Free At Last



118 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Robert Black
Extreme Associates – 1998 (6/98)
THEMES: Fat Chicks, Pregnant Women, Interracial Sex.
STARS: Gaynor, Christian Wolf, Crystal, Porsha, Pantera, Lauren Taylor, Raquel Divine, Nikkie, Lady Bug, Silver, Van Damage, Mike Long, Tom Byron.
One look at the title and boxcover of this tape and you will see the Rob Black still has a few things to get off his chest when it comes to his new, independent status. He showed everyone that he was not about to tone things down with ‘The Cellar-A Whole New Store-y’. Now with ‘Free at Last’, he is set to give us all the scenes that he was never allowed to shoot before. While that may thrill some to no end, it no doubt sends chills down the spines of others. I’m supposed to be objective, so I will refrain from turning cartwheels or yacking up lunch just yet.
Things start off in high gear with Byron Long, Christian Wolf and a seven month pregnant, Silver. Generally, pregnant scenes are reserved for purely fetish tapes, but when was the last time Rob every played by the rules. The two girls go right to work getting Byron hard with a rather nice double blowjob. You know, it’s not the pregnant thing that distracts me here, it’s the unnecessarily intrusive editing style. The scene shifts back and forth between color and black and white, which isn’t so bad, but the leaps forward and back in the action play Hell with the rhythm of the scene. (And for those of you who think I’m jumping on Black, I don’t like it when Ninn does it either. It may be art, but it just ain’t sexy.) Other than the obvious kink factor of the scene, there isn’t much here thanks to the editing.
Tom Byron takes his turn in front of the camera with lovely Nikki. The guys make a few jokes about how this woman looks like Vanessa Williams, but it’s fucking true. She really does look like little Miss American gone bad, gone good. Of course, even at her worst, Vanessa never let anyone shoot her sucking on a big cock. Great tit fucking here and some better than average sucking which are not obscured by the editor. Tom rolls her over and starts playing with her surprisingly big ass for a while. That leads him to the next logical step, boning that broad booty. Nothing to get in the way of some very good anal an a facial that will please everyone, especially those of you looking for celebrity look-a-likes. Nikki looks great wearing his big load, but wouldn’t Vanessa look even better the same way?
The candid banter between scenes is actually pretty funny here as Rob contemplates changing the scene list and even taunts critics into giving him a bad review. (Like I labor on the illusion that he gives half a shit what I write.) The amusing in between leads to a scene with Byron Long, Crystal, Pantera and Lauren Taylor. None of these girls is going to win any beauty contests, but hey, there are three of them, all servicing one big, black cock, so things could be worse. Byron doesn’t seem to mind the lack of charisma, fucking the three with very solid wood. Black has one girl fucked by Byron, another sucking his dick straight out of her pussy, while a third provides tongue action. Some more serious anal action here as Byron stuffs this trio of white trash chicks. Not much here unless interracial anal with below average women is your thing.
When Rob finds a girl too fucked up for even Tom to screw, who does he call? (Three guesses and the first two don’t fucking count.) Any of you who guessed Dick Nasty get a booby prize since he actually joins Ron Jeremy in fucking chubby, tubby Gaynor. You know, from the neck up, this chick is better looking than most of the others in this tape and you tit lovers will go ape over her monster udders. It’s below those monstrous hooters that things get a bit scary. Still, Jeremy and Nasty are not deterred. They find a way to her shaved slit and survive as Gaynor rides Ron. (She would crush most mere mortals.) They work their way around to her ass and start fucking away. Lots of extreme closeups here, which I guess is nice in that we don’t see a lot of extra lard jiggling. Actually, she isn’t THAT fat, not next to Ron anyway. Give Gaynor points for taking a couple of very nice loads on her face.
Lady Bug and Porsha both look a little surprised at the size of Tony Eveready’s cock. He seems rather content to have them both sucking his fat hose. Lady even says it’s too big, but still gives it a shot. With Porsha wanking nearby, LB does her best to get it down her throat. It takes both girls to handle this guy once he gets going. You know, she just has too many tats for me, and Porsha is all bruised. Still, Porsha does some great wide spread mish fucking that still comes in second to her A2M action as Tony fucks LB’s ass. After he goes balls deep in her butt, he shoves it all the way down Porsha’s throat. That has to be pretty high on the kink scale. Funny, but didn’t Lady Bug say his cock was too big? Why is she taking it in her ass then? Oh well, the girls both get butt boned quite nicely by Tony who hold off for as long as he can before dropping a great load to be shared by the two petite sluts.
Nikki comes back for a three way with Raquel Divine, Mike Long and Van Damage to close things out. Raquel is a pretty decent looking piece of ass and with a funky wig Nikki still looks pretty hot. They both give great head, side by side, swallowing sword. Raquel seems to really like sucking cock after it’s been in her pussy, so she does a P2M on the dick from her own hole, then gets a taste of Nikki’s snatch on the other rod. Van has a great time fucking Nikki’s little pussy smacking her not so little thighs. Meanwhile, Raquel is dropping her asshole down on Long’s dong, and cumming like a total whore. Nikki’s big butt get busted as well, but that’s nothing compared to Raquel begging to suck Mike’s cock straight out of her asshole. Nice facials and some cum swapping close things out on this four way and that tape.
You know, I usually love the women in Black’s movies and often applaud the sex. It’s generally either the extreme subject matter of the editing that bugs me. In this case, the editing only got in the way once and in spite the bravado, there was really nothing to the scenes is all that wild. Pretty straight forward stuff, with a pregnant woman and a fat chick thrown in. What I didn’t like here was the cast. This is really a rather unimpressive lineup to say the least. Nikki isn’t bad, neither are Lady Bug, Porsha or Raquel Divine, but the rest of the women are average to downright ugly. Did you ever think I would be calling for the old Rob Black? Neither did I, but at least that guy got some hot looking women.

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