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Stryc-9 (aka Cherry Mirage) InterviewCherry Mirage’s Movies

November 18th 1998
Extreme Associates Offices, Chatsworth, CA
11:30 AM

We are here with the lovely and talented Stryc9 who, with the help of Mr. Tom Byron, has graciously agreed to this little face to face. I’d like to thank you very much for taking time out to talk with me and with all your fans on the internet.

Well, you are very welcome.

I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but you have just made the final four in my best newcomer poll on the web poll. You, Jessica Darlin, Alisha Klass and Samantha Stylle have outlasted all of the competition.

Really? That is great. I had no idea I had so many fans.

Well, you do. People on the net know a real porn star when we see one.

Well, thank you and thank them all for me.

How about we start with a few basic questions. Where were you born?

Hold on a minute, aren’t you forgetting something?

I don’t think so, what?

Word around the office is there is a dress code for these things.

You’ve been talking to Jasmin.

And Jessica. They say I have to do this topless if I want to do it at all.

You know, I really should clear this rumor up.

Are you going to let me take my top off or what?

Ummmm, sure. That would be totally…… holy shit!

What’s wrong?

Nothing. Nothing at all. Question time. Where were you born?


And you grew up where?

All over. My dad was in the Air Force, so we moved around.

Was that tough?

Sometimes, but you get used to it. I’m glad I grew up that way.

When’s your birthday?

February 4th, 1975.

So you’re almost 24.

No Rog, I’m almost 24, my breasts are much bigger than that, which I am sure you have noticed. When you’re through staring, we can continue.


That’s OK, but you have a spot of drool right, there.

Thanks. Now, where were we? When did you move to Los Angeles?

About six months ago.

How do you like it?

I like what goes on in LA. I like the access to anything you want. Clothes, exotic food, but the traffic sucks.

I doubt you will ever get used to that. Did you come here just to make movies?

Actually, I got an invitation to come out and do still modeling. I never did the layout, but I started doing porn.

Great. Print’s loss is everyone’s gain. Do the folks back home know what you do?

People at home know. I worked in a bar in Dallas for three years and all the girls are real supportive. I was surprised. I went back and was a little hesitant, thinking I would find out who my true friends are, but I never got one negative comment. I got a lot of questions, but no static.

How about your parents?

My mom knew I was dancing, but quite honestly I haven’t had the balls to tell her about the movies.

Do you think she’ll be upset?

I don’t think she’ll be upset, because she was really supportive of the dancing. I sent her copies of the magazines I’ve been in. She was impressed with that.

What magazines have you been in?

I was in an amateur contest in Juggs. I have a centerfold in Amateur Porn from when I did ‘Real Sex Magazine.’ He brought it in and I was shocked. I was so excited, I said “Ohhhhh can I have one please?”

You know, I had a copy of that, but someone stole it. I need to get another one.

I’m proud of that one.

You should be, it’s an incredible shot.

Thank you. Do you know it’s life size?


Yes, I put it on the wall and put my hand and it matched exactly.

So we can all have a life sized Stryc9 to put on our walls?

That’s right.

And where exactly is the closest porn shop?

Why do you want a life-sized picture, when you have the real thing right here?

Good point. How did you first get into porn vids.

Through Jim South. The guy who had invited me out had a friend who had seen my pictures. He took me down there and I was off and rolling.

And ‘Reel Sex 13’, that was your first movie?

Right. Good memory. Should I be worried?

I’d rather you were flattered.

OK, I’m flattered.

You will find a review of that film in the pile of reviews I just gave you. I reviewed that and ‘Finally Legal’ on the same day and that was pretty much it, I was hooked.

You are so sweet.

That’s another rumor for another time. How was that first scene? It was Herschel Savage right?

Yes it was. I was a little nervous of course. You don’t know how you’re going to react, but Herschel took it slow which was a good thing. He knew I was new, he knew it was my first scene and he knew he could make me or break me at that point. He could have been really cool about it, or he could have messed with my head big time. But it went really well, very smooth, there were not a lot of breaks. If you watch the video, there are long chunks of action, which was nice.

Were you able to enjoy it?

About half way through, I pretty much lost my inhibitions and then I wanted to show off. I was like, “All right, people are going to see this, and I want them to look at that turned on and I want them to say she’s good.”

Oh you accomplished that and then some.

Yeah, I can see something moving over there under your notepad Rog. That a tape recorder, or are you just happy to see me?

You can come over here and find out any time.

Back to the interview Romeo.

Right, as you were saying.

I was saying it is important for me to do good scenes because I used to hate to grab a porn where the box looks great but then all you see are these actresses who are completely not into it. You’re not even sure it’s them moaning to begin with. It’s a bad scene. I decided if I am going to do this, I’m going to do it right.

So, by the time the first one was over, you were ready to come back for more?

Yeah, I was ready to go. I knew I could do this.

Did you start working right away after that?

When I came down here, I got my DNA test, told Jim I wanted to work, and that’s what happened.

And how many have you done in your first six months?

I think I am up to twenty-four or twenty five. Not all of them are out yet. I know I did a couple of scenes for Max Hardcore and I haven’t seen that out yet, so there is stuff still waiting to be released.

You worked with Max?

Yes, I actually did a vaginal scene with him, which is something he hasn’t been putting out for a while.

Any particular titles you are especially proud of to this point?

Assman in Wonderland

I’d have to say “Asswoman in Wonderland.” It was just so different. It’s a feature film, and I had two parts in it. One day I’m dressed up in blue hair, blue eyes, blue everything in that whole ‘toe party’ scene. Then the next day I got to be this huge sunflower.

That was a wild costume.

Planet of the Gapes 2

Yeah. I felt kind of like a great big baby, but it was neat. The other one I really liked was Tom Byron’s Planet of the Gapes 2. I did the nastiest gape I’ve ever seen, I mean it was just rank.

I’ve noticed that you can……

Oh wait, I just remembered another one you have to see. I was watching them edit a movie that’s coming out soon called “Flesh Pot.” Do you know who Lexington Steele is?

Flesh PotYes.

I did a scene with him. Took all ten inches, right up my butt, it was awesome. I took it all, and I am proud of that because people who are into that are going to love it.

Is that the next one coming out?

No, actually, there is a Rob Black movie I did coming out called “Hit Her in the Shitter, Slap Her in the Crapper.” That is coming out next.

What’s it called?

“Hit Her in the Shitter, Slap Her in the Crapper” Isn’t it great?

It’s very Rob Black.

What, you don’t think I have the ass for a movie like that? Look at my ass Rog, tell me it’s not spankable.

It’s lovely, but is that, in fact, an invitation?

Who talks like that? Yes idiot, slap my ass and tell me it’s not spankable.

Yes, it’s perfect, but for the record it wasn’t your ass I had a problem with, it was the title of the movie.

You had a problem with it?

Well yeah, but then you showed me your ass, I spanked and everything sort of blurred.

Good, now, what’s the next question?

After that? How about will you marry me?

You’re already married.

Dammit, you’re right. OK, who are your favorite males to work with?

I always look forward to working with Luciano, he’s the best. Also, Van Damage and Tom Byron. They’re the guys I work with the most and even when I was working freelance, they were the best. Good looking, professional, and they always have a hard on.

Would you settle for two out of three?

Are you auditioning?

Always. Any favorite girls to work with?

I haven’t really had much of a chance yet. I have worked with girls in three way scenes, but not a lot of g/g work. The one I did was with Leanni Lei, but I didn’t like the way that came out.

I can’t imagine a scene between you two being anything but brilliant.

You just keep flattering me.

Would you like to do some g/g stuff.

Yeah, I’d like to give that a try. I would love to work with someone like Nina Hartley or Tiffany Mynx, some of the veterans in the business.

Any chance of that happening soon?

Could be. Rob has a movie planned that will be basically about me. I’ll be in five or six scenes, so one should be g/g.

And one should be with an adoring critic, just to assure good reviews.

Know anyone who would fit the bill?

I don’t know, I’ll keep my eye out for you.

You’ve been doing a good job of that already.

How tall are you?

Five Feet.



All natural.


Prove it.

Oh God, get over here. There, happy?

Yeah, they are real.

If you say ‘and they’re spectacular’ I’m going to scream.

But they are.

Thank you.

Do you watch your own movies?

Yes. I don’t always watch everybody’s scenes, but I do watch every scene that I do.

Do you watch them for your sexual performance, for the dialog, or what?

I just look for ways that I can improve. If I notice I don’t do well in one position, I will keep that in mind for next time.

Certain positions don’t work well for you?

Not so much for vaginal or anal comfort, but some of the positions are Hell on the legs and back. That can lead to an uncomfortable look on my face, and I want to work on that. I mean, what goes on in the bedroom and what goes on on film are two different sets of positions. What I feel is comfortable and what I like at home doesn’t always allow for a camera to get in there. So if I notice something like that, I will work on it for next time.

Anything else you’re looking for?

I’m very critical of how I can look better. If I have put on a pound here or there, I’ll make a note of that.

Now that you’ve been in the business for six months, what are your general impressions?

It’s fun. I’m lucky to be in the situation I am. I get to say what I need to say and no one looks cross eyed at me here. I have a sense of humor that’s just really dark and not everyone can deal with that. I’ve had my bad experiences, all new girls will. You have to learn your limits. What is right for me may not be right for another girl and vice versa.

What do you think your greatest on screen talent is?

Taking it up the ass.


Oh yeah. I am not saying that because you are interviewing me. I am just amazed at what I can do. I’m super tiny, but it goes in quick, I don’t have problems, we don’t have to waste a lot of time.

I’ve got time.

Cute. And the gape I do, I mean it’s nasty, but it gets people’s attention.

How does your on screen personality differ or reflect your off screen personality?

Who writes your questions?

I do why? Don’t you like them?

No, they just aren’t the basic porn questions. What was the question again?

How does your on screen personality differ or reflect your off screen personality?

It doesn’t differ at all.

Not at all?

Nope. What you see in the Tom Byron tapes, that’s me. I’ll act to a point. If I’m not in a good mood, you won’t notice, but I am not going act like something I’m not.

So all the things you do on camera, you enjoy in your personal life?

MmmHmm. I’m not going to do things on camera that I don’t do at home with the lucky guy.

How does one apply to be that lucky guy?

It helps to ask first.

I thought I just did. Do you have a fan club yet?

Nothing official, but I can get fan mail here?

At the Extreme Offices?

Yes, 9428 Elton Ave. Ste. K, Chatsworth, CA 91311.

Any web site?

Not yet. Something is coming up in the next few months.

Do you still dance?

Yes. No gigs set yet though. I am just getting hooked up with a dance agent. Within six months, I will be back out there.

Did you like dancing?

Oh, I loved it. I love being on stage, being the center of attention. It is a great adrenaline rush when you whip off your top for the first time and here the crowd.

All right, you’ve got one tattoo, and one piercing?

Two. My nipple and my tongue.

Any plans for any more?

No. I would like to get my whole body tattooed, but that would kill the career. People don’t really want to see that. I love ink. I think it’s a beautiful thing. I like the fact that people put that on their body permanently, so it is going to reflect a part of their personality, no matter how silly or bizarre it may seem. As for the piercings, I just thought the nipple was really sexy and I like the tongue idea. I had my clit pierced for a while. It was neat at first, but with dancing, it did a lot of tugging, and it wasn’t worth the pain any more.

That sounds unpleasant.

Well, how would you like it if something was tugging at your….here, how does that feel?

Am I supposed to say I disliked that?

OK, how about now!

Ouch! OK, point made, kindly stop tugging so hard on my…..ear.

That’s your ear?

Ahhh, yeah as far as anyone reading this knows.

Must make it tough to hear.

Only when I have on tight pants.

I notice the ones you have on are tighter now than when you came in.

Stop that. We need to focus.

You should talk. Think you’ve memorized my boobs yet?

Not quite, but I’m working on it. What are your career goals in the business?

Besides fucking my favorite critic? I just want to keep on doing movies for a while, get a web site going, talk more directly with the fans, start dancing again. I’d like to make enough money to start my own adult oriented business.

Would you want to direct movies?

You know, I have no desire to do that. I don’t want to write, I don’t want anything to do with that side of the camera. I like being on this side. Look at me, look at me.

Think you’ll stay in California?

I’ll be here for at least another year, then what I would like to do is find some land in the middle of nowhere and fly to California once a month to make a movie. I can do all my dance traveling from house, run the web site from there.

What are your outside interests?

Besides fucking my favorite critic?

You know you keep saying that, I am going to leap out of my chair and give you the best twelve seconds of my life.

I’m sitting right here. OK, outside interests. My dog. I have a half wolf, half shepherd, hundred and ten pound boy named Bear. He is a lot of fun. I spend a lot of time training him. He knows the difference between his ball, his toy and his bone. I can tell him to go get mommy’s shoes and he will bring me a matching set, so it’s great. I just love being outdoors. I went down to the beach here and found some seashells. I was so proud.

You were freelancing for two months, then signed with Extreme. How did the contract come about?

I got a call from the office to do ‘Whack Attack 2’, Tom Byron’s movie. We did a big orgy scene at the end and they really liked me. That was one of the last things I did before going home to Dallas to tie up some loose ends. When I came back, I came down to pick up the movie and everybody was like ‘we really like you, we want to sign you to a contract.’ I was really surprised by it all. I didn’t think I had a chance to be contracted to anyone at that point. I went in to meet with Rob and said “Make me an offer I can’t refuse” and he did, so here I am until the first of July. It’s been a lot of fun. I get to work with some great people, Tom Byron, Tiffany Mynx, Van Damage, how much luckier can I be to start out surrounded by people like this. Then there is Rob Black , and that’s been interesting. I get plenty of attention off that, people asking me, “So, what’s Rob really like?”

OK, I’ll bite. What is Rob Black really like?

He can be a dick. I am not going to lie about that, but he has been good to me. He has done a lot of things for me that he didn’t have to do. I have been over to his house for dinner several times. We have these big outings where everyone sits around and eats until we’re stuffed, then we play video games or watch movies. So, it’s a lot of fun, but Rob has a line. If he feels your crossing that line, then your ass is grass and he’s the lawnmower. That is the true Rob.

Your contract runs through July, do you think you’ll stick around after that?

I think I’d like to. I’ll stick around as long as they’ll have me.

Is there anything you won’t do on camera?

I haven’t come across things that I won’t do. There are just some things I am not doing as of yet. I am not ready for a gang bang, I’m not ready for a bunch of DPs. I’d like to take things slow in that regard. I think I am good at what I do and why rush it. Why give out everything in your first six months so your fans have nothing to look forward to.

What were you like growing up? Were you shy? Outgoing?

It really depended on where were living at the time. You go into different environments and who you are as a person is different. You go into some places and you’re the more mature eight year old, other places, you’re a really inexperienced twelve year old. So, it just depended. I went through periods where I was really quiet and shy and didn’t want to talk to anybody. There were times when I felt like every time I’d get close to somebody, we’d move. Then I went through my phases when I was like ‘Hi, look at me woo-hoo.’

It made you a well rounded person.

I was intelligent, so they always stuck me in the smart people’s classes. I started out not wanting to be with the nerds, but they were really nice people. I ended up bothered at how they were treated. They were really nice, but everyone picked on them. You know?

Why do you look at me when you say that?

No reason. I also did my standing up for the geeks. So what if he has zits all over his face, it’s not like he woke up in the morning and chose to have acne.

We should call you Saint Stryc9. When did you first start having sex?

I was actually eighteen when I had intercourse. Not that I didn’t have the offers, and not that I didn’t do everything else. It was a commitment to me. I figured I was not old enough or mature enough to care for a baby. The easiest way to get around that was to skip that. Once I turned eighteen, I never looked back.

OK, the current HIV situation, does it concern you?

Yes, of course it does. Every time I go get my blood drawn, every time I go to pick up my test, there is a knot in my stomach. It’s scary. It is not something you can give back, AIDS goes beyond the gift that keeps on giving. Before I started with Extreme, I didn’t do anal of any kind, with anyone. I just figured, knowing what I know and having asked a lot of questions, it was just a safer idea.

But that changed when you moved to Extreme?

They said flat out if I wanted the contract, I had to give a little and that included doing anal and without a condom. The thing about that is the guys I work with now all get tested every two week, so that makes me feel a little better. And I am working with a select group of people and I know where Van is, I know where Luciano is. I know what they are doing. I know what they are not doing so that eases my mind a little. If I were back out freelance, I think I would be a little more selective as to what I would do without condoms. Thankfully, I don’t have to make that decision. Am I making any sense?

Completely. You have to watch out for what other people are doing.

That bothers me. I worked with a non-contract guy as a personal favor. I was full of questions, how long has he been in the business, when was his last test. I was really careful. If I hear anything about someone, I will call the AIM office. I just know I am not going out for whatever I get paid for a single scene.

So, you think a lot of it is on the backs of the talent.

Sure, to a point. It’s my decision, I have to take control of it, but other people have to understand. Directors have to understand, especially in the freelance world can be real pushy. It’s not their ass on the line.

But you’re protected more by being under contract?

Right. It’s not fair to the rest of the world maybe, but it’s good for me at this point.

Do you think the business is doing enough to educate talent to help them be as safe as possible.

I don’t really think it matters how much they do. When it comes down to it, each individual has to be intelligent enough to say I want to be aware because this is my life on the line. Yeah, I think PAW and AIM are great, they educate us. They push condom use and that’s great, but it all comes down to each individual caring enough about their own lives to want to know. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. You have to want to take precautions, you have to know better than to fuck around outside the industry, especially without a condom. You have to know better than to share needles. Don’t do stupid things.

Have you had any particularly bad experiences?

Yeah, I had one experience where the guy was just too big and he wasn’t being respectful of the fact that I have a super tight pussy. Ask any of the guys, it just doesn’t loosen up, that’s life.

I’d like to take your word for it, but…..

Shut up, let me finish you little perv. I have basically seven inches of clearance inside of me. If you have a nine inch dick, you’re not going to fit it all in me and I’m not going to let you try. So, I’m trying to sit down on this guy and he is just ramming up into me. I got up and started screaming “Look, I will put up with some discomfort, positions are going to be uncomfortable, but I am not going to let you hurt me.” So, I go into the bathroom to regroup. I walk back out there and hear him whining “New talent thinks they can dictate shit.” I just got in his face and said “Excuse me, do you have something to say to me?” It just pissed me off. He obviously didn’t care about anything but himself. He didn’t care about girls getting hurt. I am really good about explaining that I am really tight. I know some girls aren’t. Some girls you can land on, spread them open and stick six fingers in and that’s fine. I just tell guys “I have six or seven inches of clearance, make a mental mark on your dick.” That way there is not argument. We don’t have to ruin the scene, but some guys just don’t get it. Rog, what are you doing?

Sorry, just making a mental mark on my dick. You’ve worked with all the directors at Extreme, Rob, Van, Tom and Jane Waters. Briefly, what is it like working for each of these guys?

Tom’s movies are all real, hard-core, raunchy, nasty sex. He want’s to look at the girl’s ass and that is really neat. Van kind of likes to get into pretty girl stuff. He gets real into his sets and detail, which draws you in. We did ‘Flesh Pots’ a few months ago and it’s a whole hippie thing I had the hippie clothes on, the bandanna, the braids. All that detail just really draws you in. Rob is just out in left field. It’s interesting to get on his sets and just go. The shit you think about when you are in a really bad mood, he does that every day. Jane Waters is the way porn used to be. You have an equal amount of good sex, lighting, it’s real rhythmic, which is good. The first porns I ever watched were like that. He is real level about it, It’s quite a range of directors when you think about it.

If you could pick your favorite kind of scene, what would you do?

My favorite is like Tom shoots. You come in, you say a few things, you let your personality come out and then you get to the fucking. That is what porn is all about. I enjoy the feature films to do the special things to draw me in, but my own personal favorite, what I really like is just lights, camera fucking.

Were you a fan of porn before you got in?

I was a fan to the point of liking to pick out movies. I liked the idea of porn, but I never followed any particular talent. I knew who Nina Hartley was, I knew who John Holmes was. Randy West, Tom Byron, you know, but I just cared about getting horny from it.

What do you look for in a guy?

Intelligence and a sense of humor. Honestly. When it comes down to it, you have be able match up with me. I don’t like talking to people who don’t even know what’s going on in the evening news. You have to be funny because I’m a real smart ass. If you can’t take my sense of humor, you can’t take me. Looking decent is nice and having the money would be nice, but there are lot of rich women out there who are miserable.

It doesn’t matter if they have a big dick?

No. It’s the motion in the ocean all the way. I can only take six inches anyway. What am I going to do with the rest?

So guys out there reading this who have a good brain and a sense of humor, they have a shot?

That’s right. A damn good shot.

Ahem. May I direct your attention to that pile of wonderfully written wit in your hands.

You mean this stuff I have rolled into a tube and have been stroking between my tits?

Yes, while it’s quite the show, the pages are filled with intelligent, humorous stuff.

Really, I thought they were just porn reviews.

Ouch. OK, what’s a typical day for you like?

Now, I am so lazy. I do like four films a month, which leaves me with twenty six days to do nothing. I try to get up early, do some housework, work out a bit. I try to come to the office to take care of business a couple times a week here at the office. If I don’t push myself, no one will.

What do you think is your best physical asset?

My boobs. I got accused in a bar one day of being in love with my boobs, and I had to say she is right.

Well, they are certainly the best real boobs in porn.

Thank you. I love you. You know, now I do owe you a blowjob.

I’ll take you up on that very soon. What about performing, your best asset.

It’s my ass. I do anal really well. It’s enjoyable for me and it’s easy. I can take a bigger dick, which makes it nice.

Is there anything you would like to say to the fans?

I am waiting for my first fan mail.


I am waiting desperately. I am sad.

OK, I am jotting one down before I leave. Or you can consider those reviews fan mail if you like.

I will write back anyone who writes me, I promise.

Anything else you want to say?

No, you talked my ear off.


No, this was good. Most guys come in, ask the same ten questions and leave. Boring. Now, can I put my shirt back on?

By all means.

You’re going to have to remove your hand from my breast for me to do that.

Oh, sorry.

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