226 Mins.
Evil Angel- 1997
DIRECTOR: John Stagliano
STARS: Rocco Siffredi, Holly Black, Mike Foster, Ursula Moore, Reka, Judith Grant, Sylvia, Angela, Amanda Steel, Christy, Suzy, Blondy, Emanuel.
THEMES: Euro-babes, Gangsters, Butt Worship. Anal Sex.
As Buttman, John Stagliano first revolutionized, then perfected what is now known as ‘gonzo’ style video. As much as I love his Buttman tapes, it has always been as a feature director that I believe he earns his place as one of the best in his field. “Mystic Pieces”, “Wild Goose Chase” and “Face Dace” are easily three of the greatest adult films ever made. Enough with history though, “Buda” is Stagliano’s latest epic, and it looks every bit the masterpiece these other great works are. At nearly four hours, and packaged as one, double cassette video, it is already unlike any other tape on the market. Once again, Stagliano uses Rocco Siffredi to anchor this tale of Eastern European sex, crime and funky accents. The rest of the cast consists of some gorgeous Euro-babes which leads me to believe the sex in this video is going to be every bit as hot as we can hope. Now, on with the show.
Mishi is a gangster with an frustrated girlfriend and has no qualms about shoving her around when she bugs him about his work getting in the way of their quality time. He also has a crew of underlings who are too busy bickering and fighting with each other to even notice with the woman gets up and walks our of their hideout. She escapes through the hooker infested bad streets of Budapest, ducking into a run down building for safety. Instead, she walks right into the middle of a bizarre sexual ritual. OK, so it’s not that bizarre, but at least it’s sex, and that is the point of this film isn’t it? On the altar, a small group of lusty souls gather to pay carnal tribute to their unbridled lust. In classic Stagliano style, the camera lingers for a long time on low angle shots of fantastic butts. In fact, all of the shots are nicely drawn out, a sharp contrast to a lot of the fast cut, MTV style so common today. I, for one, am glad to actually get to watch the sex for a while without fear of motion sickness. The sexual action is also vintage Stagliano, hot, well shot and even a woman with a dildo shoved up her ass on display. (Remind anyone of a certain star we all know and loathe�.errrrr love?) As group action goes (and you know it’s not my favorite.) this is top notch. Lots of great anal action to watch as Euro-babes get royally plugged. Eventually, our heroine gets pulled into the action, which is now clearly an erotic film in the making. She fits right in, making her pussy and ass available for probing fingers and throbbing cocks and shoving her tongue into any nearby orifice. Her pretty face quickly becomes the most popular target in the room for streams of sticky semen that she slurps up happily. As her boyfriend’s men close in around the building, she takes a final, super assfuck she won’t soon forget.
Everything takes an ugly turn when the gangsters show up, capping people, kicking ass and taking Rocco hostage. They take him to a seedy nightclub where he nearly becomes the closer in a drug deal with a scary crossdresser. (Don’t worry, the dude in the dress doesn’t actually touch Rocco, chill out.) He ends up saved by a beautiful brunette who wants the same thing the crossdresser wanted, a piece of that prize penis. This time, he does not object, and is rock hard in three seconds with her mouth on his cock. Rocco thanks the woman for saving him from by giving her every inch of his hard rod. She loves every bit of it, as he slowly fucks her mouth, pussy and finally her ass. Brilliant anal scene here from both of them.
Rocco is now set on finding the killers of his friend and he doesn’t care how dangerous it may be. When he arrives at one of their parties, only the gangster’s girlfriend seems to recognize Rocco, so he is able to move around safely. The party, of course, become a full blown orgy with everyone getting a piece of the action. The chief bad guy is too busy to notice Rocco because he is getting down with a blonde and brunette in an upstairs bedroom. He has them side by side on the bed for a little finger fucking to see who has the tighter muffin. Unable to tell from just probing, he just has to let his dick do some further research. After giving both shaved snatches a thorough fucking, he moves on to their asses to complete his examination. This is a nice three way. Nothing off the chart, but very solid with two attractive women.
Outside, a very pretty blonde pairs off with one of the henchmen and their scene nearly burns a whole through the screen. This blonde knows how to suck cock and we get a great tit fuck scene to boot. He gives her a good standing fuck, but you know eventually, things are going to focus on her tight asshole. More low angel shots of the assfuck as he fills her tight hole with cock. This woman has a great ass that looks fantastic from any angle. Her face, which also looks great from any angle, is especially fetching with the big load of cum this guy shoots on it.
When the gangster’s girl is in danger, it’s Rocco to the rescue. Like any hero, he has to fuck his way through a lot of beautiful women to get to the damsel in distress. Actually, it’s a trap and Rocco ends up knocked cold by a gun in mid fuck. This takes him into a dream where before he can find the girl, he must fuck a hot blonde chick. (Dream? What dream? Wasn’t he just doing that?) This hot Euro-blonde knows just how to handle Rocco’s stiff rod, sucking it hard, then fucking him acrobatically in a rundown warehouse. Her ass is too tight for Rocco’s initial insertion, so he gives her rosebud a good rimming before giving it another try. This time, the blonde takes every inch of meat up her ass and Rocco holds nothing back, fucking her nice and hard before blowing his load all over her stretched asshole.
Since Rocco is out cold, the gangster decides to finish what was started with the two bar girls. He takes them to the pool table and we get nearly an exact repeat of his earlier three way. Not that it’s a bad scene, in fact, it’s quite good, but I have already described nearly the same thing, so I’ll skip forward. You know there are lots of butt shots, ass fucking a big shared facial at the end.
While he dips his wick with the bar girls, two of his henchmen decide to take some liberties with the boss’ girlfriend. This leads to a huge confrontation the likes of which we have not seen since that final stand off in Rez Dogs. Of course, it all ends with Rocco and the girl escaping so they can have a passionate fuck. While I love the acrobatic and contortionist aspects of this pairing, I could have done without the spitting. Once he finishes with his excessive expectoration, Rocco just turns this girl out big time, fucking her ass like it’s his goal in life to assfuck her to death. After giving one of the best anal scenes ever, she jerks his cock right into her mouth for an equally brilliant facial finish.
At nearly four hours, and packed with hot sex, this movie is more than worth a look for the stroke value alone. While I love the look and the style, I was not as blown away with the story I have been in Stagliano’s past work, it’s not bad either. None of the women really stand out here. All of them are pretty and all fuck with great passion, so every scene is worth a shot. While far from his best work, “Buda” proves that Stagliano is still more than capable of making top notch porn that puts other directors to shame. Fans of Rocco, Euro-babes, anal sex and group scenes will want to have this in their collections permanently. Everyone else, at least give it a look.


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