Cherry Poppers College Years 9


107 Mins.
THEMES: Co-eds, De-virginization.
1998 (8/98)
STARS: Temptress, Emilia, Barrett, Deja Bleu, Dave Hardman, Rick Masters.

The Cherry Poppers series has been through so many directors and so many offshoots, it would be hard to trace the lineage without writing a bloody essay. Since I don’t have that much time, let’s just cut to the chase. The theme is simple, young looking, college (aged) girls who take the plunge into sexuality ass first. Don’t let the fact that their classmates all seem to be closer to forty than your average college senior. What is important is the fresh faced cuties who get nailed, and the fact that the women no longer dress as little girls, but as sort of college hotties we all know and lust after.
Dave Hardman comes across the tragically lonely Barrett. She has no friends on campus so he quickly offers his hand in friendship to the tanned cutie. Once there, he reveals his real motive and tries to get her to suck his dick. After a little bit too much no/yes exchange, she finally agrees. Once she gets started, Barrett is more than a little impressive with her throat skills. OK, the “daddy told me only bad girls do this.” Line is pretty damn lame from a tattooed girl who looks to be twenty five and sucks dick like a total pro. Though Barrett is rather attractive, both she and Dave seem to be going through the motions throughout most of this scene. The well lubed anal is a little more lively, but a little to focused on the extreme close ups for my taste. Ironically, we get our best views from the piledriver, but even that is peppered with ECU’s and gape shots. Really weak pop down on her belly closes out a lukewarm opener.
Deja Bleu is not looking forward to all that paperwork she has to do on her first day of college. Rick Masters offers to let her fill out a duplicate set at his place. Once again, he pulls a Willie and whips out his dick, demanding head in exchange for the papers. At least she doesn’t say no this time. They actually converse while she sucks his dick, but the sound is pretty tinny and what I got from the discussion really didn’t seem all that vital to the scene. Deja wonders if she really should be sucking his dick and Rick seems confident that it’s a very worth while way to spend their time. Though too thin and not that cute, Deja has pretty eyes and gives a lot better head than I would have expected at first. Thankfully, Zane has her sucking for a long time with no force, pseudo force or gagging. That makes things a whole lot more fun to watch. Wait a second. Right in the middle of their fucking, she actually says “Oh, now I’m not a virgin any more.” Were we actually supposed to think this was her first time? I mean, I get the title and all, but come on. You know, it’s amazing how much more fun it is to watch a wall to wall sex vid with women you actually find attractive. The long shots are dominated by her too thin frame and the close ups are marred by a huge zit on her ass. The facial is pretty decent, but overall, the scene is rather limp.
Rick is back for the next adventure, welcoming Finish exchange student Emilia to the neighborhood. After the cursory ‘only bad girls do that’, she shows superstar form by swallowing his rod nearly to the root in her hot mouth. She is certainly a hot prettier than the first two girls and that alone makes for a hotter blowjob scene. When the clothes start to come off, we get a peek at the hideous tattoo that mars her otherwise lovely skin. We move in for some extreme close up shots as Rick plays with her pussy. While Emilia has a very lovely pussy, I do prefer the longer shots to the extremely close ones. The RCA is really nicely shot and Emilia comes to life with a dick in her ass. Her tat keeps getting in the way for me, but if you don’t mind that, the rest of it rocks. A nice facial welcomes her to American coed life.
One more time, Rick serves as the welcoming committee. This time, gorgeous Temptress is in need of some books. What do you know, Rick just happens to have those books back at his place. She is nearly too cute for words and after being assured that she is still a good girl, takes Masters all the way down her throat. The “I’ve never done this before” just doesn’t ring true when you see how well she handles hose. (Maybe she’s a natural.) Easily the best looking woman in this movie, Temptress also gives the hottest blowjob of the day. With nice sized, natural tits, long legs and great hair, she really is a picture of loveliness from head to toe. As Rick moves to please her with his fingers, we thankfully get long shots mixed in with the close ups. Temptress seems to be having a great time, writhing and climaxing as he fingers and eats her seriously sweet looking pussy. The same nice mix goes for the fucking as we start mish, in tight on the penetration then move back to reveal her gorgeous face and mouthwatering rack. With those incredible long legs, who can resist this perfect cherry poppin’ coed? The one position vaginal penetration turns into a doggie anal as Rick decides to give her the full treatment. The ratio of close ups to long shots tilts way to the side of close for the butt busting, but sexy Temptress makes any angle a treat for the eyes and ears. The long doggie is followed by a lengthy piledriver in which we get a final good look at her great breasts, sexy pussy and fine legs. Her pretty face breaks into a remarkable smile as Rick finally drops his load on her chin. The best has definitely been saved for last in this video.
Four scenes, all with the same theme. Only Temptress is stunning to look at this time around. Her scene is worth the price of this video alone. Emilia, in spite her marks, is a hot performer and comes in second this time around. The not so gentle persuasion theme may be one a lot of guys like, and if so, this video is for you. It’s not for me, and as such, I may not have gotten as much from this video as I could have. Very nice camera work help things along and there is plenty of anal action to keep the hardest of the hard-core happy.

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