Depraved Fantasies 6


81 Mins.
THEMES: DP, Anal, Interracial Sex.
1998 (8/98)
STARS: Christina Angel, Malitia, Petra, Randi Rage, Kyle Stone, Chris Cannon, Steve Hatcher, Dave Hardman, Sean Burrows, Brandon Irons.
When Christina Angel came onto the adult video scene a few years back, she was considered by many to be one of the most stunning women of her time. Though she became a fan favorite among those who enjoyed her beauty, her performances were often on the tame side. The one time she did make an effort to change that reputation, in a Max Hardcore video, the results were horrific. (Unless you get off watching women who visibly hate what they are doing.) Now, she is back yet again, this time, still beautiful, but with a nastier attitude. With a reputation for putting women into some pretty outrageous sexual situations, ‘Depraved Fantasies’ is a perfect venue to see if Ms. Angel is really ready to shed her good girl image and become a full fledged hose-beast.
DF 6 is a futuristic film with some very cool art direction. However, the sound during the opening sequence is really hard to understand. Near as I can tell, Christina has sinned against the corporation and her punishment is death, but not before they can scan her mind for whatever depraved thoughts might be lurking there. The first such erotic vision has Christina strapped to a table as a nurse gives what seems to be some sort of ‘horny’ gas. (And I can buy this where?) Dr. Kyle Stone begins to probe his prone patient digitally. Christina responds to the treatment quite nicely, opening her mouth happily as Kyle decides to test her out a bit. Nurse Malitia gets as horny as the doc and finds a way to enjoy Christina’s body as well. In fact, he bends her over first and relegates Christina to sucking his condom encased cock straight out of the nurse’s pussy. No offense, but I think most guys would choose to bone Ms. Angel while Malitia sits on the sidelines. Oh well, I’m sure there is a good reason for this, one that is integral to the plot and such. Even so, the sex is hard and nicely shot here with. Finally Kyle puts his test subject to the test, fucking Christina in the ass while Malitia uses two and three fingers on her pussy. After a hard butt boning, Kyle dishes out a rather poorly aimed facial that pretty much stickys up her neck. Still a good start.
Christina finds herself downloading some sort of sensitive materials when a couple of future cops burst in and capture her. One cop declares to his partner, “You haven’t fucked until you fucked a half breed.” With that, the two officers start an interracial two on one fuck fest that soon as the lovely Ms. Angel filled with enough cock to keep all the most rod starved sluts happy. Her sucking seems a bit subdued her, but she gets slammed hard from behind. By the time one of them starts filling her ass with dick (without condoms this time) she has picked up on the sucking and turns in a fine throat fucking performance. Eventually, the guys move around behind her and start Dping Christina. This brings out her more vocal side and she gets downright loud for a bit. The two black studs slam fuck her until the both fire loads onto her ass. I don’t know if this is Christina’s first interracial scene (I’m sure someone can let me know.) but it sure is a hot one.
When that doesn’t stop Christina, she is attacked by a couple of chicks, Randi Rage and Petra in a set that has to be seen to be believed. While lesbian scenes are never my favorite, you can’t help but take notice of this one. With three fingers working her over, Christina ends up with six or seven of them inside her at once. These ladies truly enjoy working over the leggy blonde and give her the finger fuck of a lifetime. The dildo action is great as Christina gets strap on fucked and her mouth shoved full of plastic prick. However, things take a turn in an ugly direction. One girl stands over her as another douches her. The water spills all over Christina. Sorry, I just don�t get what this is doing in the video. Not for me, but maybe it turns someone’s crank. After they gag her with the end of a dildo, the women move around to attack Christina’s ass. For as hard as they fuck her ass, one might think that both women are more than a little bitter towards the all-too-pretty girls from their past. They fuck her hard enough to make up for every prom queen who ever snubbed them. (And hard enough for every prom queen who ever snubbed any of us watching.)
For the final depraved fantasy, Christina faces a whole gang of men, all dying to fuck her right into the next millennium. Five mouths begin by working her into a lather and then the probing begins. Now five cocks are hard and ready to penetrate her any way possible. First the guys take turns fucking her sweet pussy raw while she uses her lips to keep the others entertained. Then she gets on her hands and knees for some simultaneous sucking and doggy fucking. With her wonderfully shaped but high in the air, who can blame the first guy for greasing up his rod and slipping it in the backdoor? I could do without seeing her pussy held open while the guy takes long strokes up her ass, but for guys who really want the up close stuff, this scene has that as well. For me, watching both holes get plugged is a whole lot sexier and once again Christina takes to DP like she’s been doing it her whole life. Really well shot, super hard-core action here. No bullshit, just a very pretty blonde being double fucked until the guys look like they can hardly stand up. Before they give out, they have time to unload their semen rockets onto her pretty face. A bit of a bad time to go crazy with the editing machine, but still a nice little gang bang.
Christina Angel has certainly come a long way from the first time I saw her. Comparing this video head to head with her other attempt at nasty sex, (Some abortion of a Max Hardcore video) is just impossible. This time around Christina is a much more willing participant in the debauchery that surrounds her. Her interracial three way and gang bang scenes rank as two of the best I have ever seen her in. Even the all girl scene is worth watching since it is such an intense fuck. The story is pretty sketchy, but it provides a future-fuck backdrop that binds the scenes together. A few iffy moments with the sound are all that mar this otherwise technically sound, occasionally artistically impressive film. Thumbs up for Christina as we have never seen her before.

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