Private Triple X Files 1



104 Mins.

Private- 1997


STARS: Nicole, Regina, Angelica, Fanny, Kristina, Lucie, Bianca,

THEMES: Three Ways, Euro-Babes.



What? Another new series from Private? How will we ever keep up? Relax dear readers, the Triple X Files series is just another great excuse to see more hot Euro-babes in even hotter sexual situations. Don’t worry, there will not be a pop quiz on which series is which. Just sit back, let me explain to you just what sort of debauchery the good folks at Private have in store for us today.

One thing I have noticed in recent Private videos is the little mini interviews they put in before some of the scenes. I like this a lot. It not only helps ID the women, but gives us a little insight into the performers. Nicole, a pretty Hungarian brunette, is the subject of the first interview and the first scene. Although she says she prefers to make love to women during the interview, her scene is one hundred percent straight, a three way with Andrew Youngman and Mike Foster. She is doing a friend a favor, getting some bad guys off his ass by letting them have a shot at hers. What a pal. In the back of a mini-van, Nicole uses her mouth to get both guys hard then takes them at both ends, fucking and sucking them for a while until the lack of space becomes to restrictive. Moving to a hotel room where she can really go nuts, Nicole has them both hard again in no time. Now, with just her shoes left on, Nicole gets royally piston fucked by one stud while stuffing as much of the other guy down her throat as she can manage. The guys take turns enjoying her mouth and her pussy for a while, tag teaming poor Nicole until I’m sure she won’t be able to sit down for at least a week. Amazingly no anal in this scene, but hot pussy fucking and a wonderful double face creaming. Nicole is a winner.

Regina and Angelica are both blondes and star in a scene directed by Frank Thring. Chris Newz shows the two women a lovely estate, but the girls are far more interested in playing with each other than checking out closet space. Catching the two women in the middle of some serious tongue fucking, Chris steps right in, happily adding some meat to the mix. Telling these two apart gets a little tough, but know this, if you like your women in stockings and heels, taking dick in their ass, then you have found a near perfect scene. Chris ends things with a well captured facial that leaves both girls with goo dripping from their mugs.

F. Clousot directs a very interesting outdoor three way. Fanny and her boyfriend are out in the woods when they find a man tied to a tree. They decide to have a little fun with the man, teasing him with peeks at her body and groping her right in front of him. Fanny shows the poor guy what great head she gives, but eventually is kind enough to untie him and let him experience it all first hand. The three of them walk off together, finding a secluded spot to lay Fanny down and give her the fucking she so desperately craves. She is a little skinny for my taste, but has a very pretty face and fucks like a total superstar. Her shaved pussy gets well filled and her lovely face ends up covered with two heavy loads of cum.

Kristina also finds herself in the middle of a two dick three way and this cute brunette is happy to welcome all comers into her inviting mouth and warm pussy. They have to rip a hole in her pantyhose to get at that pussy, but that just makes it more fun. Bent over the desk, Kristina takes a slamming from behind while stroking the big cock in her mouth with some great hand action. There is some very nice close up action when they roll her over and keep her filled. They move to the floor, where Kristina squat fucks the guy she had been sucking and sucks her own juices from the man who had been fucking her. In that position, Kristina is ripe for some DP action and that is just what she gets. One cock in her pussy and the other pounding away at her ass has this woman squirming and squealing with delight. After the first guy pulls out and sprays down her chest and face, Kristina gets a second, thick load right in her mouth. Hot DP and anal in this scene.

Lucie and Chrisophe Clark use the backseat of a pink Cadillac to get down and dirty. This blonde is fairly good looking, but has a killer rack and a wonderful shaved slit. No wonder Clark keeps this one to himself for a test-drive. All natural Lucie is quite the expert backseat fuck. Think she spent a lot of her formative years training for this scene? He tosses her around into just about every position they can manage in the spacious car, but as you can imagine, she ends up on her back with a cock in her ass. Even this doesn’t last for long, however before he blasts a shot onto her closed mouth. Quite hot if you are into naturally big titted blondes.

Bianca is a blonde with a short cropped hairdo and a desire to always be in the best shape possible. Her trainer finds her workout so enticing that he strips off her top and starts sucking her bite sized breasts. The thin, leggy blonde goes right after his growing cock, making it even bigger in her eager and apparently skilled mouth. Right in the middle of this blowjob, in walks another man. No problem, Bianca has plenty of orifices to go around. While the first guy takes her from behind, she sucks the second guy hard in no time. These two guys turn Bianca into a one woman cock pleasing machine, putting her toned body through a serious work out. This girl literally takes one of the hardest fucks I have ever seen and seems to love every second. Bianca jerks both of their loads right onto her face for another brilliant facial creaming to close things out.

This tape consists of five scenes and all five are winners. The women range in beauty from quite pretty to just pretty. No dogs in the bunch. Their sexual performance is ever higher, ranging from very hot to volcanic. Fanny and Nicole top my list of totally hot women in this tape for their looks and fucking. Lucie is an incredibly busty woman with a lot of energy and Bianca is nothing short of a sexual inferno. For those who like Private, you probably don’t need my recommendation, but this is honestly, the best Private tapes, top to bottom, I have seen in a long time and I recommend it highly.

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