Backstage Sluts


83 Mins.
Zane- 1998
THEMES: Groupies, Sluts.
STARS: Alyssa Love, Jacklyn Lick, Holli Woods, Raylene, Brittany Andrews, Nellie Pierce, Julie Rage,
Ask any guy who ever picked up a guitar why he gave music a try. If you get an honest answer it won’t be for the love of music, or creative expression. Any guy with the balls to be honest will tell you that the reason we all turn to music if to get laid. We all know the fantasy. Learn to play, get a band and the young hotties will come flocking. While most of us never got this far in the whole groupie fantasy curve, the folks at Zane have given us an all access pass into the secret lives of rock stars, groupies, roadies and just about anyone else who gets near an outdoor music fest. Much of the footage is backstage interview stuff, but in between there is some pretty fucking hot sex. (Which after all, is a lot more interesting than what some band member has to say right?)
Rick Masters gives us a little docu-drama on how roadies treat adoring female fans who come by to see the band. Cuter than the girl next door, Nellie Pierce just won’t leave without seeing the band. She naturally does whatever he wants to see her idols. This, of course, starts with her sucking his cock. I have heard that Nellie is already out of the biz, which is too bad, because she is quite attractive, with great, real tits and an eager, cocksucking mouth. For some reason, Rick’s disposition is not improved by her generous oral offering and he tosses her on the table to fuck her young, shaved slit. In fact, he pretty much shoves her around the room to fuck her any way he can. Nellie can take sure take a cock, handling every inch Rick has and responding quite nicely to his hard thrusts. Watch Nellie ride his cock, check out that ass and then tell me you don’t miss her already. At least we get to see her killer tits get nicely fucked until Rick blows a big nut onto Nellie, leaving her with a pearl necklace. After he tosses her unceremoniously from the room, Rick goes nuts and trashes the place. Rock and Roll!
The first real life backstage story comes courtesy of the ‘Insane Clown Posse’ They give a blow by blow account to a trio of porn stars. Interesting I guess, but not as much so as the next sex scene. Jacklyn Lick shows up at the tour bus looking for a backstage pass. To get one, she has to agree to let Sean Rider and Alec Metro throw lunch meat at her. When this ‘fun’ is over, Jacklyn gets down to some serious dick sucking. She is so pretty and looks so good sucking dick, it’s no wonder some people out there in net land (Hi Adam) have such a Jones for Jacklyn. She inhales Alec to the root with no effort at all. (Hey Jacklyn, I’ll bet you can’t do that to me��.) Both guys get a heaping helping of first class head until they both bust a nut on her pretty face. Great, messy cumshots to cap off this supreme oral only scene. Jacklyn Lick is one hot woman, no doubt about it.
After a couple of pretty interesting backstage stories, Ian Daniels hooks up with Alyssa Love and Holli Woods in the back of a tour bus. Alyssa told me about this scene during the interview I did with her at CES, so I was really looking forward to seeing it. (Admit it, you look forward to any scene with Alyssa and/or Holli.) Holli gets down to some serious cocksucking while Alyssa rides his face. There is a great contrast between these to girls, and yet both are off the chart hot. (Hey Adrian, do the Clonestocks come with nuggets like this for ‘celebrity’ dwellers?) When they both go to work on his cock at once, I can only admire the self control Ian exhibits to not bust a was right between their faces. Showing that restraint has rewards, Ian gets to fuck the living shit out of Holli which has to be a major treat. While he doesn’t get the same shot at Alyssa, Ian does fill her mouth with a healthy shot. Alyssa and Holli make the best backstage treat I can imagine and Ian is a very lucky guy.
Lemmy shows up to give the best stories, drawing on his years in music to dazzle us with tales of famous and not so famous tails he has sampled. After this, we get to see what the wives do while their hubbies are up on stage. Brittany Andrews and Raylene show that they know how to milk sexual favors from pass hungry groupies as well as the boys can. Juli Rage offers anything for her pass and that is just what she has to give in order to get backstage. Just like the boys, they strip her down and get a taste of the goodies. Raylene is easily one of the hottest women to take her clothes off for the camera in a long time, so anything she is in works for me. Even in this lesbian three way, she shines. Busty Brittany also looks hot, but it seems Julie is the real fireball here, driving both women nuts with heavy tongue and finger action. The dildo finally comes out and Julie fucks Brittany’s shaves, pierced slit until it’s soaked with her cum. Then she shares a double header with Raylene. When even that is not enough, the wives use a dildo on Julie’s ass to make sure she is worthy of her pass. Great scene even if you don’t like lesbian scenes a whole lot.
Well, the backstage life of rock stars, roadies and groupies is pretty much like it is all adolescent male fantasies. At least if you treat this video as a true to life account of how things are. While I am sure it’s not one hundred percent accurate, it sure makes for one hot sex video. The Alyssa/Ian/Holli three way is really the best stuff in this tape. Both women look great and fuck like true porn supersluts. Nellie is a close second, reminding me why I always grab anything with her pretty face and perfect body. Let me tell you, if Nellie ever came knocking on my door looking for something, like say a good review, a great blowjob and titfuck like she gives here would do the trick. (Pardon me, MENSA, you just GAVE her a good review. Dumbass.) Jacklyn Lick also shines in her double blowjob scene that boasts the best facial of the video. Even the all girl scene is worth a look as this video works quite well on the sexual level. The interviews with real band members are pretty fresh, but in the end, it’s all about the pussy ain’t it? Great sex, funny groupie stories and good technical aspects add up to a very good tape.

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