Dark Secrets



85 Mins.
DIRECTOR: James Digiorgio
Sin City – 1998 (2/98)
THEMES: Fantasies, Prostitution.
STARS: Heaven Leigh, Brooke April, T.J. Hart, Raquel Devine, Nina Hartley, Lauren Montgomery, Sharon Kane, Colt Steele, Michael J. Cox, Mike Long, Steve Hatcher.
Before I even get to movie, I have to give some major props to whoever designed the box for this tape. The cover shot of Heaven Leigh should make this video hard to find at your local smut shop. That, may not mean much by the end of the review, but since I will spend the next two pages praising or bashing Digiorgio and the cast, I wanted to make sure the unsung artist gets his or her props.
Heaven Leigh knows where to go when she wants some discrete action. She goes to see Nina Hartley who sets her up with a rugged stud for hire. You see, Ms. Leigh wanted the sort of man she would never fuck in real life, a real dirt bag, a low life. (A porn critic perhaps?) and run the fuck away from the rubber chick.) Oh yeah, did I mention that Laruen is a pretty hot looking lady who seems to love sucking hard dick? But hey, who is the chick watching the action? Could it be another undercover cop? Why it’s gorgeous Brooke April who gets so turned on that she has to play with herself. My goodness, if she doesn’t have the tastiest looking pussy I have seen in some time. To be honest, this distracts me from the three way. Lauren steals the attention back as she takes two loads of cream on her face. Now this is where Brooke should have come in for some clean up work.
This tape is an interesting mix. A few of the scenes are very couples oriented. The women are on the average looking end of things, but Heaven Leigh is more than worth a look. More of Brooke April might have helped in this area, but alas, we see her only in a short solo scene. T.J. Hart and Raquel Devine are much hotter than they are beautiful and both do very nice scenes. Nina and Sharon have a memorable pairing and both still look pretty damn good to me. This is proof that couples friendly porn doesn’t have to be boring and lifeless. Good effort, especially for those of you with women watching or who are just fed up with nailing women to crosses or examining their spleens.


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