Down In The Bush


118 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Zakk Wylde
Elegant Angel – 1998 (4/98)
THEMES: Sorority Girls, Big Tits, Anal Sex.
STARS: Jessica Darlin, Timber, Marisa Mornet, Shay Sweet, Lennox, Porsha, Angel Baby, Diana.
I’m not sure if I should spend this opening expressing joy that a wave a young directors seem to be getting their shot behind the camera or go do Drain-O shots upon realizing that most of the guys were watching Transformers when I first got a look at Christy Canyon’s awesome rack. (I can think of a half dozen RAME’ers voting for the latter.) Since fresh blood is almost always good, and since Zakk has chosen to bless us all with the likes of Jessica Darlin, Timber and Shay Sweet, I’ll hold off on the chemical cocktails for a while and be thankful I’m still two decades younger (And slimmer, with more hair according to a certain performer who shall remain nameless.) than most guys reviewing porn.
We start with a couple of not so proficient car thieves. As they struggle to break in, we get to watch Jessica Darlin tell us a tale from her college days. She was on a fund raising jaunt into the local trailer park. (Irony anyone?) At the first trailer, she is greeted by a big, beer swilling man who is about to kick her off his stoop when she offers to do, ready for this, ANYTHING for some money. Showing far more smarts than we usually give such fellows, he invites her in post haste. Her denim shorts and little crop top is just about the hottest outfit I can imagine Jessica wearing. (OK, I can think of a few hundred I would like to see her wear, but this one rocks.) He starts by asking her for a blowjob and Jessica is more than happy to comply. (Mental note, see if this works in person, but just in case, be careful not to get kicked in the sack.) Once she sucks him hard, (and that takes about five seconds.) She strips down to her panites. What a great body this girl has. I really hope she leaves her breasts alone because they really are perfect. Nice use of the sunlight coming in through the trailer windows here, interesting look without taking away from the sex. After a short taste of her inviting treat, he responds to her wishes and slides that cock way into her shaved slit. I love the hard mish action almost as much as I enjoy hearing Jessica cry out for more cock in her tight little pussy. Awesome sex here, but I’m almost shocked to see Jessica not do anal before taking a big load all over her tits and licking her fingers clean. Her sorority is bound to raise a lot of money that way.
The next cutie the guys talk about is blonde Texas tart Shay Sweet. She decides that sitting by the pool in her bikini isn’t a good way to spend an afternoon and breaks out the sex toy for a little masturbation in the sunshine. Hot solo action here with little Shay fucking her tight hole like mad before ordering her stud to come over and fuck her. No foreplay needed, he just slams balls deep into her from behind while we get a very nice low angle shot of her slit being violated. Never fear, that super cute face is put to good use as she sucks cock for a bit before getting back on his cock for a very energetic ride. Her pussy feels so good that he stands up, bends her over and just slam fucks the shit out of her. Very hot sex here, made even hotter by some of Shay’s best work ever. He throws her on her back and takes a trip down her backroad, but the best anal comes with Shay on her hands and knees. He pulls out and drops a serious jizz bomb on her mug. Her mouth, chin and tits look like one of those Cini-buns, coated in a thick white glaze.
Timber, one of the girls I have been looking for since I first saw her a while back, is up next. The busty blonde is an outdoor girl who loves her sex in the woods. She gets to work, sucking his sizable log to full attention before letting him slide it between those wonderful globes of hers. It doesn’t take long with his tongue in between her thighs for Timber to start begging him to fuck her. More good use of sunlight in this scene as Timber’s tight twat gets jammed. The best stuff this time is the doggy with Timber shaking that round, sexy ass, but her cowgirl is a close second. This girl can do some serious squat fucking. He finally shoots all over her shaved slit and Timber rubs the thick cream into her skin, content in the fact that she has been so well fucked.
Lennox and Porsha double up for the next adventure Lennox has a craving for anal sex and when she meets Porsha and her boyfriend in the elevator, her fantasies just take over. We cut to the three on a couch and Lennox has her throat full of cock while Porsha gets a taste of pussy. This scene suffers from some overdone editing, jumping us around a bit too much and obscuring a couple of very cock hungry sluts in their quest for cock. Lennox does get her anal sex, right away in fact and it’s plenty hard. Porsha can take a bone in her butt as well, but Lennox is just crazy about it and quickly gets back in the saddle for more sodomy. In the end, they share a load of cum, stroked onto their faces.
Angel Baby, Marisa and Dianne are three friends who had a wild night with a trio of guys who just happen to be roommates. Angie comes in first, making out with her guy pretty heavy and even fucking herself in the ass with a dildo while he eats her pussy. Maria comes in, getting so heavy with her guy she doesn’t even notice the couple fucking on the couch. Dianne comes in to find both her friends fucking and just takes her date to the middle of the room and starts sucking him off. This is a pretty interesting set up, but these are easily the least attractive women in the tape. The sex is all right, but I honestly don’t see anything appealing about any of the girls being fucked. This one just does not live up to the rest of the tape. The best thing about it is that Wylde put it at the end of the tape.
I will forgive the last scene because the first three were so good and the forth was watchable as well. Jessica Darlin comes through with another great scene, cementing her place at the top of the list for best performers in all of porn. Katie Gold is as cute as ever and hotter than usual. Timber is a busty wet dream come true and Lennox and Porsha do some nice anal work. Have to hand it to young Mr. Wylde here. He does some very nice work with natural light, highlighting some very hot sexual action. Not a bad start for a director we should be seeing more of in the near future.

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