Perverted Stories 17


91 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Jim Powers
JM Productions – 1998 (3/98)
THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Forced Sex.
STARS: Sabrina Johnson, Paris Bluew, Matrixx, Christen Wolf, Dave Hardman, Buck Addams, and Lenny Fetish.

Few series in all of porn can hold a candle to the off the wall antics seen in Perverted Stories. They have always pushed the envelope and now have a guarantee on the box. Each video will include at least one gaping anus. Not my cup of tea, but many of you will want to take note. (You know who you are.) With that promise and a super sexy picture of Sabrina Johnson in a plaid skirt on the box, I think now is a good time to stop this and get to the hardcore.
The oddity begins right away. We begin with a guy lying in the dirt, enjoying the feel of the worms crawling all over his body. When Christian goes into the woods to find some worms for her garden, she finds a thick, fleshy worm sticking out of the soil. Luckily for the guy, this busty blonde doesn’t whack it with a shovel, but gets a sudden urge to suck it. I don’t know about you, but that looks to me like it must feel major weird. When that doesn’t bring the worm out of the soil completely, she slides her pussy down on it and fucks like mad. For those of you who don’t like seeing guys during scenes, this one basically has Christian humping a mound of dirt with a cock sticking out. She looks pretty hot form the front, but shots of her ass are obstructed by this huge tattoo covering nearly one whole ass cheek. It looks like a billboard. She manages to get his cock up her ass, which given the awkward situation is pretty impressive. Very odd scene, but give it an A for creativity.
Dave Hardman is a scientist on a trip to study head shrinkers. He comes back with his head shrunken. This leaves him with no brain functions but a raging hardon. (Insert favorite male porn star joke here.) Matrixx is there to explain his condition to buddy Buck Adams and to console both men in their time of grief over Dave’s lost mind. The blonde is quite open to having her orifices explored by the horny pair. I’ve never taken much notice of Matrixx before but she sure knows how to take a hard pounding from behind, even with her mouth full of cock. I could do without the stretching of her pussy, but the anal sex is quite hot and very well shot. She swallows all the semen they can shoot her way.
Paris Bluew makes the mistake of checking out a mysterious noise at the back of the warehouse. Realizing that the man (Dave Hardman) is a total fucking loon, she does what any level headed woman would do, she fucks him. Major props here for one of the best tit fucking scenes I have seen in a long while. Paris has a great set of tits and sucks cock with great intensity. The standard fuck scene is made better thanks to some nice angles, especially the ones that have those wonderful funbags on display. When Dave comes knocking at her back door, Paris opens wide and lets him slide right on in. She does her best to get at his cock as Dave starts spilling his seed and ends up licking up the dribble.
The final scene is the one I have been waiting for ever since I saw the boxcover shot in AVN. Sexy Sabrina Johnson stars as a birthday girl who is left alone on her special day by hubby Dave Hardman. As soon as she is alone, two masked men (Hardman and Buck Adams) They quickly forget about robbing her and take advantage of the petite Brit’s hot body. Like always happens in these scenes, Sabrina starts loving it in about ten seconds, showing off all of her sexual skills. Judging from the way she wolfs down cock, it looks like maybe hubby hasn’t been keeping his little nugget properly satisfied. Shame on you Dave. Great action here as the guys actually struggle to keep up with Sabrina in a very high energy fuck and suck. The little tart ends up begging for cock in her ass and that’s just what she gets, a great, hard, butt boning. Anyone else love hearing her say “Fuck my ass” in that sexy accent? The only way they can shut her up is by filling her mouth with two big shots of hot cream. Is she mad when she finds out her husband set up a fake rape for her birthday? This is porn you idiots, of course not.
Well, this is another strange video from JM Productions. Worm boy is a pretty bizarre coupling to be sure, but Christian does a nice job working around all the mud and much. Paris and Matrixx has scenes there too didn’t they? To be honest, my mind just skips ahead to the final three way with the incredibly hot Sabrina Johnson. Her scene is worth the price of the tape and I will be watching again very soon. In fact, I’ll be checking it out as soon as I finish this closing para………..

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