New Wave Hookers 5


120 Mins.
VCA- 1997
DIR: Michael Ninn
STARS: Juli Ashton, Vicca, Jeanna Fine, Anna Malle, Sunset Thomas, Stacy Valentine, Felecia, Sindee Coxx, Asia Carrera, Sharon Kane, Nikita, Lea Martini, Kim Kataine, Ashlee Renee, Roxanne Hall, Peter North, Jeremy Steele, Mark Davis, Sean Michaels, Nick East, Dave Cummings, Eric Monte, J.J. Michaels, Sean Rider, Bruno Sx, with non sex roles by Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis, Scottie Schwartz, Mr. Marcus and a special post mortem appearance my Jack Baker. .
THEMES: Hookers, Future Sex, Visual Effects.
Unlike many of my fellow reviewers, I have never been one to automatically fall all over myself to praise Mike Ninn. I like his stuff, and generally find it technically sound at worst, and downright brilliant at best. However, when I first heard he was taking over the fifth installment of this off the wall series, I was a big tentative. You see, I have always considered “New Wave Hookers” to be one of the greatest adult films ever made. Ever since then, the series has been well above average, but this drastic shift in style had me leery of what might become of the edgy humor the Dark Brothers brought to the table.
Don’t strain yourself looking for a plot, this is one of those films that just sort of drifts in and out of a cohesive story line. The departed Jack Baker provides a voice over telling us about the “great profit” and his celestial escort service. The profit pimp is played by legendary Jamie Gillis. Gillis, in too cool shades and dressed in black, is perfectly cast in this semi demonic role. As he rides alongside well dressed Juli Ashton, a couple of elevator operators, Asia Carrera and Felicia overpower Juli and go to work on her. The tight quarters can’t stop this lusty pair from turning poor Juli’s body into a lesbian playground. The technical quality here is brilliant. Perfect lighting, well shot sex, a true cut above anything I have seen of late. More importantly, there is a lot of heat generated by this sexy trio of twat tasters. The girls break out a long love toy and fill sexy Juli right to the brim with pseudo dick. Asia looks fantastic here, I just wish she hadn’t been used only with other girls. As lesbian three ways go, this is top notch.
Like Most Ninn features, the plot is really secondary to style and sex. The MTV-like solo performed by Sindee Coxx and others, is quite Blade Runner-esque and certainly erotic. Gillis has his chief engineer, Scottie Schwartz working on a new mind transference device to make everyone’s deepest sexual desires come true. Trying it out, Gillis projects his vision on a huge screen while he, Schwartz and sexy nurses, Jeanna Fine and Anna Malle watch. In the virtual reality fantasy, Jeanna and Anna encounter and devour masked Sean Michaels. Jeanna is clearly the best deep throat artists in all of porn, and demonstrates her talents in full force here. Anna is not bad either, but Jeanna is at her very best, and awards are due for this dirty, deepthroat performance. Second only to her cocksucking talents, are Jeanna’s ability to talk dirty better than anyone in the history of porn. Her filthy dialog even steals away the attention as Sean drills Anna’s ass from behind. Jeanna’s voice is enough to lure Sean away from Anna and into her own tight backdoor. Thankfully, the verbal assault never lets up and Jeanna delivers some of the best talk you will ever hear, all the while taking every inch of Sean’s monster cock up her ass. The only way to cap off this award caliber anal scene is with a shared facial pop shot by the two cum hungry sluts. Ninn cast this scene perfectly and the results are nothing short of stunning.
The vision of herself on screen so upsets Jeanna that she smashes the huge screen, (Ala the old Apple 1984 commercial). This unleashes unimaginable forces onto the scene. Actually, it unleashes a Jim Carey-esque pimp in a day glow suit played brilliantly by Ron Jeremy. Gillis selects one of his two “bitches”, Sunset Thomas and puts her on a table for Malle and Fine to probe. Sunset, a Ninn fave, looks as perfect as ever disrobing for the nasty nurses. The scene starts with a bit too much medical probing for me, but quickly becomes another verbally rich experience as Jeanna puts Sunset through the paces. Lots of B&D themes, and incredible anal bead action and a vibrator DP highlight a really sexy lesbian tryst.
Gillis decides that Jeremy is one pimp too many in his celestial realm and has to find a way to eliminate the intruder. To distract the letch, her uses the delectable Sharon Kane. This lets us see a whole bunch of special effects right from “The Mask” which are funny as Hell and quite impressive to look at. He somehow manages to escape Gillis and finds himself in an alley talking up a couple of Russian babes, Nikita and Lea Martini in clown outfits. More wacky special effects follow but the women are carted off by Schwartz and some guy in a clown costume. With the male clown watching and wanking, the two lovely Russian dolls go down faster than a busted elevator. The show has their friend up and ready to feed them plenty of cock in no time. Another brilliantly captured sex scene with incredibly hot action thanks to the two beauties. Only Lea takes cock here, but she takes it incredibly well, in her shaved pussy and her tight ass. After being thoroughly sodomized, she sucks every drop of cum from his spurting cock. Wonderfully hot pairing.
Gillis is now ready to make some money. He shows off his prototype New Wave Hooker for a group of Japanese businessmen. The trio of men feed her plenty of tube steak, and Vicca is quite the skilled cocksucker. My problem, is that the whole scene is high style slo-mo and I just really get tired of this effect. Three men, three holes, the math is just perfect to test out all openings on this sexually perfect creature. A good scene that could have been great were it not for the overdone slow down.
Finally getting Sharon Kane into the action, Jamie goes after her with a couple of dildos and a major attitude. Jamie is quite the harsh talking mother fucker and Sharon plays the whimpering submissive like no one I have ever seen. Extremely high kink factor and an outstanding dildo fuck scene. Sharon is so fucking hot it’s not even funny.
Barbie Doll like Stacy Valentine takes center stage with Nick East and Mark Davis for all to enjoy. This woman has a killer body and is well above average in the heat department sexually as well. The guys fill her from each and Stacy just takes all she can with a smile and a moan. After nearly swallowing Davis, she sits on his cock and lets East slip in from behind to fuck her asshole for a long, perfectly captured DP. Also double is the dose of semen Stacy sucks down as both guys unload all over her pretty face. Easily the best fuck I have seen from Stacy ever.
Jeremy is still around, creating mischief, manipulating Ashton into a torrid three way with Dave Cummings and Eric Monte. These two old guys do their best to keep up with the incredibly hot Juli. Oh man, those eyes are to die for, especially when her mouth is full of hard cock. Every time I see her in a scene, I like Juli a little more. She is enthusiastic without being over the top, gorgeous to look at and seems famished for cock. What more could anyone ask for? Brilliantly shot anal highlights here as Juli’s tiny hole gets stuffed for all to see. The guys dump two very impressive loads onto her incredible face, capping a great scene with a fantastic fucking facial frosting.
Before the super NWH can be sent out, Gillis wants to put her through the paces, so he calls upon a trio of “Super Splashers”. In one of the best special effect sex scenes I have ever seen, Vicca sucks off three Peter North’s at once. Fucking amazing. It’s basically just one blow job shot creatively, but damn, this is outstanding technical stuff. Oh yeah, and the head is nothing to complain about either. Best of all is a well edited facial splashing from Peter that leaves her jizz covered and ready to roll.
This film is far
and away the most creative, incredible adult entertainment of the year. No doubt, this film is the front runner for top honors and Gillis and Jeremy are both worthy of non sex awards. Numerous females are worthy of awards for their fucking and sucking. Jeanna Fine, Sunset Thomas, Asia Carrera, Juli Ashton, Stacy Valentine, Lea Martini and Vicca all stand out in this incredible sexual odyssey. Ninn is at his brilliant best bringing great sex together with cutting edge, perfect technical wizardry. Enough praise can not be heaped upon this instant classic. It is, quite simply, a masterpiece.

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