Wicked Covergirls




86 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Brad Armstrong



THEMES: Lesbian Sex.

1998 (4/98)

STARS: Serenity, Missy, Stephanie Swift, Asia Carrera, Jill Kelly, Roxanne Hall, Ruby, Sydnee Steele, Azlea, Antistia, Charlie, Petra, Rebecca Lord, Antonia, Raylene.



So what is up with Brad Armstrong shooting all-girl videos these days? Every time I turn around, all I see is another lesbian film, and, wait a minute. OK, so this one has Serenity in it. Still, we all know how I feel about watching, hold on, Missy is in this one as well. Back to my point, I am getting pretty sick and, huh? Stephanie Swift, Asia Carrera, Roxanne Hall AND Ruby. Never mind, as long as the movie has a cast like this, I can overlook the lack of meat and just enjoy some of my very favorite faces and bods. (Memo to Brad: I let you slide this time, but let’s see this cast with guys next time bro.)

The editing style during the title sequence looks more like an MTV special than a porn video. (Which is a compliment to the editor.) This style continues into the first sex scene. There isn’t a lot of plot to worry about. You’re basically watching a photo shoot, set to music like one of those Sports Illustrated swimsuit videos. The difference is that you know Serenity, Missy and Rebecca Lord are going to do more than frolic in the surf. In fact, they break out a vibrator and can’t keep their tongues out of each other. I happen to really like all three of these women, so I am quite interested in watching them get busy. Missy (Pre-boob job) really gets a charge out of fingering Rebecca, who has her face buried totally between Serenity’s thighs. (And wouldn’t we all LOVE to be there?) The highlight of this three way has to be when Rebecca fucks Serenity’s pussy with a silver vibe as Missy makes her suck a matching fake dick. Talk about beautiful!

Azlea takes to the runway next, showing off some cool leather clothing and eventually her own impressive assets. When Charlie and Petra take their turns on the runway, we have all the makings of another three girl love in. Charlie stands out immediately, even though the other two are quite pretty. She is just so beautiful to look at, it’s almost not fair. Petra and Azlea must agree since they can’t wait to get a taste of Charlie’s tuna. (Lame I know, but I was going for a pop culture reference, had to make the quota.) While Charlie is great to look at, this scene didn’t do much for me. (Keeping in mind, it is rare for me to like any all-girl scene.)

Talk about casting opposites on the attractiveness scale, Brad has Jill Kelly and Asia Carrera hook up for a lipstick commercial in front of a cherry red car. Say what you want about Asia, but she is nothing short of stunning to look at here, and Jill is only slightly less unappealing than usual. (Sorry, changing the hair color didn’t help.) This is a great example of a nicely shot scene that is wonderfully edited and I am sure gets high marks from girl/girl lovers. However, as much as I enjoy the technical beauty here And as much as I’d like to be snacking away on Asia’s muffin, I get only moderate sexual heat from it. I will admit that the soft light and focus on her body lines, helps makes Jill at least somewhat watchable here. That’s as kind as I can be to Jill, but I must say that the hard dildo fucking from Asia does bring a few fairly strokeable moments. Asia makes it worth watching, I just wish she had been in a scene with another, more appealing performer.

Next up is an ad campaign for sunglasses that will have everyone standing up and saluting. Serenity is back, in front of a big American flag, playing with Ruby. Talk about a couple of bodies worthy of pages and pages of worship. I promise to keep my gawking to a minimum here and just tell you once that they both look incredible even before the acrobatic pussy eating begins. I have to say, Serenity doing a hand stand while Ruby laps away at her honey pot puts this scene at the top of my list. Both women are very enthusiastic with makes things a lot hotter to watch than the average g/g pairing. The double headed dildo action also makes the highlight reel and makes me miss dick in this scene, not one bit. The bodies, the faces, the sex, this scene kicks ass.

The techno music video is another nicely shot and edited piece, but if I am going to listen to music like this I had better see more than just women dancing. By the time the trio of ladies gets around to going down on each other, the music has given me such a headache I can’t really enjoy it even if Raylene does look super hot.

For the next ad campaign, Serenity is joined by two other totally hot women, Roxanne Hall and Stephanie Swift to promote a cigar bar. Though the ladies sport nicely tailored duds and puff on stogies there is nothing at all masculine about this trio of gorgeous creatures. Any fans of smoking will get their fill here as there is a long, Playboy-esque, opening sequence, nicely edited, that focuses on the women sucking and puffing on their cigars. (Since smoking is a turn off for me, I can’t say I enjoyed this, but it is nicely shot and I’m sure some of you are loving it.) Once the set up is over, these three sexual dynamos start in on each other. I said it before, but for me to be interested in an all girl scene, there has to be something special going on. In this case putting three of the women I consider the most beautiful and sexually hot in all of porn together is reason enough for me to put down the remote and watch the festivities. Picking a favorite here would be tough, but Stephanie and Serenity seem to be more into it than Roxanne in this case. (Of course, I could pick a favorite easily. The first one to do a topless interview with me, becomes my favorite.) Watching these two women descend on Roxanne and munch out is bound to make a few new fans. However, my personal favorite moment has to be when Steph and Roxanne finger and snack on Serenity. Now that is my idea of tasty. (Vicarious fantasy fulfillment much Rog?)

This is an incredibly slick looking video, with excellent editing, above average music and a great looking cast. All three scenes with Serenity stand out, but her coupling with Ruby is clearly my favorite. Remember when you look at the overall rating, that lesbian films are way down on my list of things to watch. If you are into girl/girl sex double the points and you have a good idea of how much you should like the overall action. While the sex is more Vivid than Bruce Seven, there are some fine moments worthy of some big time stroking. A big hit for those who love great looking women enjoying sex with other great looking women.


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