Young And Anal 7


YA #7 (Young & Anal)


81 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Jim Powers

JM Productions – 1998

THEMES: Anal Sex, Young Looking Girls.

STARS: Brianna Bliss, Lexi Leigh, Dalny Marga, Mercedes, Dave Hardman, Dick Nasty, Billy Glide.


You know, this series has some pretty hot sex, but I swear, the boxcovers are as entertaining as hell. Not that anyone needs a reason to watch cute women taking cock in the ass, but I always take a little extra time to read the clever parodies of the all too cheery mass market periodicals. Like all the others, this one stars four cute, young women in little scenarios which are all just thinly veiled excuses to get said girls naked and buttfucked before the average porn viewer reaches for his remote and speeds toward the next scene.

First up is Brianna Bliss in a cute little outfit that is sure to remind viewers of early ‘Cherry Popper’ videos. Dick Nasty brings her big inflatable pool toy just so he can watch her bounce on it for a while. This, of course, leads Dick to take his “whale” out and play with it. (Don’t flatter yourself Dick.) Instead of running away when Dick whips it out, Brianna straddles his head while showing off her hula-hoop skills. This naturally leads to a lesson in how to handle man’s whale, something I thing Brianna has already been doing for a long time. Once she turns her attentions to sucking his dick, the acting sort of slips away and we get to see Ms. Bliss do what she clearly does best, please a rod with her skilled lips. Once he has achieved full, throbbing erection, Brianna takes a ride on his log and looks quite at home pro fucking him at poolside. The shaved cutie can take a cock from above as well as below, and Dick clearly has a good time stuffing this snug muffin. Since this is YA, we know that Brianna’s butt will get a good boning, and she is happy to tell Dick that she has never had it “in there” before. (Yeah, I believe that, like not at all.) No way is this the first time dick has been between these cheeks, but who cares? Brianna looks super cute and Dick stays up to the task for the two position butt busting before blowing his nut all over her face. Nicely done.

Lexi Leigh comes by to clean Dave Hardman’s house. Hung over, horny and noticing that his wife is way, Dave asks her how her college classes are going. (VERY subtle.) and then puts her on the counter to get a taste of her cookie. Lexi has put on a few pounds, but they look great on her. Of course, it helps that she still fucks like a little slamhound. Dave gives her a hard countertop slamming before letting her get a taste of cock. Cocksucking skills like this come only with years of experience. In spite the white knee sock and pig tails, no one is going to mistake Lexi for anything but a grown woman with a super sex drive. Dave’s, in character mumblings are a bit on the annoying side, but it’s worth all the aural nonsense to watch Lexi take it in the butt. She doesn’t take it deep in her butt, but it still looks great. He pops on her shoes, which I don’t get, but hey, I’m sure it’s making plenty of guys very happy. I’ve always liked Lexi, so I enjoyed this scene.

Blonde Dalny Marga stops by to play a little game with Dick Nasty and Billy Glide. The cutesy act is a bit old by now, and to be honest, Dalny isn’t very cute anyway. Don’t get me wrong, she isn’t bad looking, but compared to some of the others in this tape, she comes up short in the looks department and even more so in the enthusiasm department. She takes a DP, but until that point, she barely seemed alive. If you like watching shaved girls take it in the ass, you will like the RCA she does in between DP’s. In fact, it’s like someone woke her up half way through and she actually shows some promise here near the end. Decent facials close out a scene that has some appeal, even if it gets off to a slow start.

Finally, Mercedes, a very sweet looking brunette, is hiking in the woods. There she runs into Dave Hardman who is stroking his cock and waiting to defile some poor woman. When she finds that she is lost, Mercedes agrees to go home with Dave. Thankfully, there is no implied force here and Mercedes is pretty cute in her ‘teach me how’ mode. Pony Tails or no, Mercedes can’t hide her fully grown sexual skills. (Oppps, not two minutes after Dave says he has no phone, what is that ringing in the background?) The tattoo on her small, but thankfully all natural tit and her pierced clit may shatter the illusion of youth for some of you white socks crowd, but by now, most of us are just watching how advanced her fucking skills are for a first timer. The only question left to ask, is can the girl take dick in her ass as well as she does in her pussy? Clearly, after watching this rather rugged three position butt boff, the answer is clearly yes. Nice facial to close things out. I’m already psyched to see Mercedes in another scene.

Once again, this simple formula delivers what it promises. Young looking women, in sometimes cute scenarios, all taking dick up their asses. If this is what you’re looking for, you’ll love it. If it’s not, you probably wouldn’t pick it up anyway. Brianna is absolutely the hottest thing in this tape, and one of the cutest girls in porn today. Mercedes is cute and knows how to play for the camera. Lexi Leigh is just as sexy as ever. Even Dalny, who I didn’t like at first, gives a first rate scene. Well captured scenes, with some decent pop shots make this tape well worth a look.

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