Private Gold: Tatiana 1



120 Mins.

Private- 1997

DIRECTOR: Pierre Woodman

STARS: Tania, Russof, Bettina, Deborah, Eva, Inga, Jennifer Red, Karina, Katalin, Katalyn, Keri, Lydia, Myrka, Rita, Sarah, Paru, Vanda, Akim, Andrew Youngman, Attila Dori, Bemondo, Bruno SX, David Perry, Frank Gun, Frank Versace, Gyuri, J. Yves Lecastel, Jean Forne, Laslo, Layos, Leslie, Mephisto, Reti Rezes, Tibor K, Tibor P, Tibor O, Vincent Winner, Yves Le Prince, Zoltan.

THEMES: Euro Babes, Servants, Prostitutes, Big Cocks, Anal Sex, Beautiful Women.



Pierre Woodman has made a habit out of epic porn films. His “Pyramid” trilogy from Private is one of the very best ever made. Now, he brings us “Tatiana.” This sprawling tale of class struggle, revenge and redemption promises to be every bit as impressive for it cinematic elements as it is for the usual volcanic sexual action. Tania Russof heads up a very pretty cast, and shows that she is a top notch porn star capable of carrying a film. (Hint to US porn companies.)

We open in the Ukraine, 1834, in a quiet windmill. Tania’s family is running out of money quickly. Tania escapes the troubles at home by taking a walk in the woods. She comes across a huge castle where she meets a handsome man who immediately sweeps her off her feet. It’s love at first sight, and lust at second. The wealthy young man helps himself to Tania’s inviting cookie, savoring the taste and driving her mad with desire. Luckily for him, her desire is to get a taste of his cock. Thankfully, there is no skimping on the cocksucking, so we get to enjoy the incredible sight of Tania inhaling hose for a long time before he bends her over to completely consummate their new friendship. She squat fucks, takes a spooning, rides him RC and gets doggied on a piano before jerking a load of liquid love out into her mouth in this thoroughly arousing, beautifully shot scene.

Trouble comes calling when the Marquis (David Perry) brings an army unit to the mill. Seems the Marquis has come to collect the rent. He makes a deal with Tania’s sister (Rita) in exchange for the money. Used to getting what he wants, the Marquis decides to take her in the deal. She not only goes willingly, but gets into the action rather quickly. Taking full advantage of the sweet, young girl, the soldiers fill every hole on her tight body. This cute girl sucks and fucks her way through the rough group of men like a real pro, eliminating all elements of force in this scene and just giving a rod stiffening, explosive performance. This mini gang bang is one of the best multi-guy scenes you will ever see. If you like well shot, hot anal sex and double penetration, then this scene will leave you spent as the line of army guys after they shoot their loads all over her pretty face. Damn, this is one of the best scenes I have seen in a long time. Bravo.

When the Marquis and his men leave, Tania hears them taking back the deal. Outraged that her sister has been used, she swears to avenge the violation. The Marquis has his own lovely women living under his roof. Chief among them are his beloved daughter Anusaka and his wife Helena (Myrka). There are a lot of stories at work here, so try to keep up. The Marquis and his wife no longer speak and he has his men out looking for the woman of his dreams. Meanwhile, Tania has taken a job in a bordello to raise the money she needs to extract her revenge. (Gee, Chuck Bronson did it with just a gun.)

The Madame of the brother reluctantly agrees to let Tatiana join her stable. (What, is she blind, sign the girl up.) She wants Tatiana to learn by observing the other girls, which gives us a seemingly unrelated, but totally hot three way between one lucky guy and two hot Private girls. Lots of close up shots of the guy’s fat cock sliding up tight assholes. Anal lovers will love this, and the facial is damn fine as well. It may not advance the plot much, but the sex is so hot, who cares?

In the next room, Tatiana watches another working girl perfecting her craft. This redhead is very nice looking and quite an active partner. Her scene is nice, but nothing like the third room. Here an incredibly gorgeous woman is sucking on a huge cock. Since I don’t have a cast list here, I can’t tell you who she is, but rest assured, I will be doing everything I can to find out just who this perfect vision is. Like so many of the Private girls, she fucks as good as she looks and then some. She straddles his fat cock and rides him like a rodeo cowgirl, shaking that perfect ass for us all to watch. When she turns around for RC and actually lowers her ass down on his pole, I thought I was going to fall out of my chair. No way that thing should fit up her ass, but she takes every inch. To make her spell complete, this Goddess takes a sloppy shot all over her Heavenly face, assuring I will go to any extreme to find out her name.

Tatiana’s roommate Sarah (Jennifer Red) is quite kind and shows her the ropes. She tells Tatiana that the most important rule is to do as the clients say. In flashback form, the blonde recalls a severe punishment she once received from the Madame for refusing anal sex to a customer. The Madame comes in with a huge dildo and proceeds to fuck her in the ass with it. That done, the Madame forces Sarah to lick her pussy until her pretty face is covered in girl cum. OK, the fake pee scene to close it out is a bit much, but the rest is pretty hot.

Meanwhile, the Marquis is having second thoughts about his failing marriage. Actually, he just wants to get into his wife’s pants. Whatever he says to her works like a charm and the attractive brunette gets right down to some serious cocksucking. Through the keyhole, a couple of nosey servants watch the couple. This of course, makes them quite hot and they must to a male servant to help put out their fires. You all know I don’t like when the action gets split, but both scenes are well worth watching. While the royal couple fuck like rabbits in their bed, the trio of servants engage in some scorching oral sex in the hall. If anal sex is any indication, I would say that the reconciliation is a big success. Still, the two cuties in the hallway really steal the show, fucking their stud raw with wet mouths, shaved pussies, and ultra tight asses. Of course, every one of the girls gets a face full of cream to close things out. Even with the split action, this is super stuff.

The Marquis has sent men all over searching for the woman of his dream, and that search continues at the bordello. Tatiana overhears the requirements. He will pay dearly for a blue eyed girl with a ring in her clitoris. She steps in and offers herself as the woman he is looking for. It’s a pretty risky bluff. Can she pull it off? We have to wait until Tatiana Part Two for that one.

What can I say? Pierre Woodman has done it big time with this film. The story is more than compelling, the camerawork and costumes exquisite and the locations quite exotic. More importantly for most of you, the sex is incredible. Tania is perfectly cast and shines in her one scene. More of her in the next two installments will be a pleasure. Rita’s gang bang is one of the best group gropes I have seen in a long time. All of the others are worth a look as well, especially the incredible beauty I mentioned above. Her oral and anal exploits with her well hung partner are masterpiece material. In short, this film is erotic art at it’s fucking best.

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