Pirate Video 1: Fetish Hotel


67 Mins.
Private- 1997
DIR: Frank Thring
STARS: Ana, Brigetta, Jessica, Laura, Reka, Sophianne, Viviann, Billy Ray Kid, John Walton, Peter Rossa & Robert.
THEMES: Rubber, heels, stockings, anal sex.

This is the first tape from Private’s new line, Pirate video. Billed as a fetish oriented line, this is a bit of a change for the usual, successful Private formula. Instead of several short scenes, this tape contains three, longer stories, all with bent towards a particular fetish. Director Frank Thring takes us on this journey into somewhat new waters. One thing that never seems to change in anything from this great company is the always gorgeous female cast. This batch of women look every bit as beautiful as we are used to. So, it may be true, the more things change, the more they stay the same.
The first story, “High Heels, Black Stockings” involves Reka and Jessica as the center the elaborate fantasy of J. Walton. After seeing this luscious pair stroll by, Walton quickly imagines the girls serving him. First, they bring him grapes, then go to work sucking his cock. Nothing to wild here, unless you consider the desire to be sucked off by two gorgeous women a fetish. Skipping over the vaginal sex, Walton takes his shots at their asses instead. In typical Private fashion, both girls get fucked hard in their asses before he blows a load all over their faces.
Next, Walton comes across a pair of girls, Ana and Brigitta, snapping Polaroids of each other. When convinces them to let him keep one of the pictures, it sets off another fantasy. This one really focuses on heels and stockings as the girls play with each other and tease him for a while before climbing into bed to turn the heat up all the way. We are treated to a long, stunning two girl blow job that just about melts the screen. Once finished, the girls take turns fucking Walton. Again, while the action is hot, the focus on heels and stockings is quite apparent. What I like here, is that even with this attention, you don’t have to have a heels and stockings fetish to dig the scene. The three way fucking is hot all by itself. Both girls make the rounds, taking cock in their mouth, pussy and asses before a big cum swapping facial.
The next chapter in our fetish trilogy is “Rubber Dreams.” (And those of you waiting for me to tell you what it focuses on, well why don’t you go rent the latest Jean-Claude Van Damme video and come back later.) Exotic Reka is haunted at night by visions of herself in rubber dresses. These dreams are so hot, she fingers her shaved cookie while she sleeps. Moody, dim lighting as she finger fucks both holes. Very nice solo action mixed in with the rubber stuff.
Her rubber dreams are just beginning however, as Reka finds herself ordered into a head to toe rubber get up by a similarly clad ‘rubber’ nurse. While Reka gets dressed, the blonde nurse has her own fun with a pair of guys, sucking them off until Reka arrives to make it a proper foursome. Both ladies are super cocksuckers and rubber or not, this scene is off to a great start. Reka is quite sexy and an enthusiastic fuck, but the blonde nurse is truly breathtaking, an amazing woman. Both women take super DP’s which lead to nicely shot (But tragically slo-mo’ed) facial cumshots.
Blonde Ana is the star of the final chapter, “Fetish Hotel”. In her rubber maid’s uniform, she is quite a stunning sight. The rest of the staff at this hotel is similarly dressed and equally obsessed with getting naked and wet as quickly as possible. In the kitchen, a brunette uses her mouth to milk a load from her man, filling the creamer with special sauce. Somehow this guy’s seed has special powers and puts the lone patron right to sleep. This allows Ana to get down to some serious dick sucking. Ana is a sexy as she is beautiful, staring into the camera while enjoying her tubesteak snack. As she is being fucked from behind, the sleeping guy wakes up and decides he might as well join the fun. Now Ana gets a cock at both ends, working them both up to a lovely double facial that covers her face in jizz.
Through the keyhole of another room in the hotel, a maid spies several of her coworkers lined up to receive a spanking from J. Walton. While she watches, a co worker is happy to provide her with a fat cock to suck on. What we get is a scene that switches from Walton spanking his three lovelies to the maid sucking. Both are interesting, but Walton gets down to some serious fucking. Again, he forgoes the vaginal sex in favor of buggering his trio of hot lady friends. The maid pairing covers the rubber fetish crowd while the three on one fucking focuses on the stockings and heels. (See, Thring hits both crowds in one, very nice.) Of course, the real fetishes that get addressed here are anal sex, of which there is plenty and cum swapping. The trio of ladies all get their turn with Walton’s load as they pass it down the line.
Although this is billed as a fetish line, don’t be scared away. At the core of this video is everything we know and love about Private tapes, hot, young girls who fuck like rabbits and take cum on their faces like no other women on earth. There is more attention paid to heels, hose and rubber, so on that level, it will keep people with those bends very happy. Reka is the star of this tape in my book. She is not the prettiest of the bunch, but her scenes come across as the most genuine and truly hot. This is a good start for a new line and yet another winner from Private.


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