Spring Break Beauties


102 Mins.
Pleasure- 1997
DIR: Jim Gunn
STARS: Jessie James, Lonnie, Nicole Ann, Phoenixxx Blaque, Sonya Shield, Mark Davis, Damien, Frank James.
THEMES: Bikini Babes, Outdoor Sex, Oral Sex.
Spring break and sexy women have gone together since the beginning of time, so it is only natural to set an adult video in the midst of this hormone filled atmosphere. Just take some cameras down to Florida, catch the coeds drinking and letting loose and there you go. Well, OK, it probably wasn’t quite that easy, but it’s still a good idea to let this crop of new cuties frolic in the Spring Break sun.
Super cute blonde Lonnie is up first in a scene aboard a boat with Mark Davis. Outside in the sun, this stunning young woman seems right at home slipping out of her bikini and letting her new friend use his tongue to brighten her day. Great to see this much pussy licking in a video these days, especially when it gets the girl so visibly hot and bothered. When it comes time for Lonnie to take on the rather lofty task of swallowing Mark’s man-sized meat, she does not back down. Instead, Lonnie attacks his cock with open mouth, wide open eyes and a healthy dose of hand action as well. His cock is way too big for her mouth, but that only makes the thought of her taking that beast in her tight pussy, all the sexier. As a lover or oral sex, I have to say that watching her suck his cock and lick his balls for this long is just about the sexiest thing I can imagine. Very well done. By the time he is ready to slide his shaft home, both of them are nearly climbing the walls with anticipation. As wet as she is, his big cock just disappears into her tiny wet hole. Mark gives her all he has with strong powerful strokes and still Lonnie just smile and moans passionately. He flips her over for a bit of doggy before she spins around and kneels for a well aimed load of cum right in her open mouth. Oral is Lonnie’s strong point, from start to messy finish.
Phoenixxx Blaque is doing an outdoor modeling shoot which soon becomes something more. (NATCH). Pheon is really skinny with tiny tits and no big tattoos which I do appreciate. She and the photog get busted and Pheon offers to smooth things over. (NATCH II) While she takes care of Ranger Bob, her friend fucks her from behind. She is definitely too thin for my tastes, but you have to give the brunette plenty of credit for enthusiasm as she inhales beefsteak at both ends. I can’t remember the last time I watched a woman fuck back on a cock so hard. The guys double team her in doggy for a long time before flipping her over for some mish fuck and suck action. In this position, we finally get a good shot of her pussy, and it is a shaved smoothie. The well fucked little slut gets a double facial cum shower that is quite nicely captured, especially the post pop stuff again.
Phoen is back, checking out spas with Sonya Shield. Since it’s closing time, the girls decide to give it a try. Guess what, Sonya just happens to find her potential sale more appealing as a potential fuck. (NATCH III). Nice contrast here between the two bikini girls. One very thin and flat chested, the other curvy with a great rack. Either way, they both dig each other and kiss each other head to toe. Lots of great lesbian action, especially if you like your girls in water and no toys girl/girl action. Eventually, they do break out the dildo, but you pussy licking fans do not get short changed this time around.
A birthday bash for Jessie James quickly becomes something out of a wet dream as Mark Davis does more than blow out her candles. Jessie is often a lot hotter than she is pretty, but I have admit, she looks pretty damn good here. She has got legs to die for and can throw them way up over her head. (Something I love.) Something else I love is the way she uses her tongue and eyes to give his cock a serious sucking. With a cock this size, it takes a bit of work, but Jessie is up to the task and gets most of it in her mouth before finally moving in and taking the whole thing down her throat. Big props to this sexy woman for this oral feat. After feasting, Jessie sits her round ass right down, grinding her hips in his lap and pro fucking him quite nicely. Mark picks Jessie up and tosses her on the pool table where he can get better thrust in his strokes and all the blonde can do is lie back and take it as she screams “fuck me” loud enough to wake the dead. Since she keeps asking for what he is already giving, Mark takes a different track and bends her over the table to get better access to her asshole. Her legs quake as he pounds his long, thick cock up her ass repeatedly. Really nice low angel shot up her legs. The cum shot on her ass is less than stellar, but still one of the best scenes I have ever seen from Jessie.
Nicole Ann is quite the college looking cutie and you just know Mark rubbing lotion on her back will soon become much more. In fact, it takes no time at all for him to have her inviting tits out in the sun for inspection. (They sure look real to me.) Once again, Mark’s sizable meat is in the mouth of a young cutie whose only desire is to get it up and in her as fast as possible. Yeah, some guys have a rough fucking life. I’ll bet she learned that cocksucking technique in freshman dorm fun 101. If so, then Nicole was certainly the most popular girl on her campus and has earned her Spring Break poolside ride on Mark’s huge pole. He really seems to delight in filling petite young women full of his thick fuckstick, and Nicole is quite pleased to be the object of his salami slamming. Watching her RC him while squatting over his deck chair is really a beautiful thing to behold. Great legs and an even greater ass. They cap off their pairing with easily the best facial of the tape, covering her outstretched tongue in goo and leaving the sexy coed lapping up sperm.
Once again, fun, sun and bikini clad babes make for a hot sex video. Petite cuties Lonnie and Nicole Black are easily my faves, and both are stars in the making. Phoenixxx Blaque is fun to watch and Jessie James gives one of her best performances. Defiantly a must see for anyone who longed for hot sexy nights on the beach.

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