Private Triple X Files 3 Adele




90 Mins.

Private – 1998 (3/98)

THEMES: Euro babes, three ways.

STARS: Mirka, Shay Sweet, Adele, Nicolette, Alice, Regina, P. J. Sommers. Jessica Road, Marino Franchi, Christophe Clark, J.Y LeCastel.


I sat down to write this review and had a few lines of an opening when I realized something. How many of you reading even care with I do a little intro to these Private vignette tapes? If you wanted substance, you would be renting a Private Gold or some other story driven piece of porn. These tapes get right to the action, so why shouldn’t the review do the same?

Mirka is a classic Private girl, covergirl good looks, captivating smile and a body that screams out to be worshipped. She also seems to have the sex drive of your average jackrabbit, which is always very nice. Here, she walks into a meeting with three men and in less than thirty seconds has stripped down to her lingerie and has a big cock in her mouth. With one guy behind, fucking her pussy, Mirka bends over the desk and takes turns sucking and jerking off the other two. In terms of sheer beauty, this blonde rivals any I have seen recently. Eventually, the guys get tired of playing odd man out and make sure all three of Mirka’s inputs get filled with hard cock. Great DP and anal footage here as Private once again proves that girls too pretty for anal can, in fact, be quite the hot butt sluts. Speaking of pretty, it’s a beautiful sight as Mirka holds her mouth wide open and lets all three guys blast jizz on her gorgeous face. Meeting adjourned.

American starlet Shay Sweet gets in on the action as a sexy young hitchhiker out on the open ride with just her smile, a short skirt, and a special reward for any driver who stops to give her a lift. Shay is picked up and delivers and unseen blowjob in exchange for a lift to her friend’s house. This guy puts her to work washing his car. Not very hospitable perhaps, but we get to watch Shay soap up the sleek machine and in the process, get her fins bod nice and wet as well. Finally, he comes back to enjoy some of her more intimate skills. Shay is ultra cute and knows how to work with a hard cock between her lips. She is also quite vocal, especially while being fucked over the hood of the car. My problem with this scene is how quickly they move through a number of positions to get to the excellent facial. Taking it slower and letting us enjoy Shay would have been perfect. Still, she is way fun to watch.

Regina and Harley star in the next story, brought to us by Frank Thring. They team up to give one lucky guy a very hot time. Even though neither of these girls is can hold a candle to Mirka or Shay, they are both vocal and highly active between the sheets. It’s a very short scene with no anal but a decent shot into Regina’s mouth. Just not up to the level of the other scenes, though.

The title scene is up next, starring beautiful Adele as a girl, sitting at a bar, watching two guys shoot pool. They see her and forget all about their game, choosing instead to give her a lesson in ball and stick handling. She seems to already know how to handle two hard dicks, working one in her mouth, while giving the other guy access to her hot pussy. Again, the scene is a bit too quick for me, ending with a great double facial barely six minutes after things get started. Still, watching Adele lick the cum from the guys’ shrinking cocks is worth a look all by itself.

Nicolette and Piroska team up on the Private boat of love for a deckside three way at sunset. After sucking the lucky guy hard, they all move into the cabin for some hot fun. Now these two women are real head turners, gorgeous, well built and cockhungry. I know I get picky, but this is one of those scenes that suffers from too much slow motion action. Why can’t directors just let the sex stand on its own. No after effects are necessary unless you name is Michael Ninn. Brunette Piroska takes a good, hard butt banging, but strawberry blonde Nicolette steals the show with a bun boff of her own and by taking the lion’s share of the load on her pretty face.

Alice is another thin brunette who thinks nothing of taking on two men in a spa. Christophe Clark and his friend are happy to keep both ends of the eager girl filled with throbbing dick. Still half in the water, Alice is able to take their deep strokes and still, seemingly, she needs more. A good hard buttfuck is what she needs, and Christophe gives it to her. The close ups are nice, but again, that action is somewhat obscured by the constant slow motion. At regular speed, this is a top notch scene, complete with DP, but when the cum shot is ruined by slo-mo, I was quite disappointed.

Mirka is the best reason to watch this video. In fact, she may be one of the best reasons to watch a video I have seen in a long time. Shay Sweet adds some American to this tape, looking as hot as ever. Covergirl Adele is also worth a look, shining her sexy three way. A little too much slow motion action and a couple of scenes that end too quickly for my taste slow things down a bit, but Triple X Files 3 is still a cut above the average porn tape on your video shelf.

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