Ben Dover Bummed Out In Britain


137 Mins.
VCA – 1998
THEMES: Anal Sex, Facials, Real Tits, Interracial Sex.
STARS: Katie, Charlie, Evette, Eva, Pascal, Bob.
Perhaps the greatest mystery in all of porn is just how Ben Dover manages to find and shoot such totally hot women in the heart of the notoriously repressed UK. (No, actually the greatest mystery in porn is how Ron Jeremy keeps working.) (Great, I spend three years building up a nice readership and in one swipe you offend the whole bloody lot of them.) (Just trying to get into the swing of things. This is a Ben Dover video after all.) (OK, allow me to rephrase. Great, I spend three years building up a nice readership and in one swipe you offend all three of them.) Anyway, now that I have used up all of my into, let me just say that Ben constantly finds good looking British women who tear things up on screen. This one looks to be no different.
Katie is an eighteen year old cutie with a Vanessa Chase haircut and an infectious grin. She had contacted Ben about doing some video work so she will “have an excuse to be an absolute slut for a day.” She shows him just how eager she is to be a superslut within minutes of getting into his car. The busty young thing goes right down on Ben’s cock and starts sucking like a seasoned pro. She just sucks him long enough to get that trouser snake throbbing before it’s time to go home and break into the world of X. Pascal is the lucky guy who gets to play with her wonderfully full, completely real tits. While Pascal tastes her lovely pussy, Katie fills her mouth with Ben’s meat once again. Fuck, where does he find girls like this? And where do they go after Ben shoots them? (Perhaps girls like Katie are part of some cruel computer graphics conspiracy to show us digitally created porn stars and then make them vanish right after.) After sucking the two dicks for a while, Katie hops into his lap and does some serious RC riding. Right in the middle of their furious fucking, Bob comes in and Katie doesn’t miss a beat, working him into her mouth while Pascal slam fucks her from behind. Even before her scene is finished, Katie has already made this tape worth watching, what a great on screen fuck. Since there are now two guys, they have to make a move on her inviting asshole. She takes it in the bum as easily as she did in her pussy and rides RCA like anal sex is her reason for living. From reverse cowgirl, it’s easy for Bob to move in from in front and give little Katie a big DP. It seems the more cock she gets, the more she wants and no one is safe from this raving hosebeast. Ben fires the first load and that sets off a chain reaction of facial pop shots that leave Katie dripping cum from her nose, chin and lips. This little hottie is worth the price of the tape.
Charlie stops by for a little glamour slut video work, and her body is definitely built for the part. (Anyone who has missed this little recurring role play, Ben is putting together a band called the “Glamour Sluts” as a take off on some other UK all girl band.) Charlie looks every bit as sexy as any pop star and is not opposed to getting down and dirty when necessary. Once Ben gets her naked, Pascal steps in to take our would be pop star one step further to full fledged porn slut. The lovely blonde knows hot to take a cock and make it grown in her eighteen year old mouth. Pascal rewards her efforts by filling her pussy with his newly hard shaft. Charlie hops on and starts to ride for dear life. She might not be as cock crazed as Katie, but this girl is quite energetic about fucking. She ends up wearing a load each from Pascal and Ben, savoring every drop of her introduction to porn.
A beautiful black girl, Evette, is the next to stop by Ben’s to show off her charms. This long legged woman has got a body to just die for and a face to match. Evette does a very nice little solo show, warming herself up. (And warming the viewing audience as well.) Ben finally can’t help himself and has to get a taste of that inviting slit. She returns his attentions by taking his cock from his trousers and deep sucking his rod. Pascal comes in and decides he needs to test Evette’s oral skills. She looks incredible with a dick in her mouth. I am only sorry that we don’t get more of it before Pascal drives his long rod into her tight slit. Thankfully, Evette looks equally stunning with a dick in her pussy and Pascal gives her quite a work out. He pulls out and Evette wears his thick load on her pretty face. Not satisfied with one sticky shot, Ben has to add his own cream to her mouth, leaving Evette a gorgeous, cumcovered mess.
Ben imports lovely Eva from Prague for her first shot at the big time. She so impresses Pascal and Bob, (Hey, anyone else want to be one of the pals of porn directors who always seem to in the right place at the right time?) that they have to whip out their cocks and start stroking them. Eva invites them to join her on the bed and while Pascal licks her neatly trimmed snatch, Bob feels sexy Euro-babe his cock. She seems to really like the long dong Pascal has to share and sucks it with loving adoration in her pretty eyes. He shows her just how deep that cock can slip into her tight tunnel, fucking Eva mish, leaving her breathless and ready for more. Great intensity here as Pascal slams her hard, gradually working her legs back until they are over her head and he nearly drives her right off the bed. Eva shows that she can fuck every bit as hard as Pascal, squatting on his cock and slamming her hips down on his like a jack hammer. When it comes time to bust her bum, Eva is every bit as happy to be pooper poked as you would hope. While Eva and Pascal engage in one of the hottest anal scenes of the year, poor Bob is left wanking while operating the second camera. Luckily for him, Eva is ready to try two cocks in her at once, and Bob is soon the ass end of a sizzling DP. The thoroughly fucked blonde happily takes three blasts on her face, one after the other, to close out another brilliant scene.
Charlie loved getting so fucked so much the first time through that she comes back for a second go round. This time she wants her virgin ass to be plowed by Pascal’s long prick. Ben has her strip and spread while they wait for him to arrive. (Why the FUCK would you be late for fucking Charlie in the ass´┐Ż..idiot.) This is a shorter scene, with Pascal skipping almost immediately to the anal sex. If indeed, this is her first time, Charlie shows few signs of any discomfort. In fact, after he fucks her ass, Charlie sits on his cock and slams down rather hard for a first timer. To soothe her well worn asshole, Pascal and Ben both shower her bum with ball batter, but somehow I doubt even that cooled off this hot lady.
Once again, Ben Dover has produced a tape that is simply stunning start to finish. Katie is one of the most vibrant sexual performers I have seen in a long time. Her scene alone made me want to watch this tape again and again. Charlie is another fresh face young girl who lights up the screen from the moment she enters the frame. Evette is exotic, gorgeous and one hell of a cocksucker. More of her would be a good thing. Eva, a sultry Euro-babe rounds out the cast and she too, will rock your world. Great tape, start to finish with lots of hard anal action and enough cum on pretty faces to make everyone very happy.

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  1. tony_C says:

    I know this movie is as old as the hills but i still have a find charlie stunning. Anyone have a full name for her? Have seen the entry on BGAFD but want more info!

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