Canadian Beaver Hunt 5


102 Mins.
Pleasure- 1997
DIR: Jim Gunn
STARS: Ashlee Rivers, Theresa Queen, Natacha, Nicollina Foxx, Tiffany Andrews, Pandora, Valentina, Chris Wellington, Vince, Anthony.
THEMES: New Girls, Great Legs.
This video series focusing on north of the border dancers in their porn debuts has constantly brought some exciting new faces and bods to X-dom. With Nicollina Foxx as our busty, lusty hostess, you better strap in for a wild ride.
In house stud Chris Wellington gets to saddle up and take the first ride on Ashlee Rivers, a brunette dancer with the tattoos and piercings to prove it. Luckily, we get to see her before the docs get a chance to pump her full of saline, which will make all you anti-implant guys happy. Chris peels off her pants and goes digging for gold, finding it in the form a labia ring. (Not to mention the treasure of a tight, wet pussy.) One thing these cold weather cuties seem to all love is cocksucking and little Ashlee just can’t keep her hands off her pussy as she sucks Chris hard and slick. No skimping on the blowjob footage here. There is enough to keep even an admitted oral fiend like me happy. One thing I love about the use of dancers in these videos is that all the women have long, fantastic legs, and Ashelee’s look tremendous spread wide and high for Chris to slide between. He gives her pussy a good workout that she is not likely to forget anytime soon. Some really nice medium body and ass shots as Chris nails her from behind. Ashlee jerks his load out onto her tattooed belly. Not a bad scene for a first timer.
Theresa Queen and Pandora hook up for Theresa’s very first venture into the world of lesbian sex. No hesitation from bawdy Pandora as she undresses her friend like she were unwrapping a very special package on Christmas morning. Of course, Santa never brought me anything quite as nice as this first time video fuck. Nicollina can’t stand to watch these two go at it, and hops on the bed to play with her pussy right next to the playful pussies. Huge titted Pandora dons a strap on that Theresa sucks while Nicollina gets a sample of those huge mams. Both blondes decide to go to work on their new pal, with Pandora feeding strap on dick to her mouth while Nic uses a very long vibe to work her pretty pussy. That just gets her hole hot and ready for the even bigger strap to on slide between her tight lips. Very nice strap on action as Theresa takes the big toy deep into her tight twat. Jealous that the new girl gets all the attention, Nic moves in and squats in Pandora’s lap, swallowing the long fucktoy in her own shaved box.
Natacha and Vince are a horny Canadian couple with one goal, to bust Natacha’s video cherry for our viewing pleasure. To get her ready for the big moment, Vince goes down between the busty brunette’s legs and sucks her shaved pussy until she is wet and ready. She wants to make sure he is equally lubed and what better way than to get a cock nice and hard inside a tight, wet mouth. Natacha is easily the best cocksucker on this tape and shows some serious long term potential as a sperm sucking star. With the oral out of the way, she lowers herself down on his pole and gives him quite a lap dance. Outstanding standing doggy footage here, showcasing her legs and near perfect ass. Once she is thoroughly fucked, Vince drops his load all over her tits to close things out.
Ashlee is back for some lesbian action with Nicollina in the video store. After checking out a few magazines Nic just can’t keep her hands and mouth off her young friend. Under the experienced tutelage of Nic, Ashlee enjoys a complete mouth and finger fuck of her young pussy. She may be new to video, but watching Ashlee return the favor on Nic tells me this is definitely not her first time playing with another woman. They clear a space in the new release section and engage in a torrid 69 that will have even not so enthusiastic lesbian fans watching closely.
The video store serves as a meeting place for little group of hot and bothered people. Nicollina, Chris, Valentina, Tiffany Andrews and Anthony get together at the check out counter and soon turn on each other for action hotter than the tapes. Anthony hooks up with blondes Tiff and Nic while Chris tosses Valentina on the counter to much her muffin. Both of these new girls look fantastic on their knees and both give fantastic head. This footage is an oral sex lovers feast of fine fellatio. Something happens and Anthony vanishes, leaving Chris to try and keep this trio of hot bods all satisfied. Nicollina helps him by always having one of their mouths on her pussy so Chris can use his cock to fill the other’s pussy. The best action here is when Tiff takes it from behind, first standing and then on the floor in some perfect doggy fucking. This woman has future superstar written all over her perfect body. Fucking her drives him over the edge, and Chris spews his seed all over her chest and belly while Valentina finishes Nic off.
Tiffany Andrews comes in at the end of this video and steals the thunder from a pretty good group of Canadian beavers. Ashlee Rivers has a lot of potential, as do Theresa and Natacha. Nicollina is fun as always and huge hootered Pandora does a nice bit of strap on fucking. This is a great series if you like new girls, from north of the border who fuck actual porn studs, and not producers disguised as studs. (You know who you are.) Good all around, but I demand producers get off their asses and get Tiffany in front of the camera pronto!

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