Seymore Butts Blow Me




105 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Seymore Butts

Seymore Butts Home Movies – 1998 (4/98)

THEMES: Oral Sex, Facials.

STARS: Alisha Klass, Samantha Stylle, Halli Aston, Taylor Hayes, Gina, Teri, Sid Deuce, Inari, Kathy Willets, Yvonne.


Compilation tapes can be great or they can suck, depending on the subject of the comp and the quality of the talent pool the scenes have been pulled from. In this case, taking the best oral sex scenes from Seymore Butts’ vids is something nearly too perfect to even consider. I have long said that Seymore shoots the best blowjobs in the biz and taking the very best of them is pretty much a sure thing. Still, rather than just tell you all it rules, I will be the devoted critic I am, and watch the entire tape, just for you.

We start with Alisha showing us all why Seymore is such a fucking happy guy. She wants to thank him for making her life so special and does so with a killer blowjob. Alisha is the perfect porn star, knowing just how to suck cock on camera. In fact, these perfect oral skills spark Seymore’s memory and lead us into the great suckings from days gone by. The first such flashback takes us to the shores of beautiful Mexico with Taylor Hayes. The incredible sight of this gorgeous woman inhaling cock while talking dirty is nearly equaled by the stunning beauty of the sunset over the ocean. Although the shadows make the lighting less than perfect, everything else about this suck scene is flawless. Taylor stares into the lens, wolfs down dick, uses her hand like she is milking the nectar of life out of Seymore’s throbbing shaft, and finally works a big, sticky load out all over her pretty face.

Back to ‘Lish, who is doing a fine job on that knob herself. Her heated tonguing of his head strikes another chord in Seymore’s mind. This time we see tabloid queen turned porn slut Kathy Willets getting herself off in a bathroom stall. Seymore steps in, whips out his cock and lets the alleged nympho prove just what a hose starved harlot she really is. I have never found Kathy to be a striking beauty, but you get her near a hard cock and watch her go. Holy shit does she gulp down cock like a perfect (and I mean this in the best sense of the word.) slut. She is living proof that a woman hot for cum can get into videos and perform like a seasoned vet right out of the gate. She ends up wearing a thick glob of goo on her face and just loving it.

Back in the present, Alisha decides that some spit on her hands will juice Seymore’s rod for some hot handjob action while she keeps right on talking in that too sexy voice. This time, Seymore thinks back to the time he had to piss so bad, he pushed right past Sid Deuce to get to the toilet. One look at his cock and Sid just has to have a mouthful of meat. Unlike a lot of my net porn aficionados, I have always found something very sexy about Sid and seeing her in that stars and stripes bikini makes part of me stand up and salute. After playing with her incredible tits, Seymore sprouts some wood and Sid drops right to her knees to take care of it. She certainly knows how to work her mouth over a cock and Seymore looks ready to explode at any moment when she flashes those big, sexy eyes at him. You know Sid has been using her pen to do major damage to some people’s egos in her column, but it’s clear to see here that her best weapon is that super active tongue which could bring any man to his knees in seconds. At last she relieves his pain, working a mouthful of jizz from his balls and swallowing it down. (How come starlets won’t do that for a good review? Are you listening Sid? Alisha? Sammy? Sunset?)

Next up is gorgeous black girl Teri, whose eyes nearly melt the camera as she lets the cock slide all the way down her throat. This woman is an absolute dream come true. She uses her full lips on long, slow strokes up and down his shaft, stopping to let her nose press against the base of his prick, literally swallowing it and milking the head at the back of her mouth. I have to warn any of you out there who are dead set against ‘that there race mixin’. Don’t watch Teri because you are all going to want to fuck her so badly that you might just send you to the nuthouse. Those of us who already ‘see with our hearts’ see only one color that matters, the milky white of the cum that soon spills out onto her pink tongue.

Hopping into the way back machine, Seymore gets a very nice wake up job from blonde Brit Yvonne. She never stays quiet, even with her mouth full, the sexy moans escape her buys mouth, making the soundtrack to this suckoff as hot as the visuals. I love the way that pinkie sticks out while she strokes his spit slicked shaft up into her pretty face. She makes sure the shot is nice and messy, rubbing cum all over her hands and face, enjoying the dose of cream even before she has her coffee.

Just about the time it looks like Alisha is going to get to finish Seymore off and write a new chapter in the blow job adventures, in walks Samantha Stylle. She slides right in next to Alisha and makes this great single girl blowjob scene a scorching two on one that can only be described as better than mortal man deserves. This leads right into another Taylor blowjob, this time with sexy Gina playing with her pussy in the background. Eventually the long haired brunette slides over to join Taylor in a skin flute snack, once again doubling Seymore’s fun. While Taylor shows why she became an overnight star, Gina proves that even if you look like the girl next door, you can still suck with the big girls. Anyone else wonder what ever became of Gina? This super cute girl was quite the cum hungry hose monster. Of course, Taylor hogs most of the jizz, sucking him dry.

With two Tushy Girls working on his cock, you know that Seymore is just waiting for number three, Hali to pop her head through the door and make it three. This gives him one mouth on his cock, one tongue in his ass and one gorgeous creature to give us all the play by play. For some reason this three way blowjob reminds Seymore of a one on one suckjob he got from lovely Inari. She has a very wet mouth and slobbers all over Seymore’s cock before sucking his balls. If you like long, slow blowjob scenes, where a pretty girl rubs a hard cock against her face and nearly worships it, then this scene will rock your nuts off. She strokes a load from him while sucking his balls which is a nice twist.

From one back to three as the trio of Tushy girls all have their tongues on his cock. As someone who would happily go postal on a small town to feel Sammy’s mouth on my own unit, you can imagine what I think of this little setup. It’s a wonder he is able to hold back for as long as he does with all that oral talent concentrated on one cock. Finally, he explodes, showering all three faces with goo and then probably collapsing from exhaustion while the girls lap up every drop.

What can I say here that I didn’t cover in the open? A compilation of Seymore oral scenes is just the sort of compilation that will have blowjob fans fighting over at the video store. It consists of just a few of the great sucks from Seymore adventures past, but the selection is quite hot. Wrapped around the old scenes is a very hot blowjob from Alisha Klass with a brief bit of oral antics from Samantha and Hali to cap it off. Outstanding blowjobs from Taylor Hayes, Sid Deuce, Kathy Willets and Inari highlight this excellent tape. Now, if only there were a Vanessa Chase scene, and Shane scene and one where Rog gets blown by his favorite Tushy Girl it would have been perfect.

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