L.a. Fashion Girls


L.A. Fashion Girls


108 Mins.

VCA- 1997

DIRECTOR: Jim Holiday

STARS: Stacy Valentine, Jill Kelly, Missy, Krista Maze, Julie Rage, Laura Palmer, Shayla Laveaux, Kim Kataine, Sahara Sands, Caressa Savage, Kimberly Kupps, Malitia, Nina Hartley. Veronica Hart, Peter North, Mark Davis, Jake Steed, Eric Price, Anthony Root Loggins and T.T. Boy.

THEMES: Models, Blondes, Big Tits, Lesbian Sex.



OK, here I am, all ready to talk about Jim Holiday, porn with a plot and all that pithy stuff I get into in my opens and I look up at the screen. What do I see? Before the credits even roll I see Stacy Valentine at the side of the road holding up a sign that reads “Will Fuck for Food…and I take it in the ass.” How’s that for an attention grabber? Mark Davis comes by and takes her up on her offer. Stacy, in some ripped fishnet stockings looks just amazing as she makes her talents known to Davis. Stacy works his cock until he’s ready to fill her shaved slit with salami. After a quick two position fuck, Mark tests the second part of her sign, sliding his dick into her butt for a brief fuck before unloading a thick wad of ball batter onto her outstretched tongue. Nice start.

After boning her silly, Mark finds out that she is a top fashion model who does this sort of kinky shit for kicks. (You know, Cindy Crawford did the same thing to me once.) The rest of the story revolves around a big fashion show to be put on by Stacy and her fellow models. T.T. Boy is one of the few male models at the agency and he shows Krista Maze how he got his nickname, Bonedust. Krista is very cute and quite an active little fuck and T. T. fills her up with his talented rod. It’s your basic three position fuck but Krista takes a perfectly fired facial pasting to close it out nicely.

As plans for the important show come together, the girls seem to be haunted by some sort of monster. While this goes on, Peter North hooks up with Euro-blonde Laura Palmer for a little extra curricular activity. Leggy Laura works a vibrator up her ass while Peter sucks her clit. She much prefers a real cock to the fake one and rides Peter for a while, shaking her natural tits back and forth quite invitingly. After some doggy, Laura opens up her mouth to take as much of his seed as she can catch on her face and tongue.

Jill Kelly seems to have found a way to calm the monster. Instead of running away screaming, she entices the creature by masturbating in front of it. Now, I am the one who wants to run screaming. Sorry guys, Jill Kelly just doesn’t do it for me.

Nina Hartley is the high powered fashion executive this whole thing is being put on for, and when she is not terrorizing people into doing her bidding, Nina likes to relax with a horny young model. Shayla Laveaux is the object of Nina’s affections, and ends up on the receiving end of impressive strap on fucking. When the pregame fun is over, Shayla’s fella gets his dick in the mix as well and a torrid three way erupts, ending with Nina licking his load off Shayla’s tits.

Nina’s assistant, Missy is getting on the nerves of the models. They decide she needs to loosen up a little and engage her in a little game. After blindfolding Missy, the girls make her try to ID them based on what she can smell. What follows is one of the multi girl lesbian fests that Holiday loves so much. Missy, Julie Rage, Laura, Sahara Sands, Kimberly Kupps, Caressa Savage and a few other girls all pair off and use dildos on each other. Lots of toy play, including some serious assfucking, but to be honest, it just isn’t enough to overcome the fact that outside of Missy, no one in this scene turns me on.

The fashion show these woman put on is nothing like what anyone expects, and since this is porn, becomes a unprecedented success. This is of course, cause for celebration. Julie hooks up with Krista and Jake Steed, while Kim Kataine gets her fill of cock nearby. While Julie can handle a big cock quite well, Kim is clearly the star of this back and forth action. Krista helps Julie take it in both holes while Kim gets her DP the natural way, with a pair of studs pounding her body. Somehow Jill Kelly and Stacy get into the mix as well, fucking Eric Price in another room. You know, this kind of all over the place action never holds my attention for very long, and when there is only one or two women I am interested in, it’s even worse. Stacy still finds a way to shine in her three way with Kelly and Eric Price, but that only makes it worse when Eric moves his dick into Jill. The cum flies, but to be honest, this scene was wrecked for me the second everything got all crossed up.

Once again, Jim Holiday has spent a ton of money on a huge cast. Of course, this time, the cast is not filled with my favorite names, so that is not such a good thing. The plot is certainly nothing to really watch, which is not a bad thing in and of itself. For the most part, the sex is all quite well shot, although much of it get jumbled with multiple scenes going at once. Stacy Valentine is the best thing about this tape. There is just something about this woman that I like. Missy is pretty much wasted in a big all girl scene. Krista Maze and Nina Hartley are probably the only other women I can say really stand out here. All in all, a very average flick, nothing to write home about for sure.


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