Private Black Label That’s Life




133 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Pierre Woodman

Private – 1998 (6/95)

THEMES: Horny Housewives, Interracial Sex.

STARS: Jean-Yves Lecastel, Sophie, Richard Langin, Anita, Suzan Nielsen, Andrew Youngman, Brendy Logan, Bagheera, Tony Toscany, Vanda Curtis, Mira, Monica.


Anyone else figure that anytime Pierre Woodman’s name is on a tape, it’s going to be good? I know, fucks with my objectivity and all, but he has yet to prove me wrong. This is the first tape on yet another Private Line, Black Label. It’s not an all black series like the cover shot of gorgeous Bagheera might suggest. It is, however, the first of another two part location heavy epic by Woodman.

Marcel is a mailman who is, for some reason, tired of waking up every day, only to be attacked by his nympho wife. The poor guy can’t even take a shower before the takes his cock in her mouth. (Yeah, we all feel for ya buddy.) Even with curlers in her hair, this woman is typically good looking and a skilled sucker. I can see how he would get sick of that. She loves his fat pole and can’t wait to hop up and squat fuck him until she cums. Completing his duty, he drops his load in her mouth and heads off for work.

On his way to his rounds, this simple man decides to take a change. He buys a lottery ticket even though he is sure he has no chance of winning. Maybe we should get the hint that he is destined to win. After all the guy is married to a nympho and on his first package delivery of the day, he ends up ravaged by a horny housewife. For a second time before most of us have gulped down our first coffee, this guy has his dick in an attractive brunette’s mouth. Since when did being a postman become such a big pull? This woman is another incredible Private find with fantastic tits and a tongue that is to die for. Her kneeling blowjob is something you shouldn’t miss. The postman gives her a special delivery from behind that the lonely housewife happily accepts. You know, if all U.S. postal workers got a little side action from well endowed Euro-sluts, they would be a lot less likely to go blowing their co-workers away. After fucking her in the ass, he gives her a mouth full of jizz and is back on his route.

Back at work, Marcel gets called into the boss’ office. His boss, a striking blonde, has some harsh words for him about his work record. He takes her harsh treatment and slinks out of the office. Marcel is not the only one having troubles, however. Bagheera, a gorgeous young trainee finds herself cornered by a former lover who just can’t accept that their affair is over. He just won’t take no for an answer and somehow convinces her to go for a little roll on the desk with him. Although she is a little on thin side for my tastes, Bagheera is a total hottie. So hot in fact, that the guy is going down on her in spite a visible string coming from her nether regions. (OK, I’m not even going to go near that one.) Marcel walks by and sees through the window just how talented this cocoa skinned sweetie really is. She really knows how to suck dick, and you can practically hear Marcel’s mind racing as he watches. Strangely enough since he just went down on her, the guy bypasses her packed pussy so he can poke her in the pooper. Flimsy excuse I’d say, but who am I to complain about some kick ass anal sex. After this rousing buttfuck, Bagheera goes back to sucking until the lucky stud sprays a thick stream of love cream into her waiting mouth. If this is how she fucks when she’s not in the mood, I can hardly wait to see her when she really wants it.

Later that night, Marcel is kicking back watching some TV. He sees an inviting report about the beauty of Bora Bora. While he loves the idea, the poor man knows he will never be able to afford a trip like that. (I know the feeling.) His day dreams are interrupted by his wife, who needs some action. While he gets to work on her ass, we go around the globe to see what the journalists do to pass the time in Bora Bora. This mixes the action up, which you know I don’t like, but gives us a nice look at the white sand beaches as the journalists fuck. The blonde female reporter finds a nice spot near the water and kneels down to inspect his equipment orally. The leggy, totally shaved babe takes a cock in her pussy as well, getting fucked in spoon and pumping her hips down on his rod. Some really impressive standing anal here, as the two journalists show that they are also sexual acrobats. Of course, in the end, she takes it on the chin and happily smiles for the camera.

The next day, Marcel discovers that he has won the lottery. The news sends him into fits of hilarious behavior and he marches right into his boss’ office. Her icy demeanor melts away quickly when she discovers he is a millionaire. In fact, she quickly submits to his desires, stripping down and giving one killer blowjob to the man she had always been so cruel to. (Yeah, like there is a guy watching this who hasn’t had this fantasy.) He is able to toss the boss up on her desk and fuck her hot body right where she used to insult him. We know Marcel is just working out years of frustration, but the blonde fucks him like she actually has a shot at his millions. After drilling her in the ass, he pulls out and cums in her mouth. Stick that in your 401K and suck on it.

After confirming his winnings, Marcel calls up his buddy to plan a night on the town. He is up for it, but is busy with a customer in his clothing shop at the moment. As can only happen in a porn plot, when she catches him peeping into the changing room, she actually invites her in. (You see in porn, no one has ever heard of a spotlighting hogging, morally bankrupt, whore like Gloria Allred.) She likes the fact that looking at he made his cock hard and happily sucks on it like a fat candy stick. (While I don’t notice condoms, I sure as fuck notice the nasty tat this chick has on her arm, but I guess I shouldn’t actually tell anyone that because that would be me stating my opinions in my review, and how DARE I.) (And the whir of fingers to keyboard is so deafening that I fear no one will get the joke. See if I can laugh at myself, then I can laugh at you, or is it the other way around. I forget now. Anyway, I’m just killing time, not watching this woman have sex.) The sex in this scene is all right, but on her far too skinny body, this woman’s implants look almost as disturbing as that tat. If she could just put on about thirty pounds, this woman would quite attractive and her enthusiastic anal scene would be a scorcher.

Marcel hires a couple of hookers to entertain he and his friend and these two lovely ladies of the evening are more than happy to provide some adult entertainment. One blonde and one brunette serve as side by side sucking machines for the new millionaire and his lucky pal. These two are very typical of Private girls. Both quite beautiful, all natural, still clad in stockings and heels, and oh yeah, they fuck like crazed raccoons. They even take a break while fucking the guys to do a little 69 for our viewing pleasure. (No condoms between the two ladies.) I don’t think the guys use them when the girls go back to them either. It’s really hard for me to tell since I am too busy admiring their beautiful faces to spend time staring at the guy’s cocks. (All those who didn’t rush to the keyboard the first time, have just left the building on that one.) Again, the girls go side by side for the anal and the blonde even goes the extra mile, taking both cocks in her at once. (Do you have to pay extra for that?) Not to be outdone, her dark haired partner also gets double stuffed while eating pussy. These girls are as well ridden as that ten cent fire engine outside the drug store before the guys are done. To cap things off, the men each fire a load that is shared by the two gorgeous hookers.

When Marcel staggers home that night, his wife is plenty pissed. Funny though, he doesn’t feel like taking her shit any more and tosses her out on her ass. With Bora Bora now within his means, Marcel knows what he wants and sets out to get it. More fun will no doubt be coming our way in part two. The best reason to watch this movie is Bagheera. She is just incredible and I can’t wait to see her again soon. Some of the other women just don’t quite live up to my VERY high expectations for Private films, and hell some of them are just too damned skinny. Still, there can be no complaints about Woodman’s work here. There is a decent plot to keep up entertained between the sex, which is, of course, shot very well. Good looking cast, exotic locations, good plot. All around good (sometimes great) movie.

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