Sex Files 4


64 Mins.
Xplor – 1/98
STARS: Silvia Saint, Hakan, Stephanie Swift, Susan, Sasha, Olivia, Raven.
THEMES: Euro Babes
What luck. Right in the middle of my Silvia Saint fanaticism, along comes the latest Sexfiles tape from Xplor and guess whose mug is on the cover? (Those of you who guessed anyone other than Silvia must now sit in the back of the room for the rest of this review.) Hopefully, no one waited for me to review this tape before picking it up. Not only is the incredibly beautiful Ms. Saint on the cover, but the rest of the cast in this well done series, is packed with porn’s hottest honeys. (Names, Rog, we want names.) OK, names, you want names? How about Stephanie Swift, Olivia and sexy Sasha? (Hot damn, what are you waiting for, start the flippin’ review.)
Silvia starts things off, pairing with Euro-stud Hakan. (Attention female viewers, no need to be afraid, this guy is more than decent looking.) It’s a pretty meat and potatoes scene, with some tuna flavored snack crackers, followed by a generous helping of Ms. Saint downing semen stuffed sausage. For the main course, Hakan serves up the meat and Silvia provides plenty of hot clam sauce. I’ve got to say, I’m in love with Silvia’s breast and thigh combo but her rump roast is truly a work of art. Seriously folks, this is a very well shot scene with lots of nice close ups as Silvia handles his oversized prick with ease in both her pussy and ass. I could have done without some of the special effects, but there is a lot more here to praise than criticize. The monster load ends up on Silvia’s tits, but watching her rub it in, is quite sexy. Great scene.
Raven and a couple of guys join one of my favorite Xplor girls, Sasha for a four way work out. Someone please tell me why this super cute, Mexican/American girl hasn’t done more work. While I’m busy staring and (and drooling over) Sasha, another woman comes in and joins Raven and her man for a three way. I probably should have enjoyed that part more, but I was too busy watching my girl get tit fucked and stuffing her mouth full of hard cockmeat. Love the stockings she’s wearing, but what is with the green nail polish? Another guy has been added to the three way, bringing the total number of people now fucking to six, and still all I really want to see is Sasha. Luckily, she is now taking more screen time since the guy has his cock up her tight, young ass. OK, Raven does a DP while her girlfriend watches, and that’s worth a look as well. In the end, as all three women sit in a line to suck their partners off, it is Sasha I am watching closely as she takes a protein bath, covering her face and chest. Sasha come back.
Bit titted blonde, Olivia is out wandering in the woods one minute and on the bed fucking the next. Cool. Dressed in white thigh highs, a denim top that barely contains her heavy hooters and a baseball cap, she goes to work on the pair of studs servicing her shaved and pierced lower lips. Olivia always had one of the sexiest mouths in all of porn and she puts it to good use on Dick Nasty’s dick. He and Valentino have a good time tossing their young costar around a bit and fucking her every which way but loose. She looks like the perfect little party girl, everyone’s favorite frat fuck doll as she takes a load in her mouth and on her huge hooters.
Jumping into the wayback machine, we get an early Stephanie Swift scene with blonde Susan. Stephanie puts on a fake cock and goes to work on her new friend. In spite her innocent good looks, young Steph shows all the signs of the superstar she has become as she fucks the blonde from behind. It’s a short scene, but you can see how sexy Ms. Swift was even in the beginning.
A rather cute brunette, Angel closes things out with a little tryst in a hot tub with her beau. They rush through a number of positions in and around the water, which is a nice touch. Pretty basic fuck scene with music dubbed over most of the sound. Angel takes it in the ass and some of the most impressive shots are the close ups as she fingers herself while being buttfucked. Decent facial to close things out.
Well, Silvia Saint is far and away the best thing in this tape and her scene with Hakan is more than worth the price of the whole video. She is incredibly good looking and fucks like a certified superstarlet. Olivia is also quite fetching in her three way which includes a bit of cumswapping. Stephanie Swift looks super cute in her early scene, and of course, you know I loved Sasha. This one is well worth a look, just the like the other Sexfiles tapes.

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