Hollywood Hardcore 2


86 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Max Hardcore
THEMES: Young Women, Anal Sex.
1998 (10/98)
STARS: Michaela, Allison, Cameron.

For as much as I sometimes bag on Max’s more extreme antics, I must admit, reviewing his work is never boring. After a long period of time in which I found little to like in his work, I was somewhat pleasantly surprised the last time. With any luck, that trend will continue and Max will find a way to show cuties Michaela and Allison in some hot scenes without all the stuff I usually nail him for. On the strength of these two ladies alone, I am more than willing to give Max the benefit of the doubt from the start.
Michaela starts off, looking mouth watering in her mini-skirt and cut off T. She also has her hair in pigtails and sports her studious glasses. Other than her dress, there is nothing underage about this cutie. She’s a woman and in spite her playing the virgin, she has been around plenty of cocks before. (You know, a young Selena Steele comes to mind.) While I do love watching her suck dick, I have to say listening to Max drone his misogyny out is beyond stale. Do yourselves a favor and turn down the sound. You miss the vominous, waste of time Maxisms and can enjoy a hot blowjob. At least until he decides, he needs to force his dick back far enough to make her start gagging up the pre-vomit he thinks looks attractive. When she sits in his lap and starts grinding her hips, things once again start to look great, even if they still sound like the soundtrack to Jeremy Stohmeyer’s whack off fantasies. Of course the look on Michaela’s face as Max fucks her pussy is hilarious. Her “It’s so big mister.” Dialog is great considering her face seems to say she no clue if that micro-penis is even in her body at all. I guess that’s why he has to go right for her ass, hoping to get some sort of tight fit. Again, his growling aside (And Michaela actually drowns it out some of the time.), this looks really good. She has a great body and takes a great fucking. And in case Max failed to notice, this girl can talk dirty. Next time try letting her do it Max, the scene will be a thousand times better. Lots of A2M action for those of you who get into that. Another stunning piece of pedophile friendly dialog�.”If you let your teacher do this at school, you’ll get straight A’s” (Yeah and he’ll spend time in jail having his ass fucked like all lame ass kiddie fuckers deserve, but that’s another story isn’t it?) Having bagged the dialog sufficiently, I went back to mute so I could at least enjoy watching Michaela. With the help of a long toy, Max DPs the cute girl before delivering a very messy facial that certainly ends a somewhat hot scene in fine fashion.
Cameron is a woman who comes by to do some modeling. Max had more in mind, and she is more than willing to be a total slut for him. After giving a special greeting to her mother, Max bends the considerably less than cute girl over and starts fucking. Since he is still doing his growling bad boy imitation and since Cameron isn’t much to look at, there is not a whole lot to this scene that is stroke-worthy. Except for the fact that she does have a nice looking pussy and occasionally manages to get a word in edgewise. Actually, as usual, things are very well shot. No matter what bad things I may see in Max’s work, the dude knows how to shoot. There is some pretty nice looking dildo assisted DP that leads to an A2M which Max also ruins by pouring LUBE into her mouth and holding her head while he force fucks her throat. (Rape fantasies much?) No speculum maybe, but this scene is still everything that critics of porn love to site when they rail on the biz. Sorry guys, but if you get off on watching someone push a woman around, verbally berate her, mock rape and yes sports fan, degrade her, then this is your scene. If this is what porn has come to, I’ll do without, thank you very much.
After that, I am hoping the final scene with totally cute Allison, is a step in the right direction. She puts on her little girl voice as Max starts in on her. (What, a fresh faced 18 year old is too world wise and jaded?) No matter how much Max may get in the way, Allison is cute enough to make me still watch her scene. He goes right for her ass, fucking her outside on a table. When that gets too risky, he takes her home and gets right back up her little yellow dress. Thankfully, I have discovered that turning up the volume on the new Reel Big Fish CD drowns out whatever anti-erotic crap the Maxster is spewing and I can enjoy watching him fuck Allison’s cute ass. The problem I have here, is that no matter how much I want to like watching Allison, I can’t get over how visibly disinterested she becomes during the near fisting he gives her. (Can’t say I don’t share her total boredom with this.) When the fisting is thankfully over, she actually manages a smile during some reverse cowgirl anal. This might be hot if she didn’t look so totally bored. By the time the cumshot in he ass rolls around, I have to say I have given over to this reaction as well.
I actually wanted to like this video. Two of the three women in it are very hot looking and I have seen them give great performances. Since there are no speculums used in this video, one might expect that this is just what the doctor ordered. In fact, things are very well shot and there is some praise worthy sexual action. However, this is a video that better seen than heard. Correct me if I’m wrong, but porn is supposed to be beat off material right? So, who is actually at home, flogging the log, just waiting to hear Max’s voice break into another misogynistic (Or borderline pedo) monologue? I can’t think of too many things less conducive to continued wood than this sort of background noise. If that were the only problem, I would have just suggested plugging in the new Reel Big Fish CD (Mentioned twice now. Plug much?), cranking up the sound and stroking away. However, mixed in with the bad dialog are some pretty heinous visuals as well. The Michaela scene is the best by far, hampered only by some pre-puke and a somewhat disinterested look in her eyes at times. Cameron isn’t that good looking and watching Max pour lube down her throat is beyond bad taste. The final scene, with blonde cutie Allison is marred by lots of forced fucking, buckets of drool and a starlet who looks like she could fall asleep at any moment. Not the worst tape I’ve seen, in fact there are some very fine moments here. The problem is, they are too few and far between. Too much choking, gagging, verbal abuse and borderline pedophile rantings. Someone kidnap Max, tie him down and force him to watch hours of his good stuff. Who knows, we might be able to make him see the light so he can go back to bringing us the best ass fucking tapes in the business, just like the good old days. .

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