Butt Sisters Do Houston


83 Mins.
Midnight- 1996
DIR: Bradley Evans
STARS: Channone, Leanna Foxx, Roxanne Hall, China Lee, Dave Hardman and John Decker.
THEMES: Anal Sex.
The Butt Sisters have been played by different women in just about each one of these adventures. This time, Channone and Leanna Foxx take the title roles and at least one can handle the butt end of the job. Both of these women are big time anal sluts. Actually, the same can be said for the rest of the cast as well. Looks like a case of Texas tush traction is in store for us dear readers.
Channone strolls into a cowboy bar to apply for a job. Her application meets with the approval of boss Dave Hardman. Of course, this is a porno, so the only way she can actually get the job is to put out. She has no problem stripping down and getting nasty to get the job. Give a job to get a job, as her mother always said. Head this good is bound to get any woman a job, but Channone figures why stop once she gets Dave’s cock nice and hard. Might as well see how well that salami fits into her French roll as well. She bends over the desk and lets Dave explain the finer points of the retirement plan. Apparently it has something to do with fucking the Hell out of cute little waitresses until they cum like cheap whores.
Just about the time things are smoking upstairs, bar hand John Decker decides that waitress Roxanne Hall needs a little loving to keep herself warm. Man, I hate when they do this. Oh well, Roxanne is every bit the overseas Hoover mouth that Channone is. She is not about to let anyone say French girls give better head than British girls. Small breasted Roxanne is quite able to handle cock in her mouth and more than agreeable to having her lovely muff munched on. They quickly catch up to the action upstairs and do their own over the bar doggy fucking. Of course, since Channone is one of the butt sisters, you know her backdoor has be well traveled. Dave makes sure she is a multi-talented applicant by slamming his fat cock up her butt so fast, even a seasoned anal slut like Channone has to gasp out. Good close up shots of the assfucking before Dave pulls off his condom and blasts all over her bush. Roxanne must want a part in the next Butt Sisters video since she lets John in her backdoor as well. On her back with her legs on his shoulders, Roxanne looks right at home with a dick in her butt. She must have applied for the job the same way Channone did. His load goes on her freshly buggered bum, and Roxanne makes sure to lick his shaft clean.
The second half of the BS team, Leanna Foxx, strolls into the bar and up the stairs. She is Dave’s main squeeze and partner in the bar. That means he has to perform for her whenever she says. It’s not such a hard job when a woman this wild about sucking cock wants to taste you meat. Dave is hard in seconds once Leanna gets her full lips wrapped around him, but it is when she has the cock hard that she really works him over with mouth and hand action that may be too intense for some viewers. Aptly proud of her big tits, Leanna has Dave stick his well slicked stick between her twin globes and give a generous bit of tit fucking before turning his attention southward. Big Dave gives her what she needs right between her generous thighs and it is plain to see she loves having her juicy pussy plugged. Even though she is the boss, Dave gets to bend her at the waist and fuck the shit out of her from her behind. For the second time in as many scenes, Dave stuffs some Butt Sister ass. After a very short anal, with half strokes from big Dave, he sprays his jizz on her tummy.
When Leanna calls her new waitress into her office, is there any doubt what comes next? Doing as her boss says is a way of life for Channone and Leanna takes full advantage of her work ethic, making a snack of her medium sized breasts and feeding Channone her big set. The desk is once again the sight for a long pussy lapping session. As before, John starts to get horny downstairs, this time with waitress China Lee. Yet another split scene to annoy the Hell out of Rog. Is it me, or does Channone always look like she is ready to explode into climax anytime anyone gets near her pussy or ass? While Leanna works the pussy, Channone fingers her own ass to a few loud orgasms.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, Decker is getting up close and personal with foul mouthed New Your slut, China Lee. Just about the time he gets her going by sucking her full tits, we go back upstairs to join the debauchery already in progress. It seems that when it comes to pussy sucking, Channone proves the old clich´┐Ż by sucking slit every bit as enthusiastically as she sucked cock. Speaking of cocksucking, China is about ready to go down and show us how it’s done. This is one of the few women I have ever seen outfuck Max and live to tell about it, so you know Decker is in for a top notch blowjob. Too bad it’s so short, because she is great on her knees. Come to think of it, China ain’t too shabby on her back either, and she screams away while John jams his bone deep into her steaming snatch. Great insertion shot as he takes her ass doggy style. If you like your ass sluts loud, you are going to love hearing her cry out with each stroke. Loud, lewd and lovely, who could ask for anything more? Well, I would have liked a facial instead of a shot all over her shaved crotch and chaps area. Still a nice pairing to close things out.
This is a pretty basic porn video. Five scenes, four b/g, one g/g, all with an anal theme. No real plot to speak of, average technical qualities. The women are all OK. Channone is hot, but must get rid of those hideous extensions. Leanna is all right, although she is not one to cast in an anal film. Roxanne Hall is watchable. That leaves China Lee as the best of the bunch, but even she seems a bit subdued. Worth a look if you like anal sex without the facial, or if you are a fan of any of the women.


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