Young And Natural 1




70 Mins.

DIRECTOR: J. O Simpson

Pleasure – 1995 (5/95)

THEMES: Solo, Real Tits, Lesbian Sex.

STARS: Alex Dane, Lolli Pop, Missy, Nancy Vee, Micky Lynn, Dalny.


This is one of the three solo and g/g series that Pleasure has re-issued. Unlike the other two, this one does not focus on humongous hooters. Instead, the women are all petite cuties, with natural breasts and innocent smiles. The box shot of Micky Lynn in her denim cut-offs and vest is stunning to say the least.

Micky kicks things off, telling us what she claims is her biggest fantasy. (Outside of sucking off video critics I’m sure.) In her while lacy one piece, frilly socks and heels, she looks Max Hardcore’s tamest wet dream. Her fantasy is about picking another girl at a bar and ravaging her. This makes her hot enough to rub her slit through her clothes. Micky does a very nice talking scene, revealing some talents other than her super sex drive. She strips off the lacy outfit, spreading her lips and driving her fingers deep in that inviting hole. Finger fucking is fun for little Micky, but she needs something a bit more substantial and her vibrator seems just the thing. The lucky toy gets popped right up her pussy as Micky pulls her legs back over her shoulders. Her hole is so sweet, she even has to pull it out and taste herself to fully enjoy her solo fun. Seriously great single girl action here. Micky rules.

Nancy Vee and Dalny hook up for a little girl/girl action by the pool. Nancy has a thing for blondes and wants to initiate Dalny into the world of lesbian sex. I can’t say that either of these women is unattractive, but there is really nothing in their scene that captures my interest. The camera work is passable, the girls are OK, and the sex is average at best. Besides, the planes flying overhead make for a really annoying sound track. There may be something for those of you who really dig lesbian action, but for me, it does nothing.

Here is a treat, superstar Missy, in what has to be one of her very earliest scenes. She is a little shaky with the sexy talk, but that body is pure Heaven and her sexuality is unmistakable. She starts right out with a dildo, stroking it over her pussy and getting it nice and wet for the impending invasion. (Yes, I know, we all want to dive through the screen and take the place of the toy, but this is just a movie after all.) Once her juices start flowing, I would have to guess Missy leaves the scripted talk, since she sounds more natural and just starts fucking herself silly with the dildo. God, what a sexy woman. Great close up action as she shoves her mouth watering slit full of plastic, until her body shudders in climax.

Alex Dane has her friend Lolli Pop model her new bikini. The blonde is pretty decent looking, but Alex is just about the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen. Alex tells her friend how she likes to play with the girls down at the bikini shop, only to find out that Lolli Pop has never been with a woman before. One thing leads to another and they get nice and comfortable. Why, why not pair Alex with Missy or Micky? Why with this rather below average looking, nearly lifeless woman? I love watching Alex, so naturally I was happy watching her teach her new friend the ways of finger fucking another woman’s hot honey hole. She learns her lessons pretty well and really gets into sucking Alex’s pussy. (Memo to Alex, I want to do this, anytime, anywhere. Just give me a ring.)

The two solo scenes on this tape are by far the best. Micky Lynn and Missy are two of the best looking, all natural women in the history of porn. (I know Missy had gone the other route, but we are discussing this film, not debating issues.) If you like dirty talking, whore next door types fucking themselves raw, then get this tape for that reason. If you like lesbian sex, you might be able to find something in the two g/g pairings beyond Alex Dane. Frankly, she was the only thing that kept these two scenes from being a total waste of tape in my eyes.

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