Private Geographic


105 Mins.
Private – 1998 (4/98)
THEMES: Euro Babes, Outdoor Sex, Threeways.
Taking a trip around the world is a wonderful thing. Think of all the incredible places you can see, the history, the culture, the art�the women! Now imagine being taken on this world tour by the folks at Private. That’s right, all the fun, sun and sex you can imagine, crammed into one ninety minute video. Got your passport?
The first stop on our tour is Brazil where after about thirty seconds of the local sights, we switch to an orgy on the back of a boat. Although the woman in this scene are quite a lovely study in contrast, and are all beautiful, I just can’t really get into a scene where so much is happening so quickly. This really is a case of too much of a good thing. For those of you into group sex, this orgy is packed with wall to wall beauties, fucking and sucking their brains out, but I found myself reaching for the scan button for the first time in a long while during a Private tape.
Next we are off to South Africa where we get to see a little more of the countryside before the sex begins. While hunting in the brush, some inventive guys come across a couple having a picnic. They quickly scare the guy off and swoop in to comfort the woman. Why am I not surprised when she is happy to receive all three of their cocks in her mouth? (Because it’s a porn genius.) They find a nice, comfortable stump and start group fucking the cute brunette in all her available holes. (Careful Rog, the ear fuckers are getting excited for nothing.) Of course this is a nice three way, it comes from a Pierre Woodman film. The guys finish her off with three sticky cumshots right in her waiting mouth.
Pierre leads the way down under for an Australian adventure. Blonde beauty Carla gives her husband a wet blowjob on the beach. The sand can’t be any hotter than her talented mouth as she makes him thrilled to be married to this hottie. Great outdoor sex here, made even better since this woman is a ten on any chart. He bends her over a fallen tree and fucks her long and deep. I know most of you dig the closeups, and they are fantastic here, but I really like the longer shots, emphasizing the fact that this horny couple are going at it right there next to the surf. It brings back memories of my own youth on the beaches of SoCal. (How do you figure?) (Shut up will you.) Great looking woman, great looking scene, great facial cumshot. What more do you need?
It’s off to Egypt next for a scene from Woodman’s epic fuck film “The Pyramid.” A newly married couple takes off on a camel ride through the desert, but just can’t keep their hands off each other. With the help of their female tour guide, they take a break for some hot sex in the blistering sun. His blonde wife is nothing short of incredible, both in looks and in sexual skills, swallowing her man to the root. She also has one of the most beautiful, shaved pussies I have ever seen. (Someone fill me in, who IS this woman?) Her RCA is the highlight of this fantastic scene. The shared facial ain’t bad either and wifey goes out of her way to suck every last drop of cum out of his cock.
Down to the Canaries we go for another fun filled, outdoor romp. This one begins in a jeep as a couple speeds down the highway. As they fuck, there is a woman their tail waiting to put a cap in both their asses, but I guess that doesn’t matter much to the scene. All that really matters is that this is yet another great outdoor scene, complete with a beautiful woman, hot anal sex and a sticky facial. What more do you need anyway?
Hawaii is lovely any time of year, but when the countryside is decorated with gorgeous young women, things get even easier on the eyes. Two women, out for a stroll in the waterfalls, are met by four island girls who pamper them right out of their clothes. It’s a girls only party, so you know I am only half interested, but I have to say, these girls are very into each other.
Compilation tapes can be cool or they can suck based on the subject matter covered. I’d say a best of Private outdoor scenes is a good starting point. All of the scenes are very well shot, which you should all expect by now and the women are top notch. Those of you who watch every Private tape religiously may have already seen these couplings, but they are easily worth revisiting. For anyone still new to Private, it will be a tremendous viewing treat. Oh, and congratulations on finding your way out from under that rock you’ve been living under.

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