Sugardaddy 13


87 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Dave Cummings
Fallen Angel – 1998 (1/98)
THEMES: Older Men With Younger Women.
STARS: Lovette, Marie, Cori Gates, Sirena, Tangerine, Candy Apples, Natasha Love, Kiki Morgan.
When it comes to Dave Cummings tapes, how much I like them generally depends on the women involved. (Duh, isn’t that always the key?) He always seems to do nice work, no brutality to worry about and almost always a good facial, but when he gets with the right woman, sparks fly and we get treated to some very hot sex. This time around he has a couple of cute new faces and a pair of veterans, Lovette and Candy Apples who always manage to shine so volume thirteen looks promising.
Lovette gets things started, stretching out in front of the fire in a revealing dress. When Dave comes in, she tells him she is ready for her romantic evening. Before you go running for the door in horror at the thought of watching Dave wine and dine the busty blonde, just hang tight. Her idea of a romantic evening is cumming about thirty times, and the sooner the better, so we get treated to the action right away. Does goes right to work on her mammoth mams. I swear, she could feel all of Central America with those things. They move into a very nice 69 with Lovette showing off the cocksucking skills that have made her a star. He rolls her over onto her stomach and fucks her flat on the floor for a while before lifting her ass for some great doggy. Lovette is a very wild fuck and certainly one of the most energetic anal starlets working today and it takes everything Dave has to keep her ass happily filled with cock. Her big boobs are the target for a rather copious load, finishing Dave off and moving Lovette up a few more notches on my fave list.
Sirena is an exotic black woman who starred in one of Dave’s quickie scenes before, but now gets her full chance to shine. Her full lips seems made for cocksucking as they wrap around the head of his cock. The harder he fucks her, the more this little lady loves it. Lucky for her he has plenty of energy and can deliver a serious pussy pounding. After a nice, hard multi-position fuck, we get a brief piledriver anal followed by a thick load exploding on her lips and in her mouth. Very nice work.
Tangerine takes a break from her cookies and milk to take Dave’s cock in her mouth. (Very nice making fun of the ‘Got Milk’ moustache.) This cute girl has a real taste for cock, so much so that Dave can’t get her mind of his dick once she gets started. That messes up Dave’s plans to show her his website, but he soon finds solace in her tight, young pussy. She may be thin, but she can take a pounding as well as anyone and Dave once again delivers the goods. (Admit it guys, seeing that a guy his age can still pull nineteen year old hotties and fuck them silly gives you hope. I know it does.) His comments about how great life is while he fucks her from behind are too funny. Sure life is good for you Dave. You’re fucking Tangerine all day while most of us slave away at a ‘real’ job. After she cums, Tangerine asks to taste Dave’s load and he happily obliges, pulling out and filling her mouth with more cream than she could have gotten from a whole box of Oreos.
Dave wakes up in the middle of the night with Cori Gates sucking his cock. This woman just really does nothing for me, so now is a good time for me to go get a cold beer while the rest of you watch her work his member.
I’m back now and Dave is getting sucked off by cute brunette Marie. I have a feeling this young lady has spent more than her share of time on her knees, but we don’t see much of it. (Quickie scene, preview of things to come.) She shows some promise her, especially as she takes her facial creaming.
Dick Nasty brings Kiki Morgan by and she is very anxious to show Dave what she can do with two cocks. She handles them quite well, showing a lot more heat that I would have given her credit for in the beginning. Both guys pound the shit out of her pussy, making the flexible brunette cry out with joy. She takes a couple of facials at the end of her scene, but I have to admit, I am sitting her waiting for Candy Apples to come on screen.
Instead the lovely Natasha Love come on to kiss Dave’s boo-boo. She must think this is a cute pet name for his dick because it’s in her mouth before you can say Bactine. She does a decent job with a dick in her mouth, but clearly prefers being slam fucked while bent over the arm of Dave’s chair. (Isn’t this what all women want?) Another nice facial ends this preview scene that is guaranteed to make you want to see Natahsa again very soon.
Finally we get to Candy. Dave assured me his scenes with Candy were some of the hottest he has ever shot and that doesn’t surprise me much. She is one woman who always manages to turn in hot performances no matter who she is paired with or what the circumstances. Dave takes her for a little job but Candy just has to get a taste of his cock right there where anyone could see. They decide to head back to the condo so they don’t end up in the slammer. Watching Candy finger her pussy has Dave nice and hard do she just jumps on him and starts fucking. After fucking the chair right over backwards, Candy attacks his hard cock with her mouth, treating him to an experience that is beyond what any mere mortal truly deserves. Candy is just a lean, mean fucking machine and Dave is probably lucky he didn’t end up in the hospital. Just when it looks like it can’t get any hotter, Dave fills her ass with cock and starts pumping away. She pulls out a fat dildo to shove in her pussy at the same time. Damn Candy is such a wild ass party girl. Hey Candy, any time you’re in the area, stop by, we can do an in depth interview. Dave finishes her off with a great pop shot right in her open mouth. Candy rules and there is nothing more to say.
As always, when Dave has a hot woman to work with, he delivers top notch scenes. Lovette and Candy Apples are the hottest things I have seen in this series in several volumes. Either of these red hot blondes can come hang with me any time. Tangerine is my favorite of the new girls, but Natasha is a close second. Once again, Dave brings us hot sex with no choking, spitting or other things that might scare you lady away. Good solid action from the SugarDaddy.

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