Misty Cam’s International Sex Tour



133 Mins.
Soho- 1997
DIR: Misty Rain.
STARS: Misty Rain, Sindee Cox, Candi Roxx, Alyssa Love, Claudia, Elska, Marie, Chad Thomas, Ian Daniels, Nick East, T.T Boy.
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Dancers, Anal Sex.
You know, giving Misty Rain a camera and turning her loose with a bunch of sexy girlfriends is such a simple concept, one wonders why no one has done it before. Wherever this woman goes, a cloud of intense sexuality follows her, leaving all in her path breathless with lust and longing for more. (After a smoke and a short nap of course.) The rest of the cast is not far behind in the sexual heat level, so I have a feeling we better all bust out the old E tickets and get ready for a killer ride.
Basically, Misty takes us on her world tour through the magic of video. She starts in Dallas with a dancer Crystal. Misty keeps the young, brunette pierced thing to herself for a hotel room tryst. Since Misty is a girl/girl queen, you know she turns the young dancer out big time. If you like g/g action, tune in. For my tastes, it gets more interesting when Misty’s beau, Chad Thomas comes in and provides a fat headed prick for young Crystal to play with. She can hardly get her lips around that big thing, and yet is able to slide right down on it with her well lubed pussy. Crystal is quite a hot performer fucking and taking a big facial popshot like she loves every second of it.
Misty takes her traveling sex show to the heartland where she meets Candy Roxx at a club in Nebraska. The statuesque blonde does a very nice strip number for the camera revealing a body that Misty just has to taste for herself. The club has some pretty dim lighting, but somehow that adds to the appeal as these two women tear into each other. Very real, and quite raw. Still, lesbian sex is not my thing, so I keep waiting to see someone come in and fuck one of these two hotties silly. At last, Ian Daniels comes in to join the party, and is he in for a treat. Misty gets things started with a quick blowjob, but soon turns over hose duty to Candy so she can straddle Ian’s grille. Misty proves she is quite the party girl, hopping right up on Ian for some great RCA. To help quiet her down, Ian fucks her ass from behind while Misty buries her face between Candy’s legs. Not wanting to hog all of his time, Misty moves over to blow cameraman Chad while Candy shows she can suck dick as well as she can dance. Eventually, both dicks work their way into Candy’s mouth and she happily gobbles up every inch. Candy lights up the screen with a truly volcanic fuck scene, taking both cocks in her pussy and mouth, even wearing one cum blast on her face while the other guy finishes on her belly.
Over in Amsterdam (God, please no Royale with Cheese jokes) Misty hooks up with Elska. (That busty Euro-babe from Xplor videos.) Anyone who has seen Elska knows that pairing her with Misty is a fucking sexual explosion waiting to happen. Yes, it’s another girl/girl pairing, but this one is well worth watching. Elska dons a strap on and amazingly holds her own fucking sex kitten Misty in her pussy and later, with a vibrator, up her tight ass.
Misty doesn’t return the favor, taking over camera duties while Chad gives Elska some real meat to play with. She is quite the accomplished cocksucker for such a young woman. Hell, Chad is used to Misty, so if he is impressed, you know the girl can pass the Lewinski test. (For those unfamiliar with this test, women who pass the Lewinski are those who suck cock so well, no one cares what they look like.) Don’t get me wrong, Elska is hot head to toe, with a cute face, and killer, real boobs that rival the best sets in porn history. She hops on and starts fucking Chad, just getting into a good rhythm when there is a knock at the door. Unfazed by the interruption, Elska answers the door then hops right back up and starts fucking even harder than before. Love the RC here since her fabulous hooters are on display. Big tit lovers be warned. One look at this woman, and you might find yourself selling all of your possessions and flying off to Europe to find this Heavenly creature. Chad gives her pussy a good workout before moving down to fill her ass with his fat tipped fuckstick. After taking her assfuck with great delight, Elska smiles as Chad drops a protein frosting on her pretty face. This woman is one of the little known secrets of the porn world.
The tour moves to Las Vegas, where Misty hooks up with Nick East and Alyssa Love. (Pardon me Rog, but does every video you review lately HAVE to star Alyssa?) (Oh, you pathetic loser, she does an interview with you and you’re all smitten.) Sexy Alyssa makes a limo ride down the strip quite memorable for Nick and Chad, fucking and sucking both of them while Misty shoots the action. She can’t let the young rising star have all the fun though, and declares her own pussy open for business. Side by side, the two women give their men all they can handle, riding them with total abandon, until the men feed them a little guy goo.
Out of the limo, and at the hotel room, Misty decides to get herself a little taste of Alyssa’s beautiful shaved slit. Since Alyssa has proclaimed her preference for women, you can only imagine how hot she gets paired up with Misty. Even for a moderate fan of lesbian sex, this scene rocks. Alyssa does such a good job on Misty’s clit that Chad has to come over and fill her mouth with cock to keep the neighbors from complaining about the screams. (Anyone else think this guy has a pretty close to perfect life?) By now, Nick is ready to join back in and we get the whole foursome fucking again. With Misty shooting, Alyssa starts off with a great two cock blowjob before letting Chad slamming her from behind. As usual, Misty can’t go too long without some cock herself and ends up hijacking Nick for some pussy poking of their own. At last, Chad makes his move, slipping his cock right into Alyssa’s tight back door. She may prefer women, but let me tell you, this tall sex Goddess love having a dick in her butt as well. Even next to an anal queen like Misty, Alyssa more than holds her own in this very well captured side by side butt banging bonanza. She even takes Chad’s load A2M before sharing Nick’s with Misty. Out of this world.
In an almost feature-like scene, Misty decides that T.T Boy needs a break from working on his motorcycle and gives him a much nicer option. Let me say this, when Misty is on, I mean really into a scene, there is no one hotter in all of porn. She sucks T.T.’s dick like her very life depends on keeping him hard in her hot, wet mouth. Similarly, when T.T gets a woman who can handle some serious hard fucking, he is at his best, and he gives Misty a boning she will not soon to forget. If you’re a fan of high energy fucking, this is the scene for you, with both participants bent on fucking the other raw. No anal this time through, but one of the best facials of the tape to cap things off in fine fashion.
The final three way lesbian pairing is quite good, but it was one too many all girl scenes for my taste. Even a healthy dose of strap on sex, and the always wild Sindee Cox couldn’t make me take my finger off the fast forward button for more than a few seconds at the time. OK, watching Misty DP’d with toys and spanked is quite a fresh twist and worth a close look.
Misty Rain may be best known for her super enthusiastic lesbian scenes, but she is at her best in this tape when she hooks up with guys. The final pairing with T.T is one of the hottest scenes I have ever seen her do. In addition to Misty, two women stand out as outstanding in this tape. Alyssa Love and Elska are both super novas of sexuality and give great ass fucking scenes. Chad Thomas is along for most ever scene, qualifying him for the luckiest guy alive title. If you like girl/girl sex, anal sex or Misty, then you must not miss this tape. If these things don’t turn your crank, there is enough other action in this two hour plus fuck-a-thon to make just about everyone happy. Grab this video, I recommend it highly.


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