Up And Cummers 42



138 Mins.

Randy West Productions- 1997

DIR: Randy West

STARS: Raylene, Avalon, Monti, Devin Chang, Taylor, Moore, Kiara Syns, John West, D.J.X. Alex Sanders, Mr. Lucky, Randy West.

THEMES: New Girls, Internal Cumshots, Pretty Girls.



After not doing any Randy West videos for so long, here I am doing the third in one month. A total conversion? I don’t know if I would go that far, but the last two I have seen were quite impressive. He is getting some gorgeous women to do some nasty things on camera, often for the first time. I only recognize one name from the cast list this time, so new flesh abounds and awaits.

Monti is an eighteen year old cutie who made the jump from bikini modeling, to nude modeling and now into hardcore videos. Alex Sanders gets to welcome Monti, and it looks to me like his tits are as big as hers. Actually, she is really cute and thankfully still has her God given nubs. Her skin is exquisite and she has the kind of face that makes even average cocksucking skills stand out. While sucking did not seem to be her strong suit, Monti is quite vocal once Alex moves in to fuck her from behind. She sure looks tight and gets off having her pussy poked good and hard. Not a bad debut from this cutie with lots of vaginal only sex and an internal cum shot. (Yuck)

Raylene, who is a super hot piece of ass, is here for her first ever on screen anal. Randy gets to do the honors, and he seems quite pleased to be the fourth dick in her ass. As he likes to go, Randy goes down on Raylene and really gets her juices flowing. (Memo to Max Hardcore. Check out how much more responsive a woman is if you don’t treat her pussy like a garbage disposal?) In return, she starts sucking his cock like the total hose beast she is. Great eye contact and plenty of playful sexy talk make her blowjobs a cut above the average. (Her gorgeous face doesn’t hurt much either.) All that oral just gets Raylene hot and ready to fuck. You know, except for a bit too much body art for my taste, she is just about perfect head to toe, and damn does she love riding Randy’s cock. With the help of her little toy, she gets herself off a couple of times in screaming climaxes that set the stage for the big ass deflowering. At long last, the moment arrives, and it is very slow going at first. Raylene is definitely fighting the pain of insertion, but seems to warm up once he is inside. They fall into a pretty good rhythm for a while until she cums hard, leaving her laughing and complaining about the pain in her butt. Shifting gears again, Raylene jerks Randy off with her talented hands, closing out her on screen butt busting party.

A couple of blonde beauties square off next as Randy introduces us to Taylor Moore and Avalon. If watching pretty blondes go down on each other is your thing, then you are going to want to pull up a chair for this one, because both of these flaxen babes are quite the quim enthusiasts. You all know how I feel about this sort of thing, but even so, Taylor has the look of a future superstar. Decent pretty girl lesbian stuff with the best footage coming as both girls share a dildo, their real tits shaking about wildly as they cum together.

My interest came back big time when John West, Mr. Lucky and Randy step in and join the girls. Both of these women are stunning on their knees sucking cock and I just can’t help but think that gorgeous Taylor is the next Jenna Jameson. The only problem is that things end here and are due to be continued in the next installment. I have to say, I am dying to see these two lovely ladies take cocks.

We next pick up Kiara Syns already in progress as she sucks cock. Randy and DJX take turns on this cute blonde. (Tip for Randy. Don’t punish someone like Kiara by putting her after Taylor and Avalon.) She is a pretty energetic performer who seems to love to fuck, which is always a good thing. After DJ dumps his load on her belly, Randy gets to fuck her tight asshole. The first she shows us is her first ever anal orgasm, which leaves her limp from all the boning her butthole takes. Randy blasts her tits and DJ comes back for another shot, this time in her mouth. Not to shabby.

Asian lovely Devin Chang has got Randy’s cock in her mouth and is going to town like a seasoned pro even though it is only her second boy girl pairing. She has done this a few times before I suspect. This is pretty much a straight forward fuck scene. Randy wisely sees no reason to cloud the issue by wasting time. He goes right after her visibly and audibly wet pussy. Her body is so outstanding and her skills so first rate that Randy looks about ready to pass out as she squat fucks him. No doubt she is a high energy fuck, pretty much letting him lie there while she does all the work. To close things out, he turns the tables on Devin, shoving her legs back against her chest and just pounding away on her until he blasts his seed into her chin and chest.

No doubt the highlight of this tape is Raylene’s first anal. She is a super hot babe with a big time future in porn. Taylor and Avalon are both painfully beautiful but their best action is saved for the next volume. Monti, Devin and Kiara are not bad either. Very good tape, start to finish with a few flashes of brilliance.

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