Seymore Butts Does Europe 1



116 Mins.

Seymore Butts Home Movies- 1997

DIR: Seymore Butts

STARS: Alisha Klass, Wendy Knight, Lea Stevenson, Tom.

THEMES: Anal Sex, Squirting, Facials.



Two tapes ago, Seymore introduced us to Alisha Klass and from the moment she exploded onto the screen, I have been quite smitten by the woman who can best be described as the reigning queen of anal sex in all of porn-dom. (I hesitate to say the all time queen with only two films under her belt, but don’t be at all shocked if she reaches that status in a very short time.) While I am sure, Ms. Klass would be an incredible on screen performer no matter who shot her, (I know I would kill for a shot.) teaming her with Seymore is like Montana to Rice, or Bird to McHale, or Ken Caminiti batting after Tony Gwynn, un-fucking-stopable baby. OK, enough of my praise and slobbering for the open, I have three pages still to go to tell you how fucking brilliant Seymore is and what a total hottie Alisha is. Let the debauchery begin.

As you may recall from the last adventure, Alisha has agreed to help Seymore out, doing a live performance for his website. This is one solo show that is not to be missed. Alisha shows that she is as passionate about self love as she is in her other sex scenes. When she breaks out the dildo, I have no doubt that anyone watching on the web is spurting streams of liquid love all over their keyboards. What I wonder is whether or not she is going to break the poor little battery operated toy. Seymore lends a hand when it’s time for Alisha’s ass to get plastic fucked, and as usual, her anal orgasms are the loudest, sexiest things you are likely to hear. With Seymore’s help Alisha screams and creams her way to a squirting climax that could have put out the Malibu fires. Where were you when we really needed you Alisha?

When Seymore has to head off to Europe, he has Tom Byron over to house sit. Tom asks the inevitable question, ‘mind if I have some friends over?’ and Seymore gives him the go ahead. Of course, before he can even leave, Tom is rolling around on the bed with Wendy Knight and Lea Stevenson. These girls are quite pleased to be of service to the porn vet, providing him an all access pass to each of their fun zones. Lea is pretty cute and gives pretty good head for a chick with braces. (The white socks crowd just blew a collective gasket.) Wendy, on the other hand, is nothing short of drop dead gorgeous, and she can suck a mean dick as well. While she is busy slobbering all over Tom’s knob, Lea gets down for some serious ass licking. All that attention has Tom’s cock hard and more than ready to fuck a young, tight pussy, which of course is convenient since Lea wants to hop on and fuck him raw. Wendy takes her turn atop Tom’s tubesteak and Lea gives her ass a very deep tongue probing. Lots of great close up shots here as Tom drives deep into the pair of snug snatches presented to him. (You know, some guys really DO have all the luck.)

Lea’s ass gets busted first, and damn does it look like a tight fit. Tom’s dick looks way to big for this little lady’s backdoor, but she rolls on top of him and drops her body down on his shaft, impaling her hole on his pole. Not to be left out, Wendy makes her sphincter accessible to Tom and he jumps at the chance to give this tight hole a go as well. Let me tell you, if up close, hard pounding, anal action makes you squeamish, don’t watch this. Tom turns Wendy out and Seymore is right up in there to capture it all in fine fashion. Lea and Wendy may not be official Tushy Girls, but they aren’t far behind in the assfucking department. At last, Tom fires a shot, mostly onto Lea’s face. OK, so it’s not the best facial he has ever shot, still after that assfuck it doesn’t even matter. Wendy and Lea rock.

Alisha has joined Seymore on a trip overseas to rock Europe with her pretty face, hot bod and unbelievable sex drive. They break in their hotel room in fine fashion. With Alisha spread open and on the receiving end of some intense finger fucking. Those of you who live your lives vicariously through Seymore will enjoy watching him work his way up Alisha’s thigh for a heaping helping of (Nearly hairless) hairpie. You know, faced with a juicy pussy this sweet, I can’t think of too many guys who wouldn’t slurp up every last drop. Speaking of good to the last drop, Alisha fires another long, drenching squirt scene.

As if sucking Alisha’s tasty treat were not enough, she makes Seymore glad to be alive with a stellar blowjob. Would be adult video makers take note. When shooting a beautiful girl sucking cock, THIS is how you do it. No strangling, no choking, no verbally berating her. Just keep your dick hard and keep the camera trained on her lovely mug. And would be porn starlets, take note as well. Lots of eye contact, ball sucking, hand action and just enough dirty talk to keep everything interesting. Instead of blowing his nut right onto her face, Seymore takes advantage of the fact that Alisha is always ready for a hot assfuck and fills her backdoor with cock. In a move that is definitely not for the squeamish, Alisha does a series of ass to mouth sucks until Seymore can hold back no longer. He douses her pretty face with a heaping helping of ball batter. Still not worn out, Alisha has just enough gas left in her tank for another clit sucking session, complete with anal finger fucking and another squirt.

Later than night, Alisha needs a late night snack and starts sucking Seymore’s cock. OK, I can think of like a billion worse ways to wake up. Another textbook blowjob from Alisha, captured by Seymore. Since great oral sex is what first drew me to Seymore’s movies, you should already know how I feel about this, but again, it should be mandatory viewing material for film makers and starlets alike. Yet another facial to warm the coldest winter heart.

Nearly two hours into the video, Seymore and Alisha finally hook up with some Euros, but guess what, the movie ends. So, we must wait until next time to see Alisha get into some trouble with the overseas studs. No one has to twist my arm, you know I’ll be right there watching the day that sucker comes out. For those of you who have not seen Alisha yet, you are no doubt already trying to figure out how to get to your video store to pick up her other titles. For the rest of us, this is just another in a great string of hot videos showing off this incredible new star. Seymore, you have done it again. I don’t know how you do it, I’m only glad you do. Oh, by the way, the other two ladies, Wendy Knight and Lea Stevenson are both incredibly hot as well. In short, (Too late), if you like oral sex, anal sex, squirting pussies, finger fucking and/or facials, grab this tape. If you don’t, why the fuck are you still reading one of my reviews? You must be a glutton for punishment.

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