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Anna Amore Interview

Anna Amore’s Bio & Movies

June 1999

Anna, thank you for taking in the time to talk with me and to all of your
fans who will be reading this.

My pleasure Roger.

According to the bio I just read, you were born in 1967. What day?

August 25

That makes you two months older than me, but I never would have guessed you
were thirty.

No one does, even when they meet me. Everyone thinks I’m like 22, 23

Well you look great.

Why thank you.

Where were you born?

I was born in St. Louis.

Did you grow up in that area?

Actually, I grew up in Farmington Hills, Mi.

What were you like growing up? Were you outgoing, shy, studious?

Oh wow, if you saw my high school yearbook picture, you would know, I was
definately studious. I was a great student. I went on to attend the University
of Michigan, I also attended Bulmers which is in Redding England.

Really, studying what?

I started out as BioChem, but ended up in Finance and Marketing.

When did you come to LA?

At the end of 95, January. From January to August, I flew back and forth for a
while before getting an apartment.

Do you like it out here?

It’s a nice place, but I go home regularly. I am real close to my father and my

And they know what you’re doing out here?

Absoltely. I cleared it with my dad first. I got a contract from Video Team and
took it home to show my dad. I told him what I was thinking about doing, and he
gave me a long talking to. In fact, the reason I don’t do anal sex on camera is
because I promised my dad I wouldn’t.

So they are supportive?

They are supportive of me. They don’t care much for what I do. They call me
once or twice a week just to make sure I’m OK. We are really close. I am very
lucky in that regard.

What about the rest of the folks back home? Do they know what you do.

Oh yeah, everyone knows.

What do they think?

Well, they love the idea that I’m in the magazines. The movies, they are like
‘you really want to do that?’ The favorite expression back home is that I have
balls of brass. Being from Michigan, they don’t have movie theaters and all
that. It’s pretty much mail order as the only way to get the movies since there
aren’t that many places to buy the videos. You have to go into Detroit which is
an hour from Farmington Hills and into the really seedy part of the city, and
even there, there are maybe ten stores in the whole state that carry the tapes.

I grew up here, so I’m just too used to every video store having an adult
section, I never gave it much thought.

They have no clue, and don’t keep up with it much unless they have cable. They
only have the Playboy channel late, late at night.

I guess that means anyone who has seen your movies back home had to go way
out of their way to find you.


Did you come to LA to do movies or modeling?

No, I came here to do movies. It took me six months to figure out, because in
Michigan it was hard to find information about the adult industry, but thanks
to Heather Hunter I found her through a stripper magazine. Her boyfriend was
running an ad there, and they gave me a lot of telephone numbers to agents and
producers out here. I did a bunch of pictures for them, and finally came to the
CES in January of 1995 and brought an eight mintue video audition tape plus a
page of photocopied pictures and handed them out. That’s how I started in the
business was at CES.

So you researched it well before getting in?

I had to, anybody in Michigan would have to go through the same trouble I did
to find information. Because it just isn’t all over like it is here.

So, were you dancing when you got into the biz?

Yes, I was at some of the top clubs in the city actually. Landing Strip, BT’s
and Trumps.

When was your first video?

February of 95. I did four movies in a week. Two softcore bondage videos for
Video Team, Black and Blue and Black Leather, Black Skin. Then I did My Baby
Got Back 5 and a softcore video called the Black ystique, with Jeannie Pepper
and me.

I know I’ve seen BGB 5.

That was my first. My very first scene was with Sean Michaels. My first G/G was
with Persia. I did it all in one day. I had never done a girl before in my life
before Persia.

That was your first time with a girl ever?


How did you like it?

I didn’t do another g/g for another year and a half. Even though I did it, I’m
not attracted to girls. As I got involved, I realized that there was a lot of
desire to see it done, so I got back involved in that about a year and a half

What was it like working with Sean?

Well, he is probably the most elegant guy in the biz. He’s a nice, nice guy,
you know what I mean?

I’ve met him and he is probably the classiest guy I’ve met in this business.

Yeah, he really is.

How many movies have you done?

I’ve done a little under a hundred movies. I have more boxcovers than I have
movies, because you know how they always seem to do compilations. There are
more movies out there than I have actually done.

Any performances that you are particularly proud of that we should talk

Absolutley, the ones that they pointed out like Toot Z Roll where I have two
really hot, acrobatic scenes. The Black Knockers line is a really good series
and I have done like four of five movies in that line. Since I started with
them at the very beginning of my career and shot again for them last May, you
can really watch me progress and see me get wilder and wilder as I get more and
more involved in the scenes. It’s really fabulous I think.

One that I really remember was Fashion Sluts 5 from Joey Silvera.

What did you think of that?

I thought it was a great scene, really sexy.

Have you ever seen the scene out of So Bad, the fruit scene?

No, who did that one?

Video Team. It was a scorcher. I swear it has to be the most outrageous
sex/food scene out there, with the hot cherries and stuff. They spent more
money on the food than anything. It was ridiculous. We used everything in that
scene. We got so messy it took us an hour and half just to shower it all off. I
had chocolate syrup all up in my hair, but who cares it was so much fun.

I’ll have to pick that one up.

Some really nice scenes I’ve done with a girl called Heidi from Big Top video.

Any favorite males or females to work with?

Not really. I generally don’t know who my partner is going to be until I show
up. It usually works that way. It’s a lot easier for everyone else, the
producer, the director etc, just to say look find someone you want to see do me
and I’m happy with that. The bottom line is I am going to do whatever it takes
to make the director happy. If I am going to be in a scene, I’m going to work
it, to put 100% into it. These are for my fans, that’s who wants to see them.

Is there anyone you haven’t gotten to work with, but want to.

No, not really.

OK, you won’t do anal on camera, is there anything else you won’t do on

No, that’s about it.

How tall are you?


And your measurements?

I’m a 38DD-24-36, I weigh about 130.


Yeah, and they’re heavy as well, they weigh about eight pounds.

Completely real?

No, I was a D. I didn’t blow them up as much as I could. They’re still down

And they still look great.

Some girls have them so big and they look like balloons out there. I can’t do
that to myself.

Do you watch your own movies?


Are you watching to critique yourself.

Oh yes, to make it better, and I love watch other people for the same reason.
So I can get a better view of what I should be doing.

Anybody’s work you really like to watch?

I like Anna Malle’s work a lot. I like Nici Sterling because she really gets
into it. Who’s that famous girl with the short black hair, Jeanna Fine. She’s

She’s had an extraordinary career.

She knows what to do and does it well.

How does your on screen personality reflect from how you are in your real

Wow, there’s a question.

See, all those journalism classes in college paid off.

I see that. In my real life I’m more conservative. I’m not as outrageous. I’m friendly and all, but in a scene it’s all about making things as hot as possible. In a scene there aren’t the hangups you have with real people. When you deal with a real person, you have to go through the relationship part. The reason you’re having sex with them is different. There has to be something between you that clicks, be it the way they look, the way the present themselves, or the way that they handle themselves at work. But in a scene it’s just raw, unadulterated sex, one hundred percent. You’re there for the sex. I think that’s a lot different than real life. You just don’t run into someone and say hey, let’s just do it. There are so many extra concerns, diseases and what not. When you’re in a scene, you know that everyone has been cleared. Everyone’s clean, and you just want to have a good time.

On that topic, with the recent HIV positive cases do you think the business
is doing everything it can to protect people and to educate performers on how
to be safer.

The information is out there, but the information is out there for everybody
anyway. That is a responsibility that lies with each individual. Because just
because there are people doing scenes, what they do in their private life, you
know, you can have your AIDS testdone today at 2 o’clock and at 8 o’clock you
can have have unprotected sex and that AIDS test doesn’t do didly squat for the
next two weeks.

So you think there is actually more danger from what people do outside the
business than the work.

I think it’s safer to be involved with someone who is in the business than
outside of the business. I’ve been in the business three years, in that space
of time I have seen maybe four AIDS scares. And all of it had to do with people
on the outside doing all kinds of crazy stuff not in the scenes but in their
own private life and brought that into the industry.

Do you use condoms in every scene?

No, I’m not that way at all. I figure if the AIDS test is cleared. I have been
really lucky. The people they pair me with seem very responsible.

Any unfullilled fantasies that you are trying to live out on film?

Oh yes. I am working on redesigning my web site, but when that is done, come
this summer time, we are going to get involved with shooting our own scenes
with fans. So that will be a real fun thing for me.

That will be really popular.

I hope so.

You’ll have to let me know when you start that, I can do some coverage.

Yeah, you might want to come out and check it out.

Do you have a fan club we can tell people about.

Yes, it’s at PO Box 8087 Universal City 91618-8087.

Is the web site up right now?

Its’ up now at

Are you doing any feature dancing?

Yes, my schedule is up on the web site so people can come see me live. It’s
also available through the fan club.

Within the adult industry, what are your career goals?

I don’t know that I have any goals beyond having a great time and doing exactly
what I’m doing. I enjoy what I do a great deal.

Would you like to see yourself in bigger movies, maybe more serious acting

I would love to be involved in one of those, because those are the movies that
get he awards and the recognition, not just within the industry but at the
video store as well. That would help more people see me, which would be great,
but it’s not going to change how I do my sex scenes. I am not looking for
something to try and tone me down.

What about beyond the adult industry?

I am pretty much trying to work on my fan club, make that as popular as I can,
make more movies, giving the fans what they are looking for. They have said
they want to be in movies, we are moving towards that. I have done scenes with
certain girls because the fans wanted to see it, so I try to respond to their
requests as much as possible. My fans are going to help guide my career.

No wonder everyone loves you.

You’re very sweet.

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