Skirts And Flirts 4



115 Mins.

Xplor- 1997


STARS: Lucky, Alicia, Camille, Honey




Anyone who loves good solo as much as I do needs no snappy little intro to tell them this series is the best finger fucking video action on the market. So, sit back, pour yourself a cold one and enjoy the best female masturbation tape you are likely to find in a long while.

Camille is up first, and this very pretty blonde has immediate charm on camera. She isn’t much of a dancer, but her enthusiasm more than makes up for her lack of rhythm. That, a wonderful vocabulary and an incredible set of nipples have me focused in on her from the start. Nice tease as she strips down slowly, really showing off her superior posterior for the camera. After strutting her stuff topless for a long while, Camille slips her find bod into the spa to cool down. Now the bottoms come off as well and she plays with her smooth pussy lips as well as her pert nips. More sexy talk as she breaks out a long thin plastic cock and shows how she likes to work on a dick with her mouth. It’s an easy fit into her well juiced pussy, so Camille makes sure to fuck herself good and hard for us all to enjoy. In fact, she goes so fast for so long that I swear I saw smoke coming from between her thighs on more than one occasion.

Honey is another horny blonde who is already in the bedroom when we open on her solo scene. Her tight outfit shows off her even tighter body and she is right at home in front of the camera from the very start. She has long legs and a very spankable ass, which is prominently on display as she bends slowly for our viewing pleasure. When the panties come off, Honey breaks out a good sized dildo and starts sucking it while fingering her pussy to a fine lather. Her sex toy slides right home as she vocalizes throughout her self love session, moaning and groaning with each vibrating stroke. With her lighted vibrator glows in and out of her tight hole. Damn if she doesn’t look good enough to eat.

Lucky is a chocolate skinned sweetie so beautiful that we are the lucky ones, for getting to see her get down on camera. This naturally busted beauty is one Hell of a dirty talker and just loves to tease. Lucky is head to toe sexy, with legs to die for, a perfect ass, bountiful boobs and a face that is sure to grace many a video boxcover before her days in smut are done. By the time she gets naked, I am already in love with this fine specimen of femininity. She hasn’t even started touching herself, but I have a feeling most people watching have begun the masturbation portion of the program long ago. With an inviting smile, Lucky breaks out a vibe, lubes it up, throws her legs high in the air and goes to work making her pussy as full as it is pretty. The little battery powered love machine seems to hit all the right spots because Lucky is writhing around like she is in absolute ecstasy. When she flips over and fucks herself from behind, Lucky shakes her sexy ass high in the air. I’m betting now this ass is going to show up in plenty of videos before too long. Switching back to her fingers, the lovely Lucky takes herself to a loud, finger soaking climax. She is the real deal, absolutely.

Alicia has that ‘model’ look that will certainly land her some roles in this business. However, in addition to her good looks, she has good on screen chemistry and seems quite comfortable and understandably proud of her lithe body. For such a thin girl, she sure seems to have a great chest, but that stays covered as she shows off her long legs and flexible body. Once again the hot talk may be the best thing about her. Speaking right to the camera, she establishes a close up personal interaction with the viewer. No doubt Alicia is a first class tease. Only after a prolonged taunt session, does she finally spread her legs and lube up her lovely shaved lips. It may have taken her a while to get here, but once the fingers start working on her love box, there is not stopping this sexual dynamo. With the help of a see through rubber cock, Alicia keeps right on talking her way through a proxy fuck that will have everyone watching rock hard. (Or dripping wet.) She really knows how to fuck herself on camera.

Once again, Skirts & Flirts has managed to get better. The four women in this volume are all hot looking and best of all, most of them really know how to talk dirty to the camera. Lucky and Camille are my faves, but Honey and Alicia are both fabulous self fuckers as well. Any one of these women are worth seeing again. In fact, I don’t know if Xplor mentions it on the web site, but longer versions of these scenes are sold separately with a handful of pictures and a letter from the girls. Look into them on these girls, you will be glad you did.

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