Fresh Meat 4



116 Mins.
Elegant Angel- 1997
STARS: Stephanie Swift, Alyssa Love, Tiffany Mynx, Jeanna Fine, Brooke Ashley, Holli Woods, Brew Berrymore, Randee Lee, Liza Harper, Deva Station, Tom Byron, Jack Hammer, Jay Ashley
THEMES: Rough Sex, Lesbian Sex.
This is it, the tape that won Rob Black his “Best Director” award. It has an amazing cast to go along with the award winning billing, so I go into this review with a good deal of anticipation. However, considering the mixed feelings I have always had about Rob Black, and the somewhat rough nature of this movie, I also start this with a bit of trepidation. So, basically my good feelings about this video are balanced out by my bad feeling that I am going to be once again disappointed. What was my point? None really, I just had to think of something to type while the opening credits roll. Now that they are winding down, I can start with the actual review. Thank you.
Even as the credits wind down, our story begins. Some very bad men ransack Stephanie Swift’s place, tie her up and leave her for dead in the swimming pool. When she crawls out of the pool, Stephanie seems to have gone through the looking glass into another dimension of sexual sights and sounds. She first comes upon a porn version of a high class garden party. Here, classical music and a uniformed butler mix with six naked people, groping on the ground. Tom Byron and Jack Hammer are busy trying to keep Holli Woods, Brooke Ashley, Drew Berrymore and Liza Harper happy. Certainly this is a tall order, and three of these women are truly hot. For a while, all seems well, as Liza has to keep herself happy with a dildo while the attractive threesome get all the dick. Tom seems to have an especially good time fucking tight cutie Brooke while Holli licks her asshole. Jack is equally happy to be slamming young Drew from behind. Basically, all is good until Liza weasels her way back in, on the other end of a two headed dildo she shoves into Holli. In easily the best footage of the scene, Brooke gets assfucked by Tom with her sexy butt high in the air and stretched by his cock. Then things start to move downhill quickly. Someone starts fucking Liza in her ass with a dildo and that sick looking anus just stays wide open. Talk about closing on a down note. Yuck! The guys shoot onto some bite sized crackers and feed them to the women. All of a sudden, the police come storming in Miami Vice style to break up the party. Stephanie is handed a necklace and sent quickly on her way.
Running blindly, Stephanie is almost run over by a long black limo driven by a man in a giant horse head. (Alice, I don’t think we’re in Wonderland anymore.) (Yes, thank you, I was mixing pop references dickbrain. If you can’t keep up kindly go do something that takes no thought or taste, like watch something Trek.) Jeanna Fine is in the limo and takes Stephanie home with her. At home, Jeanna has a nice relaxing bath ready for Steph and in the warm suds, the fun begins again. Instantly, Stephanie starts playing with her pussy. (Must be something in the water.) She puts on these soft pink gloves and really goes to town in a solo scene that is both beautiful and incredibly hot at the same time. Her masturbatory fantasies are quite nasty and soon we join Stephanie on her journey into rather slutty dreams. She is on her knees, sucking off two cocks sticking through glory holes as she fills her pussy and ass with her own probing digits. This short scene ends with Stephanie covered in cum, repeating her mantra, “I’m a filthy, slutty, dicksucking whore.” Over and over. I’ll leave that one alone and let you make up your own minds about Black and his overall message. The scene itself is pretty hot.
Jeanna then leads Stephanie into another room in the house where she shows off her ‘doll collection.’ That’s right folks, Jeanna’s dolls are not your typical Barbie stuff. Instead, she has “Party Dolls” Tiffany Mynx and Deva Station. Jeanna has Steph join her in enjoying her dolls sweet treats. Hell, Jeanna pairing off with Tiffany Mynx is so hot, it’s almost criminal. Try as she might, Stephanie just can’t Deva to act even remotely life like, and next to the screaming, creaming mass created by Jeanna and Tiff, it looks less lifelike than Pinocchio before that fairy came down and popped him with her wand. Jeanna has busted out a plastic cock and is busy fucking Tiffany into another state of consciousness, as Stephanie tries in vain to revive the lifeless Deva. Seeing that Stephanie is lacking stimulation, Jeanna and Tiff move over and start to work over the cute brunette, brining sexy screams of passion from her sweet face. Considering g/g is near the bottom of my list, the fact that I am still watching with great interest should tell you just how great it is. With Jeanna talking dirty and directing the action, Stephanie gets her ass dildo fucked by Tiff and Deva. Wow, is Stephanie an amazingly sexy woman.
So far, things are pretty great in this odd movie, but then comes a left turn. Not only is the next scene, a pseudo-rape of a woman in a wheel chair, but the woman in question, is Randee Lee, easily the only woman in this cast I find less attractive than Liza. Someone just told me this is the hottest scene in the tape, so there must be something here. I just don’t see it, and don’t ever want to see this woman, or this kind of crap again. So, take your pick on this scene, it’s up to you, I’m hitting fast forward now.
Back from the land of the terminally tasteless, Stephanie has made her way back to her house. She walks in on a dead Rob Black in her tub. From the bloody suds come Mickey and Marc Wallace to force Stephanie into a compromising position. The force element is gone soon from this scene but the sex is hard and quite rough. The guys aren’t happy just having her suck dick, so Stephanie ends up having to lick ass for a while before getting fucked. Moving to the living room, the guys really put little Stephanie to the test. I don’t know about you, but I can do without watching two guys stretch a girl’s ass open and hold it that way, no matter whose ass it is. On the other hand, when they start fucking that great ass with their cocks, I’m interested again. Stephanie fucks as great as she looks and takes a killer facial to wrap up a memorable scene.
Things somehow manage to get even stranger as Alyssa Love does a sexy striptease. I know, what’s so strange about that? Well, she does it for a couple of dudes in dresses. One of the guys is Jay Ashley, which I imagine will be material for Sid Deuce’s column for the next six months. See, Alyssa is so hot, she can get a hard on from under a dress. Her incredibly talented mouth has these confused fellas hard and ready in no time and once Alyssa spreads her luxuriously long legs, they know right where to shove those cocks. Thankfully, this isn’t another violent fuck fest, but just a good, hard boning that makes Alyssa moan with delight. The piledriver anal is especially great looking, showing off Alyssa’s legs, ass, face and shaved pussy all at once. Once the cum starts flying, we get one of the best facials of the year, as Ms. Love wears two full loads of jizz quite nicely. Great scene from a great starlet.
If you want to know how the story ends, you are going to have to watch the video on your own. Suffice it say, it has an ending, and it’s interesting enough to stick around for. This video is certainly some of Black’s best work. In spite of some things I just didn’t like, the wheelchair rape is pretty much beyond defense, for the most part this is quite good. Stephanie Swift is scorching in her sex scenes and once again shows she can more than handle herself with some serious acting. Jeanna Fine, Alyssa Love, Brooke Ashley, Drew Berrymore and Tiffany Mynx also all turn in fantastic sexual performances. Now, if we could just find a way to replace skanks Lisa and Randee and dead wood Deva, with quality starlets, everything would be fine. Overall, this is a pretty damn good movie. Watch it for Stephanie, you won’t be sorry.

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