give stand out performances in the hetero arena. Deva, Holly and yes, even Mila all look pretty good. Basically, there is something here for everyone. (My only complaint is that this one didn’t have Midori in it.)

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