Beautiful Evil


83 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Shawn Ricks
Sin City – 1998 (4/98)
THEMES: Cheating, story, gorgeous women.
STARS: Stephanie Swift, Missy, Toni James, Dee, Billy Glide, Micky G. Nick East.
Fresh off her Performer of the Year award, Stephanie Swift seems to be getting the best roles in porn. Her beauty, on screen heat and acting ability make her fun to watch in anything she does. Teaming her with the previous performer of the year Missy is gives us a pretty good chance of seeing something truly special. Since Shawn Ricks has put together one of the best looking cast lists I can imagine, I have to admit I am expecting a great deal from this video.
Stephanie’s car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and the only place she can find to phone for help is a creepy house, owned by Micky G. When the tow truck is unable to come get her for two days, Stephanie is stuck in the house. As it turns out, Micky knew Steph way back when she was kid in the old neighborhood. Small world? Karmic forces at work? Keep watching, and quit asking. The first night she is in the house, things start to get strange. Micky is visited in his sleep by Steph who tells him to go downstairs and see what his wife is up to. While it is a bit disturbing for him to see his wife, Toni James sucking Nick East’s cock, it sure makes for a hot scene for us viewers. Toni is one of those rare stars who is incredibly gorgeous and yet fucks like there is no tomorrow. She has this great smile on her face as she lowers her pussy down onto Nick’s stick. (He should be the one with the smile.) Everyone watching will soon be smiling as well, watching her grind her hips on him, milking his stalk with her tight pussy. Micky just sits by and watches as his wife gets fucked by his friend. Either he has great restraint, or he just likes watching Toni fuck as much as I do. The doggie is especially nice, but Toni looks good from any angle. Nick pulls out and blasts that perfect butt of hers to close out the scene.
Before you start feeling too bad for poor Micky, know this, he goes upstairs where Swift waits in bed for him. He wastes no time, diving between Steph’s parted thighs and tasting that Heavenly treat. While I am sure eating her pussy is wonderful, for viewing pleasure, nothing quite matches watching Stephanie suck cock. There are few ways I can express how well she gives head on camera, but I can say without much hesitation that I would trade every once of journalistic integrity I have (You have some?) for a Swift blowjob. (So, what, you would guarantee her good reviews for a hummer?) (Yeah.) (Well, considering you already give her great reviews all the time, why would she do that?) Back to the film, Micky moves on top of Steph and fills her tight little honey hole with meat as hard and fast as he can. Once he gets his stroke in full swing, it’s time to knock on the back door and as usual, Ms. Swift is quite accommodating. The tight fit pushes him right over the top and Micky covers her perfect tits in jizz before Stephanie can lick the final few drops from the head of his cock.
Not to give away too much of the plot, but let’s just say when he wakes up, Micky finds that it was all a dream. The next morning, when delivery boy Billy Glide pops by with a box full of BBQ aprons, she thanks him for his Herculean efforts by hauling his unit out and popping it into her mouth. What was it I just said about watching Stephanie suck cock? Well, this time she has a monster of a meat-circle and slobbers all over it with a look of total joy in her eyes. Too bad for him she sends him away with no cumshot.
Elsewhere, as East sleeps off the effects of too much alcohol, he lovely wife, Dee is responding to the advances of her real life hubby Rob. Dee is another perfect addition to this cast, perfect body, gorgeous face and she fucks like fire. He gets down and starts sucking her visibly wet pussy. In return, Dee drags her talented tongue down over his chest to his still not quite rigid tool. Never hear, it takes about ten seconds for her to suck him stiff. Is it just me, or does anyone else thing that no cock can stay limp with Dee anywhere within five feet? Rob lays her down on the desk for a quick fuck and can hardly contain himself before shooting a wad right on her pretty face. I love watching Dee.
Back at home, Micky is trying to ward off the advances of Missy. (OK, but WHY?) (It’s in the script dude.) (But still, it makes no sense, who turns down a woman this beautiful.) While I was trying to figure out this mystery, Micky overcomes his temporary insanity and gives Missy’s tangy twat a taste. He repayment is a visual treat for us all as she goes to work sucking his cock. Any time Missy graces the screen, it is worth watching. She is so pretty and performs with such genuine passion that it’s nearly impossible to believe she isn’t computer generated. After bending her over the kitchen counter for a lovely fuck, Micky blasts all over her chest.
Micky isn’t the only one with an itch that needs to be scratched. While he is away, Stephanie dons a strap on and makes a move on Toni. It doesn’t take a lot of arm twisting to get the pretty blonde into a hot lesbian coupling. That big old strap on just slides right on up Toni’s tight pussy. To tease us a little, she sucks the plastic prick for a bit before getting up on and riding it home. You all know how I sometimes nap through girl/girl scenes, well not this one. These two look ready to tear each other apart with passion.
During a wild and crazy New Year’s Eve party Micky gets some odd news from back home. He finds out that Stephanie has in fact, been dead for fifteen years. There is a nice ending to this tape, but I’ll let you find that out for yourselves. By now, you should have guessed that I do, in fact, recommend this tape rather highly. The cast in this video is absolutely top notch. Stephanie, Missy, Toni and Dee are easily four of the best looking women in all of porn, and all give great performances. Hats off to director Sawn Ricks for a good job directing this video. The sex is well shot and very hot with Swift and Missy providing the best of a great bunch, and to top it off, there is a decent story to enjoy. A fine piece of erotic entertainment.

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